Te Kauhanganui July 13 meeting abandoned

Due to an internal balls-up which affected the legality of the meeting, common-sense came to the fore and it was abandoned. Lessons learned?



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  1. Ngawai Robinson
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 10:28:00

    TGH’s business philosophy to be solely responsible for its commercial side is blindly skewed. Here are my reasons..

    (1) It is obvious our social arm is financially illiterate their track record says it all. Our Ariki past and present; our TKI governance body past and present; the incorporated Trusts and their officers past and present together as the Custodians of our social arm have in my view…. elected to break the law i.e. the Incorporated Societies Act, by not insisting on or producing annual audited accounts prior to the dividend payment from TGH.

    (2) Likewise, TGH has the business expertise and financial capacity to support our Ariki, our TKI governance body, our Incorporated Trusts and their officers in achieving the social goals outlined in Whakatupurangi’s 50 year strategic plan, but they’ve missed the boat!

    (3) The TGH board of directors past and present in my view have failed to apply legal oversight in the domain of our social arm, which has inadvertently led to the non-compliance of audited accounts and more regrettably the breakdown of our social arm resulting in continuous infighting and court battles.

    (4) The latest being the TKI review, which in my opinion is totally unjustified in light of the above information! Culpability…checks and balances… none of us would’ve been culpable if we’d maintained our checks and balances i.e. ensured the processes in place were adhered too.

    Moving right along folks….

    (5) Our billion dollar commercial asset base in 2013 earned less than a net 5% investment return. This is an extremely disappointing business result when compared to other NZ businesses…. Check it out in the financial business reviews. I insist on a business investment strategy that produces similar results Mr Pohio.

    (6) 13 years of paying revenue fees to HCCs debt repayment plan of $72,400 per day is not helpful in achieving a similar result. Mr Pohio don’t listen to Mayor Hardaker “Hamilton Press this week” direct engagement with the Prime Minister is the fastest option going forward, not the EC. Are you listening Mr Pohio!!!

    (7) To the deputy TKI Chair and my Sister the TKI Secretary; your blatant disregard in attempting to ram through an illegal process egged on by staunch law breakers is unacceptable in light of everything I’ve said you both need to go…. Whanau; my recommendation to resolving these trust issues is to draw up an employment contract for all officers of TKI.


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