Tainui’s top House Niggas for 2013

Dear Friends, 2014 is almost upon us, and we could not reach the end of 2013 without recognizing Tainui’s top House Niggas for the year. They appear in order of importance.

  1. Rangi Wallace Whakaruru – this obeese house-nigga would be at the top of the list every year since he burst into prominence around ’08. Having tremendous influence over that buffoon of a king, and more importantly – the king’s purse – millions of dollars worth of donations have simply vanished into thin air. This fool also acts as the king’s mouthpiece, and judging by the volumes of ‘royal proclamations’, rubbish pretending to be written by the king himself – Rangi has fooled nobody – apart from the royal buffoon.
  2. Tukuroirangi Morgan – needing little if any introduction, this nigga was booted from the executive committee after it was revealed he lined his pockets with huge amounts of tribal money, and racked up millions of dollars worth of lawyers bills while blocking Te Kauhanganui actions and attempting to stop the release of the tribal financial reports from his time as chairman. Despite getting the nigga-boot from Te Kauhanganui for spending all the money, Morgan conned his way back in when he convinced the buffoon of a king to betray Greg Miller. Tuku will never make it to the top of the list while Rangi is around as Whakaruru has threatened to expose details of this nigga’s homosexual activities in case he gets too uppity.
  3. Rahui Papa – the hard boozing, smoking, and gambling nigga makes the list simply because he’s a loudmouth who hoodwinked the Raukawa tribe into paying a $100,000 bribe to the king, the nigga did not pay back $10,000 he took from the tribe a couple years back, and he took money from Morgan’s million-dollar river cleanup scam. What a true house-nigga!
  4. Waikato River Authority – these niggas weren’t even on the radar until they revealed their true agenda – which is to hand over truckloads of cash to Tuku Morgan and his mates. It becomes plain to see that the WRA niggas were hand picked by Tuku Morgan for the job and they performed as expected when their master pulled the strings and they coughed up a million dollars!
  5. Movers & Shakers – this bunch of niggas rises on occasion for various reasons: Mike Pohio pushing his billion dollar con project, Hokimai Chong who bumbled into his very first executive meeting when Tuku Morgan ordered him to get rid of Tom Roa, Parekawhia Mclean still demonstrating her propensity for being Tuku’s patsy, nigga P. Rawiri down on his knees every time he gets a call from Morgan, vice chairwoman T. Mahuta simply for being such a dopey nigga!

Lets see what the new year brings? Can we expect it be any different? God help us!

Happy holidays!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charlie B
    Dec 31, 2013 @ 16:50:38

    Now that Waikato River Authority seems a good money spinner, handing out
    7 million bucks a year to their “selective mates” for no return and no results. That is bloody clever I mean who ever dreamed up this little earner must be a genius.

    Does anything good come out of this for the environment or is it only for show and something for the yesperts to feed off for the next 30yrs. Cleaning up the environment needs community involvement because left solely up to government conspired think tanks its going to get hijacked by the yesperts and the rich white old boys club.

    NZ is full of the old wink wink, nod nod, secret handshakes along with coded signals pointing to done deals behind closed doors and no transparency. All the bullshit about being an uncorrupt nation is a fucken load of crap. You have MPs claiming expenses which are basically fraudulent and getting away with it while at the same time demonising WINZ beneficiaries so they can look into their bank accounts, typical of a fascist state in the making.

    Letting the slaves have a say is not the NZ way after all the ruling class cannot admit that they do not know what the hell they are doing which is why the whole country environmentally is in such a mess. Yes we need farming and yes we need jobs but in balance? Its not up to certain vested interests to deciede to deliberately allow Lake Waikare to stay polluted so they can drain it and dig it up to get coal.
    Its time these bastards who do the polluting were made to pay to clean it up.

    Obviously a few token brownies on the WRA board gives an excuse to point the finger in case it all turns to shite and who better to blame then a demonised branded house nigga. The ruling elite always have a patsy to cover their lilly white arseholes in case of eruptions from Mt Orifice. Thats my rant for end of 2013.


  2. Glenda
    Mar 11, 2016 @ 09:27:44

    I like this page most of us know T Morgan is a two face low life w#&*er and still the people follow him .l have seen 1st hand at what he does to people .look what he did to my cousin Tarn Martin.and she was letting the people know the truth what the king and his side kicks were doing only to be bullied and lied about .this has taken a toll on my cousin and her whanau .but Tarn is strong and holds her head high for they all know this is one strong lady that wont be picked on, bullied or bribed cause she knows the truthand they know shes dangerous


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