Waikato River Authority: Tuku’s scam organization

Tuku Morgan, chairman of the Waikato River Authority

Tuku Morgan, chairman of the Waikato River Authority

In what appears to be an exclusive club for the old-boys, who gave himself and his best buddy the largest slice of the pie so far? Scumbag Morgan and his best mate Taitimu Maipi took home a million dollars last year, for what? Is there any coincidence that the chairman is allocating a million dollars towards his own company? That this man who has a history of rorting every organization that he has been involved with takes home another million dollar paycheck? What did the other board members have to say about this? Are they on the take too?

Board members? What a joke. What a bunch of filthy despicable crooks is this lot of maggots: Hon John Luxton Q.S.O — Roger Pikia — Jenni Vernon M.N.Z.M. — Alan Livingston O.N.Z.M — Heemi Biddle — Vanessa Eparaima — Traci Houpapa — Peter Buckley — Weo Maag.

Notice the alphabet following the names of some of the maggots? Does it mean that they are upstanding honourable people? NO! It means that they are just sh1t eating insects.

It appears that a little bit of integrity is too much to ask for!


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  1. Remu Wilson
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 11:23:13

    Some have been appointed by the crown, who do you suggest if you like to down people?


  2. Charlie B
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 12:32:17

    Yeah its all a bit suss thats for sure. Its a pity because there is technology available to massively improve the waterways and its a combination of different technologies starting with the most natural and least invasive to improve water quality.

    You take Lake Waikare the most polluted lake in NZ yet there is “no interest” in fixing it because some rich people (hiding in the shadows) that want to drain it and dig it up for an open cast coal mine and ten to one they will get away with it if the local people do not stop them.

    The fact two board members of WRA can rort the system speaks volumes for the way corruption works in NZ. In NSW you have the premier being caught out lying over a $3000 dollar gift bottle of wine and he basically has to fall on his sword but not in NZ. Here the crooks get away with rorting heaps from the public purse.

    Good example is your sinister of justice lying through her teeth. There are rules for the ruling class and rules for the rest of us and it is time the people of NZ rose up and did something about it. Protest and kick the the useless scumbags out.

    There are plenty of crooked public officials in Oz but the kiwis are pretty good at that shit themselves and what is more they are protected. The NZ police spend 16 million dollars trying to fit Tama Iti and his mates up on bullshit charges yet these guys do not rate a mention? How does that work? We all need to wake up!


  3. Tontoscuz
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:31:04

    I agree with all comments, but what can the people of Tainui really control? Nothing by the looks of it because if the ‘leaders’ of Tainui actually thought about the people then the Tukus, Papas, Maxines etc wouldn’t be in those positions, they be told to step down and let the workers look after the tribe. If we had real leaders then Tainui would be showing the way for all other iwi, instead Tainui is now known as the money hungry tribe, looks like the pakeha parliament aye, all infighting, people doing deals to get more money, spending money when they should we even be called maori?

    And why Tuku is still there.. both him and Timi Maipi set up a company to get 1 million, and they’ve done ANOTHER company called.. wait for it…

    TAINUI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY GENERAL PARTNER LIMITED (check the companies website its public knowledge)

    and who has 100% of shares……. yes you guessed it.. TAINUI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY LIMITED…

    Now why would you create another company (Feb of this year) with the original company as the share holder???? Keep a look out I’m sure they are going to take more money.


    • Makerealbany
      Apr 26, 2014 @ 16:50:51

      Yes why the hell would you create another company with the original company as the shareholder????????? More bloody shenanigans that’s why!!!!!


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  5. Charlie B
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 19:36:36

    The SFO will do nothing until pushed because they do not care and Tuku does have some protection (JK) until he pisses off the wrong person from the ruling class then look out. Eventually all good things come top an end and his turn will come!

    Until there is an investigation into some of the allegations the status quo will remain. There are no leaders with integrity and what you basically have is a bunch of old crooks leveraging their positions of power to remain in control of the purse strings.

    Its basically a dog eat dog elitist system where it is survivial of the fittest and the slaves can starve. No one is asking for handouts but equally why should those at the top constantly have their fingers in the cookie jar when it is not their money?

    We need younger people with the right skills and good manners, bought up not to steal that which does not belong to you and to be good role models, not a bunch of useless old farts turning the tribe into a laughing stock through their misdeeds.

    Brown envelopes in NZ are regarded as the price of doing business and that is widespread. In OZ they do the same shit but if you get caught you go to jail.
    Look no further then some of the dirty pollies in the Beehive starting with your minister of justice. Nothing will happen to her.

    The heat needs to be put on the Waikato River Authority to come clean on how they select the projects they want to fund and what is the criteria for determining the prospective applicants. What was it that Tuku put up that justified his inclusion.

    That is taxpayers money and they are accountable. Its election year and time to put the pollies to work as in put a crank handle up their arse and push them to get some answers. No doubt you may get answers in fart code.


  6. Makerealbany
    Apr 26, 2014 @ 17:02:47

    Some people say they have Mana and that’s why they got on the Boards for this and that, etc. I say Bullshit. I have the right to say this because Mana is something that my Whanau believe must be earned. Just because you are in the “know” or scratch the right backsides, or are an articulate bullshitter does not mean you have Mana. We do need younger people as you say Charlie B with all of those attributes you noted. Why can’t our people realize that our money is draining down the plug hole. We are all taxpayers and we are willing to let them pay themselves exorbitant amounts to rip us off.


  7. mu
    Apr 30, 2014 @ 17:46:30

    Get rid of the Waikato River Authority!!! Is is a slush fund for a pack of parasites!


  8. Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
    May 03, 2014 @ 09:31:43

    John Luxton – just a tool, being walked all over by Morgan.


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