August 11, Te Kauhanganui Update

Enter Hokimai Chong (Reretewhioi) to take up the Te Arataura seat that has been vacant since January 2012. No doubt Tuku Morgan will be working overtime on the new guy. Morgan will try his darnedest to get Mr Chong to sell out his vote to him and will promise Chong just about everything under the sun, but will he take the bait? Tuku Moragn is looking for another sucker to help him get rid of Tom Roa and Hemi Rua from the executive committee.

Maxine Moana Tuwhangai gets the nod to take over as the chair of Te Kauhanganui. As the chairperson she ought to fight to defend the Tainui people’s parliament but will she? As a croanie from the Maori king’s camp, Moana Tuwhangai is well known to be entrenched within the elitist group seeking the overthrow of Te Kauhanganui! Since Moana Tuwhangai is no longer on the Te Arataura committee will she campaign for Te Kauhanganui members to receive the same level of pay for attending meetings as their Te Arataura counterparts? Surely it should be so as each individual Te Kauhanganui member is in fact a director of the company. Before she was booted from Te Arataura, she fought for and got hefty pay rises with that mob. This was when she also “forgot” to tell Te Kauhanganui that she gave herself those aforementioned pay rises as the boss of the remuneration committee (just another excuse to take money) when she knew that the TK members are entitled to the same pay but she kept it hidden from them. Its called lying by omission. Crikey!

Known faker Parekawhia Patsy Mclean’s false allegations of brutal verbal, physical, and molestation assaults against Rau were also thrown out. How this bullsh!t even made it to this TK meeting is astounding.

Tom Roa takes over as the treaty negotiator for the tribe. Tuku Morgan will absolutely hate Tom’s guts for taking away his nice ride on the tribal gravy train!

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  1. Tiopira Hape Rauna
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 06:38:33

    Tena koe, I went to Victoria University of Wellington with Tom Roa and know he is a good leader for Tainui Waikato. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Tairawhiti, where I need to ensure all my Maori people here from all Churches do not get harmed by any secret combinations that are outlined in the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ


  2. Anon
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 14:45:08

    who are you? you little bitch! as soon as I know who you are, i will fuck you up. You will regret everything you said you snitch. Are you Hemi Rau?


  3. Whanau
    Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:09:32

    Tom roa is not a good leader. he is not even a good man. he fuks on the mana of whanau and marae and thats how he wil be remembered.


    • Charlie B
      Aug 14, 2013 @ 19:59:41

      Gee thats a bit rough bro are you trying to say he is a mana fuka wow thats unkind.
      The problem with these people is they wear too many hats! One minute they are Tainui next minute Maniapoto and as always there are conflicts of interest.

      Tainui got away with stealing other peoples land and walking over Hapu that were not part of Tainui and the Crown are never going to admit they made a mistake so the people get left to try and sort out any reddress on their own? If you attack the crown you get no where. The game is rigged people!

      I think Tom has become an apologist for all the shitty backdoor deals done by Tainui going back to when the settlement deal was finally signed off. The crown in its haste only heard from the select few and now we have the same crap being
      played out with Maniapoto, backroom dealings going on and aspirations to be a big bro like Tainui at the expense of everyone else around them?

      Why are so many of our so called self appointed leaders so dishonest? Most of these slimy motherfuckers are not fit to be called elders and they certainly don’t deserve the respect that one would equate with being a kaumatua which is one of the reasons I think the young ones should be given a chance. The vast majority of these old bastards are just too bloody bent and I am not talking about posture either.


  4. Whanau
    Aug 14, 2013 @ 21:36:51

    He fuked on the mana of my whanau bro and my marae bro and he wont be welcome there again. Our nanas reckon hes crafty cant look people in the eye and he talks soft cos hes cunning and he loads guns but gets other people to fire them so he comes out looki ng the good guy. cant fool the nanas bro. Tom roa wont be there roa. When it gets too hot he will bounce like he did when the king told him to a few years ago. How can he lead our people when he fuks on the mana of our people. whack.


  5. Ngawai Robinson
    Aug 19, 2013 @ 11:14:54

    I’ve been reading the latest installment of Mr Pohio’s business decisions in the July 2013 National Business Review

    There’s nothing like being reminded that in 1998 the National Business Review won an award for exposing Waikato Tainui’s loss making ventures complete with hidden Trust accounts etc. The latest July 2013 NBR article continues to demonstrate a systemic pattern of blind optimism (TGH plans are not founded on prudent capital backing principles i.e. loan/mortgage/funding standards). I’ve created an inaugural award it’s called the…. Tainui Dodgy Deals Business Award…..And it goes to “Mr Pohio and Tom” the new Treaty negotiator for the fastest spin doctoring and fob-offs delivered in a public business forum online.

    Mr Pohio intervened when “Tom (fake Einstein)” was unable to answer probing questions. Tom reacted by playing the race card justifying his vitriolic abuse (wow another abuser following in the footsteps of the secretary of TKI Mrs Capper, online).

    Mr Pohio used misdirection insisting the auditors probing questions regarding due diligence can be found in TGH’s haystack of information on the Transport Hub .

    A selection of copied responses is displayed; you can read the 79 comments in their context online:

    by Anonymous 28 days ago in reply to Tom

    Where is the $3.5B coming from, Einstein?

    They only have $700M assets; and most of that isn’t cash.
    No lender will fund a project of this size without the normal capital backing? That is because it’s too high risk in the event it fails. Simple stuff, huh! Please read and learn and take the blinkers off because a Maori person wrote the article.

    by Anonymous 28 days ago in reply to Tom
    To maintain that ratio, the tribe will need to bolster total assets from $700M to $10 Billion, given the $3.5B project will be predominantly debt funded. Where is the $9.3B coming from?

    Final quote goes to: “Mr Pohio he admits $3.5 billion looks “way bigger” than its balance sheet can afford”.

    As an owner of TGH I agree with Anonymous and JG answering probing questions with openness and honesty is the best policy; the upside is you gain owner and business sector investor buy-in, potential investors may find the Inland Hub a viable future investment option.

    Vitriol and misdirection will guarantee owners and potential investor angst and suspicion, well enough said folks!


  6. Charlie B
    Aug 30, 2013 @ 03:04:38

    Well these people who run the show are good little Neo Tribal Capitalists and they are the new Kupapa ( Maori Ruling Elite). They are selling out their brothers and sisters for a few shekels because they have been conned into the rubbish espoused by Roger Douglas one of the dumbest economic trickle down bullshit artists this country has ever produced .

    NZ has become an unequal society where the gap between rich and poor is growing at an alarming rate. Instead of setting up as a social business where everyone has a stake the Tribal Neo Liberal Elite have simply become little brown pakehas trying to con the masses that they are really there for the people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are there to line their own pockets.

    Like the stupid fucken government you have in this country these pricks are selling everyone out because they do not know or care about anyone but them selves. Pricks like Roger Douglas and the wankers from ACT party have a lot to answer for. The actions of your prime minster is another example of a right wing dictator setting up the country for more pain so he and his rich mates can get richer.

    Criminals like Richard Prebble got away with selling out to their mates who to this day lie low and they got away with fraud yet someone on a benefit from WINZ who inadvertantly gets over paid and they get jumped on from a great height. That shows the difference in how the rich and poor are treated in this country. With Tainui you have no rights, you have privelages and they can be withdrawn at any time.


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