The emergence of the Tainui aristocracy

The emergence of the new Tainui aristocracy and the ever present underclass signifies the haves and the have-nots from within our own society.

Who would have thought that this would happen in such a short time.

The Tainui aristocrats like to believe that the working-class feel like they’re being looked after, while they scramble around for measly scraps from the master’s table.

It is obvious that there is one set of rules for the aristocracy and another set of rules for the rest of us.

Who is in, and who is out? Can the people be fooled again?

It all begins with getting rid of the common people’s democratic rights.

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  1. Cory
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 16:55:27

    Well blow me over– You have hit it on the head YET AGAIN.
    May I offer a small correction?
    There is only one set of rules— Not two as would be suggested.
    The rules for the aristocracy is where it ends. They make them to suit for them selves. Remember that!!!!
    The rest of us are fools and fools have no rules– thus we miss out.
    AND –we are fools because we have not gone to the top to stop it.
    We can see the train coming, and we stay standing on the rails– Cut the rails before it gets to close– (legal action) its the only way to derail a train.
    Did i read ‘democratic’ ? What bull dust– the people want it but are being conned.
    Its spelt , demoncrapic , or for those that prefer the more simple
    words– tukun moragan.


  2. Charlie B
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 23:09:17

    Demoncrapic I like that word. Tukun Moragan no getting sick of Tookaranga especially since his I,stralian neice has slotted herself in as Queen Salami in waiting.

    These Tainui demigods believe they were demoncrapically selected by reptilian bloodlines who thrive on feeding off the energy of human conflict. They also eat people which is why maoris are so perfectly suited to this sort of gourmet cooking.
    Its an aquired taste bit like kinas with rotten corn, cream on top. Yum Yum!

    That is why these fullahs dont mind a bit of human flesh. Its going back in the day when we was “once were cannibals”, meals on wheels had a whole different taste.

    Eating on the run and “fresh as” was very in vogue back then especially with no fridges. Food kept better when it was still walking around. Rules are only there for other people. The demigods have no rules other then the right to eat you.

    If you allow them to do that then you must be into some heavy shit. Every week we watch these fucken clowns do something else outrageous and we love it. We get off on the indignation of it all then we roll over and go back to sleep awaiting the next onslaught, bloody marvellous bro. May we live in interesting times.


  3. rangi
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 13:24:02

    Hate to say it folks, but if you have to step back from your core duties to undertake daily appointments with a dialysis machine, your as good as gone.
    No man bounces back from dialysis appointments.


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