Mana & Dotcom making waves, John Key running scared

MAORI-PARTY-EXCLUSIVE-DINNER-JOHN-KEYJohn Key and the Nats have been spooked by the potential marriage between Mana and Dotcom’s Internet Party… making Key more desperate than ever to lock in the support of his friends over at the Maori Party… at a cost of $5,000 per seat!

What a stark contrast between Mana’s Harawira hitchhiking at the side of the highway, and a 5-grand-a-pop meet and greet with Key hosted by the Maori Party at a ‘gentlemen’s club’ that only a generation ago refused entry to women and ‘niggas’ (Maori & similar cheeky darkies).

Check out the clip over at 3 News: Prime Minister fundraising for Maori Party.

And another awesome expose by the Native Affairs team: COME DINE WITH KEY.



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  1. TeManawa
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 04:06:35

    The only reason John Key will be running scared is his Government and head of state has been called for what it is unconstitutional and this placed in a legal forum and on public record – see seabed mining


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