Clouded by forked tongues!

The puppet ought to take a look behind himself - there's a snake creeping around!

The puppet ought to take a look behind himself there’s a snake creeping around!



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  1. Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 05:11:37

    The king’s son’s speech

    PEACE: Whatumoana Paki used his inaugural speech at Turangawaewae Marae to send a message to tribal elders.

    The heir to the Kingitanga throne made his inaugural speech at Turangawaewae Marae and used the opportunity to send a message to tribal elders to get past the conflict and work for the future.

    Illness forced the Maori King, Tuheitia, to hand official duties to Whatumoana Paki, 22, and he watched as his eldest son addressed an audience of 600 people and turn the heat on iwi leaders.

    “With the absence of inspirational leadership, our aspirations to achieve mana motuhake are clouded by forked tongues, by hatred, by envy, by suspicion and greed from the very people who we hope to inspire us, encourage us, support us and teach us,” he said.

    The tribe faced “formidable segregation” between the generations and he said the youth would leave if the problem remained.

    “Failure to recognise this void could result in many talented rangatahi choosing to pursue their hopes and dreams elsewhere.”

    King Tuheitia themed this year’s Koroneihana on the rangatahi (youth) and Mr Paki said failure to build a future for them would have a significant impact.

    “It would be a great loss and tragedy for iwi, for Maoridom for our dreams of mana motuhake, for our hopes of social, cultural, political and economic development.”

    King Tuheitia took time out from his official duties in June to concentrate on his ailing health.

    He wore a coat and was draped in a blanket to ward off the cold and his son told the gatherers that the king had responded well to his medical treatment.

    “We are still very much concerned for my father’s health and wellbeing and as a whanau we remain strong for him with your support,” he said. “While absent from his duties, Dad is very much attuned to what is happening here in Waikato and around the motu (country).”

    Mr Paki’s official title was te whirinaki a te kingi. He said the learning curve had been swift but he was buoyed by the support of the people and his own generation.

    “I have learned so much in past weeks and I consistently aim to keep myself well informed about current issues faced by Maori. I have only felt a small fraction of the responsibility that my father has carried for the past seven years but that small weight has been enough for me to understand the collective challenges we face as a people.”


  2. Ngawai Robinson
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 06:17:57

    On reflection the speech is commendable, but in merit the reality remains, we Waikato Tainui people know that there are places where people make us feel very unwelcome when we show our faces simply because we disagree with the current leadership and status quo. There are people who still think of us as ‘the others’, and there are still individuals leading our own Trust organisation that want us to go away. This is our reality.

    There are still too many Maori sitting in TKI leadership roles who still believe that they were born superior and that giving us our basic human rights is doing us a favour. We’ve resolved to continue in the struggle to change the current leaders who refuse to own their underachievement.

    These leaders hang on to the rhetoric that they’ve made huge gains improving our lot yet refuse to hear the outpouring of anger from our people, that, the only lives being transformed by our tribal wealth belong to a minority of families heading our organisation. That gap is still evident, which is why I still think more can be done to really achieve greater equality of opportunity and life chances across the board, only then will Whatumoana Paki jnr’s vision for all of our rangatahi and their whanau be realised.


  3. Charlie B
    Aug 31, 2013 @ 20:50:59

    Unfortunately I think you are right. Whatumoana Paki jnr may have his heart in the right place and his age should not be used against him but the people who pull the strings behind the throne will through their own greed and ego determine the final outcome and it could have severe consequences.

    Nothing short of a revolution is going to move those people. The sad part is they are being set up to fail and too dumb to see what is coming towards them. When the time is right “The banksters will deal to these clowns”.

    There is an Inland port on the drawing board on the eastern seaboard of Australia (QLD), funding has been approved from London based reptiles for 3 billion dollars for stage One. That deal took 7 years to get it to the approval stage and over 10 million dollars just to get it this far and they have not even secured the land or taken an option on the rolling stock as everything will be railed in and out of to an inland port 17 km from the sea.

    With Tainui what is the bet that once they have all the approvals in place and all signed off some reptile corporation with ties to the banks with very deep pockets will walk in there and bury them taking everything off them. Think it cannot happen guess what??? The game is rigged people?

    Mike and Henry are very smart guys and not to be under estimated but they are no match for the banksters. NZ is the perfect place to do this shit because there are no rules that are enforced when it comes to the moneyed elite and no limits to what corporations can get away with in NZ. If you pay off the right people or have the right connections you can do anything.

    Think I am wrong then what happens when the police shoot some poor buggar minding his own business on the motorway and pay a pittance to his family to shut them up after demanding they sign a coinfidentiality agreement which they the Police themselves then break??

    You have a prime minster who has a house full of FULLY ARMED police bodyguards living in a government provided house next to his own 24/7 and yet mainstream media never say a word about it? Is this arsehole disabled, does he need a carer 24/7, he is not in a wheelchair so why the fuck does he need a house full of trained bodyguards to protect him even when he is not there? Your tax dollars at work?

    Contrast that to some seriously disabled pensioner living on their own who cannot get out of wheel chair lucky to get home help 3days a week for 2hrs at a time? How fucked is that.

    You will never read about it in any NZ media because the gutless arseholes are
    to frightened to print it? You may find that Tuku and Tuheitia have protection from friends in high places and lets face it to date nothing has managed to stop them so either the allegations against them are all false or they have been very lucky which I doubt? The truth always comes out in the end.


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