the Royal visit has been cancelled!!!!

It looks like the Duke and Dutchess have given their Ngaruawahia stop-over the flick of the royal wrist. The Maori king and Rangiwhakaruru will have to make do with a royal wave as the brits drive past down the highway… its not like they view those Maori’s as proper royals anyway… in fact his mother Te Atairangikaahu was not even regarded as a Queen at all by Old Lizzie – she was simply a “Dame” and nothing more in the eyes of those royal british bludgers! More

The royal brits are on their way…

Kiss-my-assSources in Ngaruawahia said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be hosted by the Maori King Tuheitia at Turangawaewae Marae on their April tour of New Zealand.

Come April, when the pathetic bowing, scraping, and kissing of british royal ass reaches fever pitch.

In our opinion, the brit royals are only slightly more useful than our own worthless homegrown Tainui royalty…

But lets hope that the brit bodyguards won’t let the horrible crooked child-abuser Rangi Whakaruru and his legion of house-niggas anywhere near the royal baby!

No Tainui money for sports… Tainui games coming up…

Our Waka Ama club had recently applied for tribal funding, although ours is a new club the excitement and enthusiasm running through the community is high and wonderful to see for all involved! Imagine our dismay when we were told that there is no money available to support our paddlers even though the vast majority of our participants are from the Waikato tribe! Isn’t it funny how Tuku, Rahui, and the gang can find millions of dollars for Auckland lawyers but the purse is suddenly empty when it comes to supporting grassroots initiatives such as ours!

Bring forth the Tainui games which appears every 2 years. The tribe contributes about $100,000 – peanuts really – towards the cost of the games, while the rest is taken up by sponsors. Its such small change for something that only comes round every 2 years. More needs to be given back to the tribal community… a whole lot more.

Fun time had by all at Karapiro!

While our crew didn’t exactly set the lake on fire at our first Waka Ama national competition, all our hard training pays off and we are all simles! Got a nice sunburn, baked well-done on Fri/Saturday with the thousands of peeps at the riverbank!

Full results from the Wakaama website:

Nice pictures and music video:

2014 Waka Ama Nationals

We’re a bunch of first time paddlers looking forward to competing in this years national championships at the fantastic Lake Karapiro venue. We have even been promised that our photo will appear in the next edition of the Te Hokioi magazine – finally, a reason to read it!

Rāhui Pōkeka Water Sports

In bringing old and young together in the name of Waka Ama, a plethora of family faces turned out to celebrate the beginning of another campaign for Rāhui Pōkeka Water Sports in Huntly.

For veteran Lad Kihi, there is much happiness in seeing the vitality that the club has bought to the area.

“For the children, the Rāhui Pōkeka club has been great. The majority of the children are from Te Wharekura o Rākaumangamanga.

Nine of our grandchildren attend the school so that’s why we’re here to support.”

Today’s occasion is seen to be an opportunity for children to follow in the footsteps of their older family members to better understand and embrace the sport.

The club has high hopes leading into next week’s nationals.

Watch all our races on Maori TV!

Call for mandatory testing of executives for drugs!


Tipa Mahuta

The sweet fragrance of MJ is noticeable at Te Arataura meetings and executive committee member Tipa “KroniK” Mahuta has been reportedly looking rather seedy with a serious case of red-eye lately.

Start off the new year positively. Lets get some drug tests done for some positive results!

Good news: Ariel Sharon is dead. Lets celebrate!

There is one less zionist war criminal on the planet. The murderer of refugees and children is dead. Good riddance! Amen!

Ariel Sharon: Serial war criminal, mass murderer. Sharon’s career was built on massacres – from Qibya in 1953, to Sabra and Shatila in 1982, to Jenin in 2002…

End the occupation. Freedom for Palestine!

End the occupation of the Palestinian homeland. Freedom for Palestine!


Waikato Education Scholarships & Mad Mike Pohio

Trickle-down in action – crumbs for the masses:

Waikato Tainui education grants for 2014

Waikato Tainui education grants for 2014

Hundreds of students will receive an education grant. Last year the total for education grants came to $900,000. In addition, one individual will receive between $1 and $2 million. Tribal members numbering tens of thousands will receive nothing. The elderly who apply for a grant will be subject to strict conditions before they receive assistance. The ‘one individual’ is not constrained by such conditions and is free to drink booze at luxury casinos with millions of dollars worth of tribal donations to his shonky Ururangi Trust.

In the meantime Mike Pohio of Tainui Group Holdings has been talking big about his multi-billion dollar inland container depot. What a load of rubbish. It just doesn’t add up. People talk about taking billion dollar risks while the vast majority of tribal members have not received a single dollar from the tribe!

Mad Mike Pohio knows all about dodgy investments. Flashback to 2011 and Tainui Group Holdings owes loads of cash to the banks and are about to crash. Mike went and sold off Tainui’s stake in the Ryman company for $58 million. They called it a windfall at the time. We called it madness as the market was in a massive slump. We called it right because the market has hit highs since the selloff – those shares would be valued at $176.6 million today!

Mad Mike Pohio and Tainui Group Holdings sell Ryman shares and loose $118 million

Tainui Group Holdings sell Ryman shares and loose $118 million

Although to be fair to Mad Mike you will not be surprised to learn of Tuku Morgan, Maxine Moana, & Shcaffhausen’s involvement in the crazy decision which led to the tribe missing out on $118,625,000.

Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year for 2014!

Out with the old year and in with the new!

Predictions for 2014:

  • Another year of lies fed out to the people by Tuku, Whakaruru, the Maori king, & the gang of croanies,
  • the attempt to demolish the entire Te Kauhanganui and replace it with a governance based on regional districts to continue – they say that the costs to run the tribal parliament are too high (another lie!) but the real reason is that a new structure would be easier to manipulate by the gang of crooks,
  • so that even more money can be funneled towards the broke king,
  • along with massive spending of the people’s money by Tuku and the gang to continue (millions on lawyers, & themselves) – this is a given,
  • in addition to the power-mad Maori king who lusts for the be-all end-all of tribal power,
  • obstacles remain – the campaign of dirty tricks to get rid of Roa, Wilson, Rau, and Porima from the executive committee will continue. We wonder what lies Tuku will put forward to achieve this!

As you all can see it will be more or less the same.  We will be there to report all of it.

Happy Holidays!

Happy new year!

Happy new year!