Nanaia Mahuta: Weak & Useless

Mahuta needs to be reminded that it’s an election year and that the people want leaders that they can relate with and look up to. Instead she bemoans the fact that she is powerless to stop the sale of chemical psychoactive substances (aka ‘legal highs’) that are destroying individuals and their families. She is useless.

Mahuta is upstaged by one of the protest marchers, Julie King. Perhaps she ought to take a leaf out of her sisters book —executive committee member Tipa Mahuta— and support marijuana instead. In any case this Mahuta should cash in her govt pension and bugger off.

REPORTER: So Labour wouldn’t ban them?

LABOUR MP MAHUTA: Well it would be a difficult thing to do because the environment is fast changing.

JULIE KING: Thats a load of rubbish, I don’t agree with that. No, I think that they can ban it. They should listen to the people and we say that we don’t want it here. So why is it here?

Way to go Julie King. Don’t forget to vote in our fabulous popularity contest!