Busting more lies: #3 The fault is with the structure

Chris Webster reports from her blog:

“…the current structure is not delivering social and economic prosperity in line with the expectations and aspirations of tribal members.”

A half-assed attempt to lay the blame on Te Kauhanganui – a big huge lie most probably written by that crook Rangi “Steak, Eggs & Chips” Whakaruru – its totally not the fault of the structure! The fault lies with crooked individuals – you know who – Tuku Morgan and his flunkies (Patsy Mclean etc) who are ripping off the tribe big-time with the ridiculous games that they play, games that always have the same result – with the people missing out on millions!

We all know that the elitists consider the ordinary people of tribe their enemies, hence their desire and haste to demolish the voice of the people – the Tainui People’s Parliament. In this way they blame the ordinary people of the tribe for their own crimes.

What the elitists are really saying is that the people are holding them back from the money and resources that they drool after. Year after year of deceptive practises have made the people wise. The people are no longer the sheep that Morgan and Whakaruru assume them to be.

The structure is not at fault. The fault lies with the scumbags and criminals who continually attempt to manipulate and dictate to the people.

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  1. Chris Webster
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 07:55:02

    I just love Parekawhia’s claim: ‘this is the first undertaken since the current structures were established 14 years ago’.

    Nothing about the same old – same old people – who have dominated the committees – the jobs for the boys – the insidiousness of the secrecy – the allocation of portfolios and appointments to the various entities from within the gang of 12 or was it 11 or is it now just the invisible and dysfunctional 10?

    And the so called openness of the consultation.
    ‘The review will include extensive consultation, regular communication & report-back Hui.All tribal members are encouraged to participate in the review by monitoring developments providing feedback & where possible attending consultation Hui.’

    This review is SO important just 6 only Hui have been arranged.

    Ugh – http://www.waikatotainui.com/?id=272


    • Charlie B
      Jul 02, 2013 @ 06:39:47

      It is high time those same old people stepped aside and gave the younger ones a go. The old guard are setting themselves up for the grand deception because in the end “banks rule the world” and this lot will get stabbed in the back by them. They are too dumb to see the train coming towards them and too arrogant to get off the track because they simply do not believe it will run over them.

      Contray to some comments on this site the inland port idea is still a good idea
      if set up properly. I am watching some mates who secured the funding for one being set up over the ditch. The point is there are overseas govt funded companies interested in taking out these type of projects if allowed to buy into them once up and going. Run properly, they are profitable. Run badly they are toxic like any other business.

      Tainui is uniquely placed because of their position and the fact NZ is so corrupt with a PM who is selling the joint out, By the time Kiwi Joe and Jane Sixpack have worked out that their beloved leader the smirking gangster in the beehive has stolen all the honey the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be felt by all.The woe is me national anthem will replace 10 guitars in a heart beat.

      This guy is a trojan horse and he is clever plus he does not give a rats what anyone thinks of him. In that respect if you work out their profiles he and Tuku have a lot in common, both are ambitious and both know what they want. The only difference is one has money and wants more, the other has none and wants ours.

      He is going to use all means at his disposal including the King of Huntly to raid the Kings counting house. Ten for me one for you and the King cannot count cards that’s why the Casino loves him because he is a mug punter. Secret structures aye well the more things change the more they stay the same. I sincerely hope the kings rehab is helping him as it is not doing much for the rest of us.


  2. Cory
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 15:39:19

    Watch out you common people- You are about to see the puppet jumping and setting things up to be better for all– or should that be ‘bitter’ for all.

    Who is pulling the strings and making the talk- or pulling ‘king strings and faking a squawk’
    Are you letting ‘them’ make the rules and ‘not get to have vote on who runs the show’.

    Not long to go and Tainui will be belly up- sold out – bankrupt – in debt -and so on.

    Stand up now and make those in control have to be voted in each year. If this dose not happen — kiss $ good bye– you are about to see frozen assets and a large debt– bet I could name who will have Tukun off and not be round to take the blame with the other dumped and left behind puppets.

    Come on people- lets go demand collective democratic control– try and save great people. .


  3. Rere Ashmore
    Jul 02, 2013 @ 15:02:29

    Freeze all assets


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