Nikau remains unfazed about breaking TK rules

jake-the-mussTawera “the Muss” Nikau’s gloating over breaking Te Kauhanganui rules about blabbing to the media is apparent. Nikau is acting real cocky because he thinks that he can act with impunity.

What is also apparent is that the daughter-basher feels that he can get away with crapping all over the other marae representatives because he believes that function of Te Kauhanganui is already dead. He’s just a rotten bully – look at what he done to his own daughter! The man is 6 foot five for chrissakes!

All this is brought about because Tawera Nikau is in with Tuku’s 2013/2014 restructuring plan. You know, the one that plans to rearrange the marae into convenient regional groupings in order to undermine the power that they currently hold within the tribal parliament. The elitists power grab. The money grab. That one.