Exposing some frauds for what they truely are…

Tuku Morgan. Nanaia Mahuta. Serco corporation. Private prisons. Storm-trooper raids on Maori communities. Fascists. Legacies.

Hitting the headlines recently is the giant of the corporate jailers, Serco, and it comes as no surprise to us that Serco have been accused of fraudulently charging for prisoners that did not even exist in Serco’s jails. At this early stage the fraud is estimated to be in the tens of millions and we reckon that it will climb higher as the true extent of Serco’s fraud is uncovered. Little wonder that Tuku Morgan, whose legacy to the Tainui tribe so far has been one of corruption, lies, costly lawsuits, and massive waste – it is little wonder that Morgan has been so vocal in his support of Serco as he attempts to commit his own version of the fraud by conspiring against the Tainui people in order to line his own pockets and supporting the facist agenda by becoming the owner along with Serco of corporate jails, in which to incarcerate our very own people. Heil Hitler!

Another fraud who pretends that she is serving her Maori community when in fact she is just further supporting the disgusting fascists is another of our own, Nanaia Mahuta, by giving tacit support to her racist overlords by refusing to speak out about the 2007 lockdown and armed invasion of the Ruatoki Maori community by hundreds of police storm-troopers armed with machine guns who smashed their way into homes, terrorizing the community. Like the political pawn that she is Mahuta plays party politics by refusing to support an inquiry into the armed invasion and by way of these actions and her own non-actions they have silenced the real Maori victims of these raids. We all know that this crap would never have happened in some nice rich white community (rich Tauranga, or wealthy Remuera), but by Mahuta these acts of terrorism against predominantly Maori communities are perfectly acceptable, right? On the anniversary of the 1863 invasion of the Waikato by government forces, is this the legacy that she leaves behind as she reaches the end of her political career?

These people are scum. Next up on their agenda is the dismantling of the Tainui people’s parliament and the thieving of the tribal resources to suit their own ends.

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  1. Te Whare
    Jul 17, 2013 @ 07:30:32

    Tuhoe raids all though excessive did you see the guns that they had? You dont shoot pigs with semi automatics they were probably lucky the true evidence wasnt allowed into court .


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Jul 17, 2013 @ 16:34:01

      Ah we’ll have you know that semi auto’s are widely used out there for hunting. So are shotguns and knives. As for the ‘true’ evidence being supressed, go ahead and pull the other one!


      • Rangi Marie aka Lady Justice
        Jul 23, 2013 @ 16:13:22

        What an INSULT to see Kingi Tuheitia sending a congratulations to those mongrel racist ryaols of Ingarangi for the birth of another RACIST Mokopuna to oppress Indigneous peoples. What leadership example has this Maori King set for his iwi so far in addressing John Keys & queer elizabeth in their racist endeavours of MINING etc? Fuck all really!! Has King Tuheitias appointment been a FASLE one too? If seems to be proving that way???? Another SILENCED Maori figure at the forefromnt again!
        From RangiMarie aka Lady justice coz we are sick of your shit!

    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Jul 18, 2013 @ 07:41:18

      Although the govt propaganda machine went into overdrive and they attempted to throw the book at Tame Iti and co. all that eventuated was a few firearms violations… it was a total embarrassment to the govt and it cost millions for bugger all.


    • Charlie B
      Jul 20, 2013 @ 19:57:19

      More likely Tama Iti was using a blunderbus? When the NZ Govt sold off their ex army SLRs (308) me and some mates bought some for hunting. They were great rifles although a bit heavy In the bush.

      As for firearms violations thats an excuse as the govt don’t want an armed population end of story. They especially do not want average Maori Joe Sixpack with any sort of gun. Why well simple, they dont trust you bro?

      Of course if ya got no guns ya can’t shoot no body but the Poo Lice have got plenty of guns. Mind you they are piss poor shots and they tend to get better results when they shoot people in the back or accidentally on purpose?

      Now to all those Kiwi rednecks out there will tell you NZ was much nicer and calmer when the niggas knew their place. Think back to the 40s 50s and 60s when the perfect maori was deemed to be dumb, always smiling, happy, singing 25,000 guitars and yes sir mazza I will kiss youse arse forever.

      Thats Bob Jones and RawHides version of NZ in its hey day before all this bloody maori stuff reared its ugly head and mainstream had to acknowledge the original owners. The days before the genie was let out of the bottle and now they cannot get the little mutt back in. The little turd is causing shit everywhere and its a donkeys worst nightmare.

      Its enough to make a geniune redneck vomit. The de-maorification of NZ was a failure because the younger ones came along and said fuck off we are not going to play that bs game anymore, we wanna be equal. There lies the problem they are not equal and seen as anything but by the ruling class and many others.

      Same reason the corrupt old guard of Tainui clearly need to be dragged kicking and screaming out the gate. We need younger, smarter, faster, quicker people
      with skills and we need them now. An unpaid board of volunteer advisors could be set up to help them but at the end of the day the new guard call the shots.

      A board of advisors is really just a sounding board and thats all they are. Its more to guide or show them what to be aware of in terms of mistakes, experience etc and what not to do. There are enough of us who have made enough mistakes in business to show these guys where not to go?

      Might not sound very good but getting burnt with ones own money teaches you some very important skills like fuck that I am not going to sit my arse so close to that stove again. Most people stopped using gut instinct when it came to business and thats the very thing you really need because you cannot trust anything else when push comes to shove. Took me a lot years to learn that and all because I thought I was edumacated.

      Trust no one, especially the banks, the government and everyone else including those close to you. After that you can relax. These are the people we need to replace the Kupapa compliant frauds running the show at the moment.

      As for Serco you wanna see what they do in Aust, while at the same time treating some of their own employees badly. This mob are not above telling employees, sorry but we have over paid you several thousand dollars you need to pay it back now, no proof no nothing.

      They are ferrying guests (asylum seekers) everyday around different camps to stop them getting bored or causing trouble? Its ludicrous and minimum numbers is 100 people per plane load sometimes 2 and 3 times a day by private jet compliments of Mr and Mrs Aussie Taxpayer. True story!


  2. Te Whare
    Jul 18, 2013 @ 06:09:39

    Hahaha i seen the guns and as my uncle is in the sas he told me those guns are for killing people nothing more lol but i support Tuhoe whole heartedly just poking at it aroha mai


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Jul 18, 2013 @ 07:21:52

      A gun is simply a tube that fires a projectile, whether it is used to hunt game or fire upon people is determined solely by the shooter. AR15’s and AK103’s (what most people might call M16 or AK47) make excellent hunting rifles. My mate uses a semi auto SKS to hunt deer and he swears by it. But if you are talking 50 cal or full on machine guns, you probably have a point.


  3. Ngawai Robinson
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 11:14:21

    Kingitanga principles are epitomised in Ngai Tahu’s governance philosophy:

    Sir Mark Solomon reflects on the need for iwi organisations operating under the Charities and Incorporated Societies Acts to tackle governance issues responsibly! He focuses on transparency and accountability to his wider whanau the community at large and other Iwi with similar business interests and values.
    Ngai Tahu has every right to proudly celebrate their all-inclusive business model of success with a team of game changers defining their future with certainty…Well done Sir Mark Solomon and Ngai Tahu whanau.

    (1) Has Waikato Tainui’s economy improved measurably in the 13 years of Mr Pohio’s tenure – a summary review?

    TGH Annual Accounts 2013 summary says we have close to one billion dollars in assets. The $70 million dollar Treaty relativity payment is included. If we liquidated TGH today…Mr Pohio estimates a net return after expenses of $300 million dollars or $5 thousand dollars per registered owner (please note the unregistered owners receive $0 entitlement) about as much as a registered owner receives today. A $700 million debt is evident. It exceeds TGH’s debt loading rule capped at 25.5% which equates to $260 million dollars. There’s an unauthorised debt (shortfall) of $340 million dollars.

    My analysis differs from Mr Roa’s version of the 2013 Annual Accounts. I’m firmly of the opinion there is a need for an across the board full audit review of all Waikato Tainui entities associated with TKI because of the mismatch of accounting figures hidden behind our overall returns on a billion dollar asset.

    At a glance 1995 – 2002 serious mismanagement issues are widely evident 2003 – 2013 TGH returned $49.3 million dollars to Waikato Tainui in dividend payments for tribal development. Benchmarked against Ngai Tahu 1998 – 2012 $258 million was returned for the same purpose of tribal development. A dividend shortfall of $209 million remains outstanding from TGH board of directors to the TKI owners based on Ngai Tahu’s $258 million dividend payment. Mr Roa you are legally obligated as chairman of TAA as are the TKI directors on TGH to perform your statutory duties so we can discover the real estate of our accounts now that you have this fiscal snapshot.

    (2) Is TGH’s business professionalism (processes) mirrored by its social arm TKI?

    Sir Henry Van der Haden Rabo Bank director was appointed to manage pecuniary gain. The TGH Board has in my view adopted the corporate raider mentality they are dismantling the governing Trust TKI for whom settlement distributions were established (Waikato Tainui Raupatu Claims (Waikato River) Settlement Act 2010). In my opinion the tribe will pay heavily because the unauthorised debt loading exceeds the agreed margins set by previous directors! That’s a far cry from the decision making days of the former TGH chairman (2003-2012) Mr John Spencer a renowned corporate healer who actively supports Iwi advancement (National Business Review NZ 2012 ONLINE).

    (3) Whakatupurangi’s 50 year strategy has been snubbed by the CE of WRLT Ms Mclean since she fails to accept accountability audits to measure our economic growth per annum and is therefore unwilling to do something about it.

    As a result, Waikato Tainui’s main support lines for our whanau are; govt depts, sporadic employment through public sector and various business employers, i.e. Maori Health Providers, WINZ dept, Wintec Institution, the Wananga, Varsity, add to the mix of support we have student loans supplemented by raupatu education grants. Our hapu requires improved assistance from WRLT preferably in this generation.

    (4) Eraka’s Blog is having a major positive influence on the decisions of TKI, Kingitanga and Tainuitanga over the last few years. Their internet blog along with other sites WaikatoPolitx.com has changed the face of Tainui by forcefully introducing the right to be informed uncensored. They have established platforms for debating key topics in conjunction with Marae protocols!

    It’s time to look at our reality based upon the evidence of our Settlement Record since 1995. My analysis of Waikato Tainui’s fiscal journey is supported by NZ Statutory Acts, TGH Annual Accounts, public media releases in print and more importantly I am grateful for the comparative business benchmarking data report from Ngai Tahu Kaiwhakahaere, Sir Mark Solomon (July 2013). The information has helped me to establish a baseline business measurement to determine where we go from here.

    The elections are in play this year, I intend to apply for a representative role and if elected I’ll apply for the Chairs role in partnership with our Marae’s. My platform will specifically focus on an all-inclusive business model as a prudent Trustee, to be measured by an annual performance review under the Employment Relations Act 2000 operational policy, statutory obligations and the AGM process because we are accountable to our iwi by the office we wish to hold.

    To reiterate, it is essential to the future of Waikato Tainui that TKI orders a full review because our reputation and business integrity, to deal with highly sensitive issues in an impartial manner has been compromised, by the lack of real-time review processes and assurance that high risks are being managed. If you wish to stand for 2013 elections/ or re-election under the same platform you’re welcome to join me, you up for the challenge Eraka bloggers – kia ora whanau.


  4. . ' . ' ;
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 16:50:31

    It is obvious that the tauiwi corporate structure does not work for Waikato hapu whanau so why bother trying to assimilate into a pakeha construct? Or the deluded model of a Kingitanga fyfedom that oppresses our hapu and whanau treaty rights? All unregistered owners, who have not given the Kingitanga or the trustboard to represent them should send them a bill, and all hapu and whanau owners undertake a repossession and reoccupation. Waikato has been used as a social experiement for government, local government, corporates, and the Kingitanga zealots to trial pakeha business models out on Hapu and whanau.


  5. . ' . ' ;
    Jul 23, 2013 @ 04:09:08

    Waikato -Tainui is now a corporation, there is no aroha in that.


  6. Charlie B
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 07:06:57

    “Sir Henry Van der Haden Rabo Bank director was appointed to manage pecuniary gain.” Is that like in the use of a document for pecuniary gain or is that more like the fox put in charge of the henhouse?

    Tuku was instrumently in bringing Henry onto the Tainui board and it was talked about nearly 5 yrs ago which is when he told me. At the time it never made sense to me and still does not to day? I am not saying the guy is not clever but I wondered why he would even bother getting mixed up with such a dysfunctional outfit.


  7. Ngawai Robinson
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 19:15:33

    I’m sure you’re well aware Charlie B; history lessons from the initial 1995 – 2003 era reveal fiscal irresponsibility, forecasted budgets were exceeded, unbudgeted deficits existed and appropriate value management processes were not invested or deployed by TGH to support its social arm TKI.

    It was negligent of TGH the business to separate from its social portfolio without putting the requisite management in place so TKI could meet its social responsibilities.

    This becomes apparent when you watch Marae reps undertaking decisions on how millions of dollars in dividend payments are administered with little or no financial management skills. How does this contribute to or achieve the goals of its charitable status i.e. whakatupurangi 50 year strategy is a fantasy without good management.

    Rabo Bank through their director is protecting their investment (ring-fenced) by ensuring any personal pecuniary gain comes out of the tribal dividend why…. No annual audits for Ururangi Trust etc guarantees personal pecuniary gain is a certainty.


    • Charlie B
      Jul 26, 2013 @ 13:13:09

      So what you are really saying is TGH is meant to be the cash cow for TKI who are the WINZ model for Tainui which would work wonderfully well in fantasyland where the hobbits reside!

      The fact is TGH is a corporation in every sense of the word and a reptile one at that so you cannot be all things to all people because eventually someone is going to miss out and that will not be the anointed ones who by royal decree have first dibs on feeding at the trough.

      The lessons from the past will always be repeated where greed and ego play a pivotal role in the management structures of corporations who have no concept of ethics in business. If the marae reps are so lacking the skills to do the job then why are they not given the financial education to help them make the right decisions?
      I mean we are not running around in grass skirts doing the haka boogie anymore.

      NZ is full of fiscal irresponsibility starting with the 80 odd finance and investments companies who have gone broke in the last 6 yrs through just that. Its a rorters paradise because the big end of town is full of crooks black, white and 50 shades of grey.


  8. .
    Jul 26, 2013 @ 12:10:27

    It is obvious that the tauiwi corporate structure does not work for Waikato hapu whanau so why bother trying to assimilate into a pakeha construct? Or the deluded model of a Kingitanga fyfedom that oppresses our hapu and whanau treaty rights? All unregistered owners, who have not given the Kingitanga or the trustboard to represent them should send them a bill, and all hapu and whanau owners undertake a repossession and reoccupation. Waikato has been used as a social experiement for government, local government, corporates, and the Kingitanga zealots to trial pakeha business models out on Hapu and whanau.


  9. .
    Jul 26, 2013 @ 12:14:05

    There is no aroha in a corporation. Waikato hapu have had their identity taken by a corporation. Decolonise and regroup as hapu and whanau. Not tauiwi constructs trying to be tribal.


  10. Ani Capper
    Jul 27, 2013 @ 03:35:27

    Ngawai my dear ill-informed little sister, you need to stop your ramblings on here and show your face at the marae komiti meetings & be informed, you need to come to Te Kauhanganui meetings & be informed & ask questions face to face of the members, you need to come & help the whanau at the marae who need help with the many hui held at the marae you claim to affiliate to, you need to get all your facts right before you spout off on here….and you need to get a life…and a job!!. Dont even get me started dear sister on the roles & responsibilities of a mother towards her daughter’s safety. Be careful Ngawai your false accusations are not based on fact, they are based on ignorance. You know where I live, come see me anytime & be informed.


  11. Ngawai Robinson
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 14:40:48

    To the Secretary of Te Kauhanganui Mrs Ani Capper,

    Our original settlement was $170 million in cash and assets in 1995, fast track forward to 2013 Mr Pohio publically stated if TGH was liquidated its value after expenses would be $300 million dollars or $5 thousand per registered owner, $0.00 dollars for the unregistered owners.

    This is not even double our original Rauptau Settlement after 18 years of effort. Benchmark it against banking interest rates since 1995; see what figures you come up with. Benchmark your figures with Nga Tahu. For Waikato Tainui there is a $40 million dollar shortfall i.e. 170+170=340-300=40 this is not even inflation adjusted. Do you understand the maths?

    You’ve had access to financial accounts, you could have substantiated Eraka’s Blog, but you decided not to!

    As a registered owner I insist that you as the Secretary of Te Kauhanganui initiate a full across the board audit of TKI and its entities, i.e. Ururangi Trust etc.

    Here is an email address to some auditors I know: Ms Tania Warburton led the HCC V8 investigation she will happily provide a team of external auditors at your invitation. Her email address is Tania.warburton@crownlaw.nz.

    This is what a real leader does; he or she initiates an investigation where there is serious financial mismanagement. I set the platform for Tania Martin but in my view she fell into the culpability gap, you on the other hand have a clear path to Ms Warburton’s door, so Secretary of Te Kauhanganui “using Prime Minister Key’s phrase” put up or shut up Ani Capper. I’ve arranged your meeting please quote the following reference Te Kauhanganui Inc. TRU002/26 for faster service delivery.

    Go on try something new do it for our parents and Waikato Tainui instead of yourself and you groupie!


    • Charlie B
      Jul 30, 2013 @ 04:32:19

      A 40 million dollar shortfall aye well you know the math all right. Unfortunately that is not quite how it works in business my dear but hey keep going girl you have a point to make and all power to you.

      Considering the fact that Tainui settled claims on behalf of some entities that had nothiing to do with Tainui I think they did all right at least at the begining. Yes they have made mistakes along the way and some bad choices but mate that is business and that you can forgive.

      The rorting part is a different story altogether. Thats jail time for those engaged in
      illegal behaviour if you can prove it? Its probably testimony to people like Mike Pohio that Tainui is still in business because it is bloody tough out there at the moment and anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously smoking some good shit!


    • Ngawai Robinson
      Jul 31, 2013 @ 14:43:54

      To the Secretary of Te Kauhanganui Mrs Capper,

      You made a legal contract with us the (whanau) at Turangawaewae 3 years ago during this stage the issues raised by Tania Martin and others concerned me. Like many other whanau I watched in horror as court action repeated themselves and legal judgements were blatantly disregarded. The actions of a few greedy executives annoyed me to the point where I chose to raise these concerns with the Prime Minister, following standard formalities contact was made with the office of Minister Finalyson where he initiated an investigation via Crown Law office (on going). It was also during that period I offered Tania Martin support and I wrote to Chris Webster she declined.
      As a concerned citizen of Waikato Tainui the layers of confusion promoted by the following groups; the Kings office; TGH directors; TAA and TKI officers past and present, have in my view revealed some simple truths. We’ve unravelled blatant fiscal mismanagement by uncovering deceptive lies. The TKI system originally designed to cater to our way of life has since been corrupted and our rights ignored, in your instance vitrolic abuse was hurled my way so you didn’t have to act on my concerns.
      Remember the election, we voted to retain you 3 on the basis of your veracity we entered a legally binding agreement. You promised to act on our behalf to personally keep us informed with updates on TKI business/ resolutions/risk management, as well as improve our economic and social situation; you 3 lied. Did you expect the whanau to return from Australia on annual leave or travel from around the motu at the drop of a hat to listen to your reports?
      Here’s a pearl from the wisdom book – Eraka’s Blog and WaikatoPolitx.com would of posted your reports online for all the whanau to give comment to (transparency – accountability) your lack of experience prevented you 3 from creating a better future for us all. In a meeting we attended post elections, I suggested an internet site for whanau contacts; the idea was rejected citing the “too hard basket”.
      Your attack on our whakapapa using cultural imperialism is UNDERWHELMING, It holds us back by dividing us! Your use of this tool has debased our late parent’s dreams, slandered our mokopuna, our whanau and other Maori whanau living here and overseas. Was it to deny us our whenua and inheritance at the same time demeaning the wishes of our Tupuna? Shame on You.
      Our whakapapa is the relationship connections long established between our peoples it’s our history retold in the present as we identify with and inform others of where we’ve come from; it’s our navigators instrument to steer us, so we’ll know where we’re headed in the future.
      We can, create a solid future with an honest assessment and understanding of our past; we can heal the errors of this past, and use those lessons to better ourselves moving forward.
      We will not let you destroy what’s important to us simply because it suits your group’s purpose to deny our Tikanga so you can obtain our inheritance through fiscal and unlawful systemic theft. We will inherit what our Tupuna wanted for everyone; you will get justice and judgement through the court system if you continue on this path….Are you prepared for public humiliation on a national scale? If not, hear our concerns and start listening, the doors open for you to engage auditors, I willingly offer my support, let’s talk via Erakas blog.


  12. Ngawai Robinson
    Aug 08, 2013 @ 07:03:28

    An open Letter to the Members of Waikato Tainui Te Kauhangnui Inc

    Ngaa mihi nui kia koutou katoa,

    At last an Officer of Te Kauhanganui Mrs Ani Capper has recognised and acknowledged the existence of Eraka’s blog. By responding to my/our concerns or more correctly reacting to them she thankfully used her real name, in doing so, exposing her position as the secretary of Te Kauhanganui to public scrutiny.

    There are serious issues which remain outstanding for us as kaitiaki of our whenua. I cannot rely on the quality of judgment voiced by my marae representatives acting on our behalf as the custodians of our whanau’s votes.

    Nor can I rely on the assurances provided by Mr Rau, Mr Roa and other TAA representatives that our accounts are satisfactory. Read Eraka’s Blog and you will see for yourself.

    In raising my concerns in the public forum I was subjected to a litany of vitriolic abuse by the secretary who opposed the disclosure of information on which law and regulation in investments are based. I wish to convey my questions to those members of TKI who share the same concerns?

    Crucial questions remain unanswered. These figures at a glance suggest a fuller investigation is needed. I choose to use Mr Pohio’s figures over Mr Roa’s accounts since Mr Pohio is accountable.

    1.What is the real state of TGH’s debt loading – is it $700 million? If so what are the figures made up of?
    2.Has TGH exceeded their approved debt loading of approximately 25.5% percent (Boards Charter)? If so, who approved the excess and why?
    3.Ngai Tahu’s dividend is set at 4% percent of their total asset base. Why is TGH’s dividend not set at 4% equally?
    4.Assuming it was; TGH’s 2013 dividend payment of 4% on a billion dollars would equate to $40 million in 2013. This year TKI will receive $11.5 million a potential shortfall of $28.5 million is evident based on 4%?
    5.Ngai Tahu returned a groundbreaking $254 million dollars in dividend payments since 1998 (NZ Herald July 2013). Waikato Tainui returned a record $49.3 million dollars in dividend payments since 2003 (TGH media release 2013 refer Mr Roa).
    6.From 2002-1995 Te Kaumaarua (previous incumbents) rode off with $40 million dollars in questionable investments, a sports club and unlisted trust accounts (NBR 2012 ref Mr Spencer).
    7.A $204.7 million dollar difference requires investigation based upon benchmark figures with Ngai Tahu. ($254m-$49.3m=$204.7m)
    8.In TGH’s entire existence since the time of our Raupatu Settlement after 18 years of commercial development, we have a net asset base of $300 million or $175 pp this year or $5 thousand dollars pp. if TGH was liquidated (Waikato Times July 2013 ref City Editor).
    9.Does 1 billion – $300 million = $700 million or not? Assuming these figures Mr Pohio gave are correct only $255 million dollars is approved debt (25.5%).
    10.What happened to the other $445 million dollars (i.e. 1b-$300m=$700m-$255m=$445m)?
    11.Who approved this loan/debt/mortgage of $445 million to TGH beyond their debt levels @ approximately 25.5%?
    12.The intent of the PricewaterhouseCooper Report was to make sure you get all your structures and rules and regulations right BEFORE the money flows (oops still in development phase 14 years later) the KPMG audit were to alleviate shareholder concerns of wrong doing under the laws of disclosure and the Securities Act. Is TKI satisfied with the information received to date if not why not?
    13. Has the chairperson(s) of TKI past and present misled the audit investigators? If a judge decides it is an offence, I think it would be one of strict liability under the Securities Act.
    14.Don’t you think enough is totally enough whanau?

    Please end our disastrous history of fiscal mismanagement by moving a motion to invite the Crown Law Office in, to undertake an across the board audit of all of our accounts .i.e. TGH, and associated entities WRLT and associated entities.

    I apologise whanau on my previous post I underestimated my figures I have made the necessary adjustments in this letter.

    Success is measured in people says Mr Spencer former chairman of TGH, Waikato Tainui’s poorest members on the street are not getting the help they should.

    No reira
    Teenaa Koutou katoa


  13. Roz
    Sep 03, 2013 @ 12:58:57

    Hundreds of Police stormtroopers ay? Jeeze – the other 4 million or so of us must’ve missed that! Exaggeration just a bit?


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Sep 03, 2013 @ 17:23:51

      You must have been asleep go check out http://news.tangatawhenua.com/archives/22459


      • flessy
        Mar 10, 2014 @ 10:55:55

        Whanau, I am concerned at what direction we are heading in. The future is looking bleak for our people if we continue down this path of greed, corruption and/or linning eachothers pockets.

        People in important key positions and decision makers on behalf of all our people, our ‘leaders’ have the power to make positive and constructive outcomes for our tribe as a whole, something which has been achieved in the past. Unfortunately however, ‘responsibility’, ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ seem to be a concern for many of our members and rightly so for questions that remain to be answered. We must get it right whanau.

        The govt love it when they see us squabble amongst ourselves. Ah well…there goes my five cents.

  14. Charlie B
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 18:16:31

    Well said and you are quite correct. The missing ingredients are transparency ethics and old fashion honesty. There are a lot of people out there who would love to see maori ventures fail especially ones like Tainui.


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