Hey Tuku why don’t you tell us about what happened to $18 million?

Where did the eighteen-million dollars of settlement money go Tuku? Is that why you are so desperate to restructure the tribal governance, in order to cover up the missing tribal money and give yourself a clean slate? We are sure of that.

“We hang the petty thieves while we appoint the great criminals to public office” – Aesop



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  1. Charlie B
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 05:09:11

    What 18 million, how come we did not know about that? Is that additional to the 25mil he apparently Tookun or is that part of it. What a bewildered world we live in?
    Tookun Moragan must be very clever to hide that much moolah. And not been investimagated by the SFO (seriously fat orifices) the useless plods charged with covering up white collar crimes in A O Tea Rorter, wow thats pretty tricky.

    Mind you the land of the long black cloud has got some of the biggest crooks down udder. I thought OZ had some thieving bastards but I think youse kinda take the cake a little bit aye bro! We had your Tahitian Prince come over here and pinch 18 mil off the QLD Health using his own charity program, bloody clever.

    But he got caught in the end and fair enough, crime don’t pay unless you part of the ruling class at Tainui, then it pays very well. Best part is once you are in the club your a made man and no one can touch you. Watching the godfather must have helped with the plan. Bloody impressive people those mafia guys, one died recently thats right that fullah Tony Soprano. Tuheitia could pass as the Big Tuna and Tookun could be Lefty.

    Sadly with Tainui we are looking at a tribe of people imprisoned by their own reality suffering mass hypnosis because they have been dumbed down to believe that they have no power and the ruling elite are treating them like slaves. Now what might be required is another maori war but this time an internal one, clear the air bro. Put a few people in the hangi and send the rest to Gitmo.


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