Tainui Games 2014

In order to make the people feel like they’re being looked after the Tainui Games is upon us again this coming summer. Really, is that it? The people ought to get more than just a silly Tainui Games every 2 years, a whole lot more. In the meantime millions of your dollars goes to the king & Tuku’s croanies and the Auckland lawyers.

Its another sick joke that gets played out over and over again. Where is the real development that you deserve?

Introducing Tainui’s very own “House Niggers”

…House Niggers would even take up the beating of other slaves to show Massah that they were indeed “good Niggers.”

Typically, House Niggers would do anything and everything to gain the favor of the slavemaster, while Field Niggers did all of the hard work and were generally the only ones to stand against slavery.

Indeed, Tainui’s own House Niggers (Tuku Morgan, Rangi Whakaruru, Schaafhousen, Rahui Papa, Patsy Mclean etc…) have taken to beating up on the other slaves (Roa, Rau, everybody else etc…) to appease the Massah (the Maori king).

The analogy fits like a glove. How very, very appropriate.

Shopping therapy?

No doubt that Tuku Morgan hasn’t wasted any time giving alcoholic Rahui Papa the Maori king’s shopping list… we’ll probably only find out about the millions of tribal funds spent on the crap long after they have tried to block the release of the financial reports!


Tugger Jones

I must admit that I have something in common with Nanaia Mahuta. Every time I see Shane Jones on TV, the sight of him makes me feel like throwing up!


If you were wondering… it was all staged

It should come as no surprise to you all that the mock execution of Tom Roa as the executive chair should follow closely at the heels of the Maori king’s son’s maiden speech (and what a maiden he is!) with the kid’s shameless propaganda effort to pin the “forked tongue” insult on a man who holds integrity and honesty as his guiding principles. It is little wonder that the Maori king’s own house-n*ggers Morgan and Whakaruru are behind the shenanigans which have seen a man of principle and respect – being dumped and replaced by the bumbling alcoholic Rahui Papa and his drug induced sidekick Tipa Mahuta. The criteria for taking the chairmanship from Tom Roa being not one of respect or the capability to do a good job but resting solely on those individuals penchant for licking the boots and a$$holes of the Maori king, the king’s son, and the house-n*ggers Morgan and Whakaruru. We should insist on drug testing of all the Te Arataura executives.

The crooks now hold the tribal checkbook in their greedy little fingers. Watch as the financial cover-ups and spending on the few elitists goes through the roof!