You know more about dear Katie then you know about Jesus

You know more about dear Katie then you know about Jesus

You could be worshipped and be a tool for the corporations,

And help them gain control of the masses,

Make sure you make more hits, product placement, packaging products,

So poor people could make corporations more rich,

Native Affairs journalists barred from Turangawaewae meeting

Transparency? Accountability?

SO much for supporting Maori media initiatives – it looks like “closet butt-buddies” Tuku Morgan and Rangi Whakaruru are up to their old tricks again:


The Maori king went bananas at the thought of these dangerous tero-rists attending his hui.

“Native Affairs showed immense courage to criticise and investigate the Kohanga reo trust, a story no other media took seriously enough to look into themselves, and having NA locked out of the press conference altogether because of that courage is a disservice to journalism and a slap in the face to Native Affairs.”

– See more at: http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2014/04/14/banning-native-affairs-from-the-kohanga-reo-press-conference-requires-journalistic-solidarity/#!prettyPhoto

Maori king fixes up Te Kohanga Reo?

With the wrap-up of the Kohanga Reo National Hui yesterday in Ngaruawahia the Maori king in all his wisdom decides to give the boot to those lifetime bludgers on the Kohanga Reo Trust Board. However it was very ironic (but not surprising, dumb guy) that he sent in the big-spending Tuku Morgan to investigate ‘financial irregularities’ at Kohanga Reo in the first place! What a Brownwash! What a big joke!

tania-simpsonTania Simpson re-emerges as part of a 7 person taskforce with the job of cleaning up the current mess at Kohanga Reo. This sister is the same Tania Simpson who declined the king’s “honourable” invitation to serve as a director on the king’s shonky charity, the Ururangi Trust — good move by Simpson as she would have been made to pay for the king’s gambling debts if she had stayed there.

Now that Simpson is back in the fold, she must be back in the Maori king’s good books. Good for her. More