Tainui popularity contest update: It’s a one horse race

In a short time the popularity poll has received loads of votes! Thank you!

A ‘one horse race’ has developed as deposed former chairman Tom Roa streaks ahead of the competition.

The contrast could not be greater when you compare the number of votes received by the group of underhanded conspirators, whose backroom deal saw Roa deposed and the alcoholic Rahui Papa inserted to the chairmanship of the executive. The conspirators are just pathetic blips on the radar: Maori king Tuheitia Paki (6 votes) Tukuroirangi Morgan (5 votes) Rangi Whakaruru (3 votes) Rahui Papa (3 votes) Hoki-Mai Chong (2 votes) Tipa Mahuta (2 votes) Paki Rawiri (2 votes) Rukumoana Schaafhausen (2 votes)

In the meantime voting in the popularity contest is still open, we’ve inserted the poll into the sidebar on the right for your voting convenience. Voting is open to all, don’t miss out on your chance to have a say!

Tuku is not pleased!

Our friends over at the Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust tell us that Tuku Morgan is furious about our postings detailing his Tainui Development Authority scam.

In the meantime, we are loving every moment!

Reply to Shane

Recently a nice person called Shane asked if  Tommy Moana “has an official job with Tainui.”

We replied:

“Hi Shane, it would appear that Mr Moana would fit in that grey area of “officially unofficial”. Is he there in an official capacity, the answer is no because he is a convicted fraudster. But as a part of the machinery of the Maori king’s circle of sycophants, the answer is a big yes. Ex cop Tommy Moana is well known for beating up his wives over the years. Tommy is known for his manipulative character and dishonesty. He is a practising mormon. We think that the CEO of Te Puni Kokiri is his daughter, but we cannot confirm that tidbit.”

With people like Tommy, Rangi Whakaruru, and co surrounding the bumbling Maori king, its little wonder that Kate & Wills decided not to visit!

We are glad to help. The pleasure is ours!

They’re getting excited…

By this we mean that the pakeha land owners affected by Mad Mike Pohio’s imaginary truck-stop are getting excited. Every time the magical $3 billion dollars gets mentioned, they become very excited.

They want to know how much is in it for them. What can they get out of it?

They will oppose the project to the very end. Because they are waiting for a phone call —from Mad Mike. They have signatures that are very, very valuable. They are waiting for Mad Mike to buy them out in return for their co-operation.

Its gonna cost millions. Thats millions of your money, Tainui people.

You guys have missed out for years and years, and now the pakeha land owners have jumped the queue —for more money than you could ever imagine. One day their opposition to the truck-stop will cease. Thats when we’ll know that they hit the jackpot —and the people of Tainui paid for it.

Thats the reality.

They’re promising 12,000 jobs

The corporate lies coming from Mad Mike Pohio & co continue…

Picture of a moron. Mad Mike Pohio.

Picture of a moron. Mad Mike Pohio.

The sh!t that Rahui Papa says (our comments in the bracket thingys):

“Everything we do has to be for the people.” (F*cking rubbish!)

“Glory of independence.” (Another f*cking joke.)

Rahui, have you paid back the money, you know $10,000 dollars that you took from the tribe?

Oh wait a minute, isn’t this all to do with the imaginary $3 billion dollar truck-stop? But the people over at Tainui Group Holdings don’t have $3,000,000,000 sitting in their cheque account. Has the government decided to fork out the $3 billion instead?

Oh wait another minute, the banks sure as hell won’t give TGH the leverage that they want unless all the tribal assets are put up as security. I bet Rahui Papa and Mad Mike Pohio ‘forgot’ to put that in their press release. Everything could be lost. How badly do you want these goons to risk everything?

Mad Mike Pohio wants us to “trust” him.

We’re already in the hole for $300 million because of Mad Mike Pohio. Remember Mad Mike lost the tribe at least another $120 million because of the premature sell-off of millions of Ryman shares for $2.60 each. They are now worth about $8.40. We continue to be stupefied over Mad Mike’s moronic decision.

Hang on, 12,000 jobs won’t appear tomorrow as if the magic job-fairy sprinkled a load of magical job-dust all over Tainui! Another detail got left out of Pohio’s press release, any job promises are projected far into the future at least 30 years, but more likely 40 or 50 years.

They are making it up as they go along.

What a big joke – all their wonderful promises are only supposed to eventuate long after the liars have disappeared from this plane of existence. How convenient!

Those goons release more rubbish and we are supposed to swallow it. Yeah right! More

Reflections on this ANZAC day

It is of our old Waikato people -long passed- that I am most proud. The year was 1914 and the government was ordering Maori tribes to hand over their young men to go overseas and join in the slaughter.

Waikato were incensed, rightly so, why should the Waikato tribe fight for the British King against a foe who had done us no wrongs? Our tribe had been on the receiving of end of a full on invasion in 1863 resulting in huge loss of life, plunged into poverty, and the governmental confiscation of vast amounts of our ancestral homelands. All on trumped up charges. Why should the Waikato people be forced to fight for the Imperial British Empire?

History tells that we refused to kill and die for the British Monarch. We told the NZ govt to go take a hike. There were consequences. All in all it was well worth it. They are not forgotten. Unlike many of ours today, they stood fast to their principles.

They are our heroes. I salute them!

Gallipoli: “This is only suicide boys”

The British invasion of Gallipoli in 1915 is best summed up by Australian digger Cecil McAnulty, as he describes an attack which saw hundreds of his comrades cut down within moments by Turkish defenders machine-gun fire:

“We were right out in the open and all the Turkish machine guns and rifle seemed to be playing on us and shrapnel bursting right over us. I yelled out to the other 4 chaps, ‘This is only suicide boys, I’m going to make a jump for it. I thought they said alright we’ll follow. I sprang to my feet in one jump.’”

Private Cecil McAnulty, 3rd Battalion, 8 August 1915.

Class Warfare: WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam…

war-gravesIraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine… you get the drift.

Remember and honour the fallen because most of all, they belong to us. Remember that the wars are initiated by the rich, to be fought by the poor and working classes. The corpses piled up on the battlefields belong to the workers, not the filthy rich. Remember that.

So what happened? Millions of young workers were sent to fight against young workers from other countries —ridiculous! They were fooled into believeing that they fought for warm-fuzzies like freedom, but it was all another big lie. They killed and were killed on behalf of ‘rulers’ that despised them. The survivors returned home so that they could have ribbons and medallions attached to their coats.

The rubbish attitude accorded to Maori meant that Maori battalions were always commanded by white men. Maori who fought for the Imperial British King thought that they would be treated better after the war ended. They continued to be treated like sh*t anyway as RSA’s tried to have them banned from their premises for years after. The Maori veterans received less benefits due to racist NZ govt policy and attitudes!!!! F*ck that!

The real casualties of the 'glorious' wars

The real casualties of the ‘glorious’ wars

Any lame old  excuse to start a war will do. The latest flare ups in the mid-east, Libya, Syria (150,000 dead), and Europe are all about who controls the energy —oil and natural gas. Thats why we should call them —“the Energy Wars” for a dose of reality. There can be no peace as the killing continues on behalf the Saudi, US, British, and Dutch energy behemoths for corporate profit. If they love their wars so much, why don’t the corporates send their children to fight them? Alas they do not.

That inhumane scumbag Henry Kissinger, summed it up nicely about what the ‘ruling classes’ think about us, —dumb animals— the working poor,

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”


Tuku Scam Alert: Tainui Development Authority General Partner Ltd

Tainui-Development-Authority-General_partner-LtdA big thumbs-up goes out to Tontoscuz for revealing more methods of Tuku’s deceptions. The TAINUI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY GENERAL PARTNER LIMITED. Tuku just never stops when it comes to ripping off tribal funds:

“and who has 100% of shares……. yes you guessed it.. TAINUI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY LIMITED… “

Cheerz Tontoscuz!

Lets put it this way: it is blindingly obvious that Tuku and Timi’s “General Partner Ltd” is set up to funnel away the million dollars from the “Tainui Development Authority” – obviously cooking the books, its a scam in its purest form. And again, they are being helped by the lying-lawyers from Chapman Tripp!

Click here for info on TDA “”General Partner Ltd”” and here for info about TDA.

Message to Tuku Morgan: “We are the watchdogs looking out for every move you make. We are legion.”

Kia ora!

More about the Judas Jones saga….

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