Orifice of the king pushes for more

In spite of the latest $1.6 million cash injection – the rumors are swirling that Whakaruru and the orifice of the king are demanding even more cash from the people!

P.S. while not forgetting that orifice of the king insiders Tuku Morgan, Timi Maipi, and Rahui Papa orchestrated the recent ‘Tainui Development Authority’ ripoff that scammed a cool million bucks from the river protection fund. These are the same scumbags who barely blinked an eyelid when they squandered millions of tribal dollars on Auckland law firms hardly 2 years ago.


Maori non-voters let John Key slip in last time…

Will they let him in again?

John Key & his mates must have let out huge belly-laughs at the massive amount of Maori who couldn’t be bothered voting at the last general election.

As a result he got in by the skin of his teeth – literally.

He will use his pakeha owned media to convince Maori into thinking that their vote is worthless – just like last time, and the time before that. Suckers.

Look at the way Bill English was trash talking all the kids living in poverty – the thousands of children going to school with no food in their bellies. And its all your fault that arrogant piece of shit Bill English can get away with it because you useless lot of hoories were too lazy to take 5 minutes and go cast a vote.

Keep doing your worthless haka’s.

Your real power is at the ballot box – you just have to wake up and to use it.

Maxine spending large on lawyers

Funny that, as Maxine Moana racks up the lawyers bills during her stint as the latest chair of Te Kauhanganui.

Not so long ago as a member of the executive committee where she – along with Tuku Morgan’s gang – did everything in her power to block similar assistance to the former chairwoman of Te Kauhanganui, Tania Martin. They even went so far as to deliberately issue defective meeting notices to prevent meetings from taking place.

A year or so later as Moana spends huge sums of tribal funds on lawyers from Auckland the hypocrisy reeks and stinks, neither is the irony lost on any of those who haven’t been asleep for the last 3 years!

Tainui invests in bloody murder!

Tainui along with Ngai Tahu are in partnership with Pioneer Captial – in this manner they have taken out part ownership of Rakon, a company which specializes in high-tech. Rakon supplies the US military with the technology that is used to murder thousands of citizens in far away countries.

How about that for an unethical investment strategy of the most brutal kind. Every time you hear of families blown to pieces with Rakon equipment, know that we had a part to play in it.

Killing in our name – tick that box Mike Pohio!

Tainui Group Holdings investment strategy!

Tainui Group Holdings investment strategy!

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