Native Affairs journalists barred from Turangawaewae meeting

Transparency? Accountability?

SO much for supporting Maori media initiatives – it looks like “closet butt-buddies” Tuku Morgan and Rangi Whakaruru are up to their old tricks again:


The Maori king went bananas at the thought of these dangerous tero-rists attending his hui.

“Native Affairs showed immense courage to criticise and investigate the Kohanga reo trust, a story no other media took seriously enough to look into themselves, and having NA locked out of the press conference altogether because of that courage is a disservice to journalism and a slap in the face to Native Affairs.”

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  1. RangiMarie aka Lady Justice
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 15:25:11

    This confirms we are on the verge of GIVING BIRTH to a NEW movement. TURANGAWAEWAE means BIRTH PLACE. And Te kohanga reo has been part of Te Arikinui Te Atairangikaahu movement o te Kingitanga. The Ancestors are about to bring a NEW MOVEMENT via a BIRTHING TRAVAILING experience as of nehera times in the millennium age. I am waiting for the Ancestors to bring a NEW movement out from under British financial systems of policing every Maori move for media target practice. I am waiting for a NEW movement out from the oppression of the British empires policy policing and accounting systems. Even THEIR decimal point dollar system has exhausted itself. This, all in a season of TREATY settlements when Te Arawa NEVER signed Queen Victoria’s treaty which led to the 3 courthouse of Queen Elizabeth!!


    • Hone Turei
      Apr 19, 2014 @ 09:55:27

      Waikato and Tuhoe never signed the Treaty, and they still got shit taken from them. Wake up lady, we can’t depend on one movement to help us, we have to do it as a people. Don’t bother waiting for a movement or a political party to sort our people out. Kiingitanga is trying but with a leader we have at the moment nothing is progressing, and if Kohanga Reo is not working for our own then ditch it.


  2. Tontoscuz
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 17:47:56

    So who is really in charge here… who really has the right to ban anyone from there… obviously the Tuku calls the shots – not the maori king, and who’s dumb idea was it to look like a snob to the royal family? If you’re going to snub them then stop calling yourself king.. or any type of royalty.


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