Class Warfare: WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam…

war-gravesIraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine… you get the drift.

Remember and honour the fallen because most of all, they belong to us. Remember that the wars are initiated by the rich, to be fought by the poor and working classes. The corpses piled up on the battlefields belong to the workers, not the filthy rich. Remember that.

So what happened? Millions of young workers were sent to fight against young workers from other countries —ridiculous! They were fooled into believeing that they fought for warm-fuzzies like freedom, but it was all another big lie. They killed and were killed on behalf of ‘rulers’ that despised them. The survivors returned home so that they could have ribbons and medallions attached to their coats.

The rubbish attitude accorded to Maori meant that Maori battalions were always commanded by white men. Maori who fought for the Imperial British King thought that they would be treated better after the war ended. They continued to be treated like sh*t anyway as RSA’s tried to have them banned from their premises for years after. The Maori veterans received less benefits due to racist NZ govt policy and attitudes!!!! F*ck that!

The real casualties of the 'glorious' wars

The real casualties of the ‘glorious’ wars

Any lame old  excuse to start a war will do. The latest flare ups in the mid-east, Libya, Syria (150,000 dead), and Europe are all about who controls the energy —oil and natural gas. Thats why we should call them —“the Energy Wars” for a dose of reality. There can be no peace as the killing continues on behalf the Saudi, US, British, and Dutch energy behemoths for corporate profit. If they love their wars so much, why don’t the corporates send their children to fight them? Alas they do not.

That inhumane scumbag Henry Kissinger, summed it up nicely about what the ‘ruling classes’ think about us, —dumb animals— the working poor,

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”



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