Tawera Nikau: talking trash in the media about Te Kauhanganui

The douche-bag Tawera Nikau apparently does not understand nor respect the rules about the ban on Te Kauhanganui members mouthing off to the media. Either that or he is taking a calculated risk by ignoring the risks about bringing the tribe into DISREPUTE. We have the feeling that since he is a part of the “demolish the tribal parliament” camp along with crooks such as Morgan and Pork-Chop Whakaruru, that they have assured him that nothing will happen to him, thus no punishment will eventuate and Nikau can talk trash about the tribal parliament all he wants.

Remember, Nikau’s own mother was one of those responsible for the million-dollar blowout scandal at Horahora Marae. Nikau is in the pocket of Morgan and co big time!

We say “Why would anyone want to vote for a person whose aim is to bring down Te Kauhanganui in the first place?

We also say “Wait a minute! Is this the same guy who bashed his daughter outside the Huntly police station?”

We finish this post with “Whoa! Isn’t there a rule about criminals not being able to take part in Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura?”

The sharks are circling, the power and money grab is underway. The trash talking idiot Tawera Nikau is just another puppet who has been promised big pay-days for his construction business by the crooks Morgan, Vanderheyden, and Whakaruru.

Link: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10894191