Why are they trying the “blame Te Kauhanganui” game again?

Just as the abuser will attempt to lay the fault on the victim, in order to shift the blame from the guilty to the innocent.

In the case of Tawera Nikau where he just had to strangle his very own daughter because he feared for his own “safety”. You see it was all her fault, right?

The same strategy is being used against the common people of the Tainui tribe. A few crooked individuals are not willing to take the blame for all the trouble they have caused. And for all the misappropriated millions of dollars that should have been directed towards projects to benefit the common folk. Instead these millions of dollars have been used to line the pockets of the tribal elitist scum and to line the pockets of Auckland city lawyers.

So they resort to lay the blame on “the structure”. They lay the blame at the feet of almost 70 marae. The fault is with you, me, and the ordinary common people of the Tainui tribe. Or that is what they would like you to believe.

Tuku Morgan still hasn’t answered the question about the millions of waylaid dollars from when he was the chairman. The going-broke-fast doofus Maori king and Donut Whakaruru are “protecting” Morgan because they are on the take too. The creep Tawera Nikau is put forward as a “celebrity” to lend “credibility” to their rubbish, because the Sheeple will listen to him won’t they? Nanaia Mahuta is chosen to lead this crap even though she has done f#$k-all with the time that she has spent at the NZ government. Vanderheyden and Mad Mike Pohio ($144 million – gone and counting) are also on the side of these creeps because they have been promised massive control once Te Kauhanganui have been gotten rid of, haven’t they? That much is clear. The takeover by the corporates is imminent once they get rid of the Tainui people’s democracy.

The elitists, the chosen few, the pigs are gorging themselves at the trough. Look at all the crooks with their hands inside of each others pockets. Its a party that they never want to end.

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  1. Mai
    Jul 08, 2013 @ 07:37:36

    kia ora what a great sight and I agree with all your points. Janet are you the person who owns this web sight?


  2. celeste
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 04:48:19

    You have hit the nail on the head, those in control and power have everything to lose and nothing to gain by a change. They hold Tainui to ransom and have a stranglehold over the people. It is dysfuntional and Tainui is BROKEN under this regime….and has been since Our Lady passed. You have an option…which the Tupuna placed for you knowing this would happen and she is fighting hard for your rights but she won’t expose herself to the corruption and the violent abuse that Tania Martin took because the people fed her to the wolves. You can have everything but choose to remain with nothing….what is it going to take to stand up behind Te Manawa, because the Elders know and it is written, and you can have all the things made right with this one simple choice.. …….BE STRONG AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES AND THE GENERATIONS TO COME .


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