They’re getting excited…

By this we mean that the pakeha land owners affected by Mad Mike Pohio’s imaginary truck-stop are getting excited. Every time the magical $3 billion dollars gets mentioned, they become very excited.

They want to know how much is in it for them. What can they get out of it?

They will oppose the project to the very end. Because they are waiting for a phone call —from Mad Mike. They have signatures that are very, very valuable. They are waiting for Mad Mike to buy them out in return for their co-operation.

Its gonna cost millions. Thats millions of your money, Tainui people.

You guys have missed out for years and years, and now the pakeha land owners have jumped the queue —for more money than you could ever imagine. One day their opposition to the truck-stop will cease. Thats when we’ll know that they hit the jackpot —and the people of Tainui paid for it.

Thats the reality.


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