Introducing Tainui’s very own “House Niggers”

…House Niggers would even take up the beating of other slaves to show Massah that they were indeed “good Niggers.”

Typically, House Niggers would do anything and everything to gain the favor of the slavemaster, while Field Niggers did all of the hard work and were generally the only ones to stand against slavery.

Indeed, Tainui’s own House Niggers (Tuku Morgan, Rangi Whakaruru, Schaafhousen, Rahui Papa, Patsy Mclean etc…) have taken to beating up on the other slaves (Roa, Rau, everybody else etc…) to appease the Massah (the Maori king).

The analogy fits like a glove. How very, very appropriate.

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  1. Charlie B
    Sep 04, 2013 @ 20:58:13

    Wow thats rough calling our ruling class bros house niggers but unfortunately it is true. Beating up other slaves is not good but we have all been dumbed down to accept that bending over and taking ones medicine up your arse is the way it is.

    We have become uncaring observers to the suffering of others as the TV images increasingly overpower our sense of what is right and wrong. We watch with dismay as our own leaders sell their souls to the devil because they are dumb as dog shit and twice as dangerous when challenged by the serfs at the bottom of the heap.

    We have all become slaves to a debt ridden society of consumer addicted fuckwits who have embraced the good life where mammon is god and we will do anything to protect it. We have been taught that greed is good and ripping each other off is some how okay?

    We are meant to believe everything our corrupt leaders tell us because that is what we have drummed into us from the first day at school. Its about conforming to someone elses moral standards and being a good little nigger is part of it and COLOUR has nothing to do with any of it.

    You see back in the day say 30s 40s 50s 60s maoris were by and large very good compliant little niggers. They paid their dues, they bent over and took their medicine without a whimper. They never questioned massa because they knew their place. However in the 70s they started to get uppity and like Oliver Twist asked for more.

    Now that really fucked things up because the ruling class thought we better sort this shit out in case these little buggars turn feral and start a civil war. So they reinvented house niggers and they were hand picked approved, certified, given status and privaleged postions of authority and allowed to negotiate on behalf of the slaves who of course had no say in any of it.

    Tainui is the perfect example of an experiment gone wrong where the negotiators settled land claims on behalf of tribal entities who had no say in the process and none of it went before the Waitangi Tribunal because it was all done behind closed doors by individuals who in essense were actually house niggers and did not know it. They were being manipulated by the crown as they are today.

    The injustice that was perpetrated on the tribes who had hundreds of thousands of acres stolen off them during the land wars is still a festering sore that needs to be sorted. Ngati Apakura were one of them and still being fucked over. House niggers are chosen and paid for in order to silence and control them.

    Nothing like a few shekels to shut them up. Why do you think the King is protected. When he has served his purpose he will be fed to the wolves and it will be the Rich white ruling class and their minnions who will do the deed. We live in interesting times!


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