Manipulation! Deceit! Are you awake Tainui?

Does anybody see anything wrong with this scenario – reports that were compiled by Pricewaterhouse Coopers pertaining to the original 2008 restructuring power-grab were witheld from the company directors (members of Te Kauhanganui) by Shaffhausen, Shane Solomon and Tuku Morgan, and that the only way that members of Te Kauhanganui can get this information (which they are the owners of by the way) is to read it off a fricken blog site! Could it ever get more weird than this?
Thanks to Chris,
you get to read it too:

Another day, more lies from Tuku:

Chris Webster posts a great article showcasing Tuku’s lies to the high court… will he demand that she pull it down… will he threaten her with defamation? We are sure that he won’t… the last thing he wants is for more of his habitual lying to be revealed in front of another judge, and besides he has put his little sycophants (Schaffhausen and Shane Solomon) in the poop along with himself. They are definitely in the toilet on this matter: More

Our issues of recognition:

Since the Tainui Trust Board was wound up and Te Kauhanganui took over the governance role in 1999, certain individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with the structure, rules, and processes. These individuals consider that the current structure and rules inhibit their desires to manipulate the tribal system towards their own aspirations and self-interests.

These individuals desire stability, in their words, they would like to install themselves into permanent positions of leadership roles within the tribal governance and commercial interests.

The tribal governance can be correctly described as polarized and at times, dysfunctional. This division between members of Te Kauhanganui (the majority) and self-serving individuals reached an all time low point when the executive chairman Tuku Morgan (2009 – 2012) and his supporters were responsible for a campaign of dirty tricks and costly lawsuits, which were launched in an effort to quell dissent among vocal tribal members who were seeking transparency and accountability which was noticeably absent. High court litigation consumed tribal resources and at least $3 million dollars of this waste can be directly attributable to the actions of Tuku Morgan. Millions more remain unaccounted for. The reputation of the tribe as a whole has suffered because of a few individuals but more disturbing is the fact that the grass-roots Tainui tribal families have missed out on development opportunities.

Some individuals blame the current structure for its inability to deliver on promises of social and economic advancement for tribal members. On the other hand a select few individuals have profited handsomely, namely:

  • Tuku Morgan and his Te Arataura acolytes were in the habit of rorting funds to themselves by way of committee meeting scams (the more committee meetings they decide to hold, the more money they take in addition to regular Arataura payments). In this manner they paid themselves and expenses went through the roof.
  • Morgan and his Te Arataura supporters would charge appearance fees for attending Poukai, Koroneihana etc (we think that Tom Roa put a stop to this practice).
  • Morgan took overseas trips where he would charge the tribe a minimum of $600 per day on the trip for the privilege of having him go overseas (Dubai, New York, Canada etc and yes, that included weekends!)
  • The Maori king continues to take huge slices from the tribal purse. He takes, and loses millions of tribal development dollars through his “charitable trust”. Spending that is clearly not in the interests of the greater tribal good in any manner of description.

The structure cannot be blamed for for  its inability to deliver results to the ordinary tribal members.  If the finger is to be pointed anywhere it should be aimed squarely in the direction of individuals who would rather serve their own self-interests instead of serving the greater good of the tribe as a whole.

We are suffering from a case of rotten and corrupt leadership. We suffer from a terrible case of the economics of narcissism. Like a cancer it should be cut out and thrown away before it infects the entire body. It comes as no surprise that the Maori king, Tuku Morgan, and their supporters are the ones behind the push to get rid of the current structure and replace it with one that they can manipulate even further for their own personal gain.

Exposing some frauds for what they truely are…

Tuku Morgan. Nanaia Mahuta. Serco corporation. Private prisons. Storm-trooper raids on Maori communities. Fascists. Legacies.

Hitting the headlines recently is the giant of the corporate jailers, Serco, and it comes as no surprise to us that Serco have been accused of fraudulently charging for prisoners that did not even exist in Serco’s jails. At this early stage the fraud is estimated to be in the tens of millions and we reckon that it will climb higher as the true extent of Serco’s fraud is uncovered. Little wonder that Tuku Morgan, whose legacy to the Tainui tribe so far has been one of corruption, lies, costly lawsuits, and massive waste – it is little wonder that Morgan has been so vocal in his support of Serco as he attempts to commit his own version of the fraud by conspiring against the Tainui people in order to line his own pockets and supporting the facist agenda by becoming the owner along with Serco of corporate jails, in which to incarcerate our very own people. Heil Hitler!

Another fraud who pretends that she is serving her Maori community when in fact she is just further supporting the disgusting fascists is another of our own, Nanaia Mahuta, by giving tacit support to her racist overlords by refusing to speak out about the 2007 lockdown and armed invasion of the Ruatoki Maori community by hundreds of police storm-troopers armed with machine guns who smashed their way into homes, terrorizing the community. Like the political pawn that she is Mahuta plays party politics by refusing to support an inquiry into the armed invasion and by way of these actions and her own non-actions they have silenced the real Maori victims of these raids. We all know that this crap would never have happened in some nice rich white community (rich Tauranga, or wealthy Remuera), but by Mahuta these acts of terrorism against predominantly Maori communities are perfectly acceptable, right? On the anniversary of the 1863 invasion of the Waikato by government forces, is this the legacy that she leaves behind as she reaches the end of her political career?

These people are scum. Next up on their agenda is the dismantling of the Tainui people’s parliament and the thieving of the tribal resources to suit their own ends.

Te Kauhanganui July 13 meeting abandoned

Due to an internal balls-up which affected the legality of the meeting, common-sense came to the fore and it was abandoned. Lessons learned?


Nikau remains unfazed about breaking TK rules

jake-the-mussTawera “the Muss” Nikau’s gloating over breaking Te Kauhanganui rules about blabbing to the media is apparent. Nikau is acting real cocky because he thinks that he can act with impunity.

What is also apparent is that the daughter-basher feels that he can get away with crapping all over the other marae representatives because he believes that function of Te Kauhanganui is already dead. He’s just a rotten bully – look at what he done to his own daughter! The man is 6 foot five for chrissakes!

All this is brought about because Tawera Nikau is in with Tuku’s 2013/2014 restructuring plan. You know, the one that plans to rearrange the marae into convenient regional groupings in order to undermine the power that they currently hold within the tribal parliament. The elitists power grab. The money grab. That one.

Have they really screwed up the declaration for the AGM on July 13?

Oh My Gawd.

Flashbacks of saboteurs Charles Joe’s and Tuku Morgan’s deliberate issuing of multiple bogus meeting notices immediately spring to mind!


Hey Tuku why don’t you tell us about what happened to $18 million?

Where did the eighteen-million dollars of settlement money go Tuku? Is that why you are so desperate to restructure the tribal governance, in order to cover up the missing tribal money and give yourself a clean slate? We are sure of that.

“We hang the petty thieves while we appoint the great criminals to public office” – Aesop


…the cornerstone of our long-term strategy Whakatupuranga 2050

There is lots of wonderful stuff going on – if you believe the spin spewing out of serial-liar Parekawhia Patsy Mclean’s office that is.

Here’s what an extract from the ACTUAL Whakatupuranga 2050 document that reads about the stuff that they wanted completed by 2012:

To establish Hopuhopu as the administrative, social, recreational and tribal knowledge ‘hub’ of Tainui, by building:
§ A tribal administration building;
§ A tribal knowledge centre;
§ A sports & recreation centre;
§ An events and conference centre;
§ A retirement village for kaumaatua;
§ A super clinic / mini hospital.

What a pleasant dream! That’s marvellous but what ACTUALLY happened was tribal CEO Patsy Mclean dumped Hopuhopu (it is significant as the first confiscation property returned back to the tribe). As Hopuhopu was abandoned for big city Hamilton in preparation for the eventual merger and takeover by Clown Derheyden and Mad Mike Pohio at Tainui Group Holdings.

They have certainly ignored their “cornerstone strategy” and no doubt there will be plenty more to follow by the hypocrite Parekawhia Mclean.

Click here for the 2013 annual report. Click here to read the wonderful Wkakatupuranga 2050 “cornerstone strategy” document.

The emergence of the Tainui aristocracy

The emergence of the new Tainui aristocracy and the ever present underclass signifies the haves and the have-nots from within our own society.

Who would have thought that this would happen in such a short time.

The Tainui aristocrats like to believe that the working-class feel like they’re being looked after, while they scramble around for measly scraps from the master’s table.

It is obvious that there is one set of rules for the aristocracy and another set of rules for the rest of us.

Who is in, and who is out? Can the people be fooled again?

It all begins with getting rid of the common people’s democratic rights.

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