Tainui popularity contest update: It’s a one horse race

In a short time the popularity poll has received loads of votes! Thank you!

A ‘one horse race’ has developed as deposed former chairman Tom Roa streaks ahead of the competition.

The contrast could not be greater when you compare the number of votes received by the group of underhanded conspirators, whose backroom deal saw Roa deposed and the alcoholic Rahui Papa inserted to the chairmanship of the executive. The conspirators are just pathetic blips on the radar: Maori king Tuheitia Paki (6 votes) Tukuroirangi Morgan (5 votes) Rangi Whakaruru (3 votes) Rahui Papa (3 votes) Hoki-Mai Chong (2 votes) Tipa Mahuta (2 votes) Paki Rawiri (2 votes) Rukumoana Schaafhausen (2 votes)

In the meantime voting in the popularity contest is still open, we’ve inserted the poll into the sidebar on the right for your voting convenience. Voting is open to all, don’t miss out on your chance to have a say!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jackson
    Apr 30, 2014 @ 09:00:28

    Patai… Is Ngati Apakura a sub-tribe of Maniapoto OR is Ngati Apakura an Iwi authority in its own right ???!?


    • Charlie B
      May 04, 2014 @ 12:32:14

      That is a fair question. Ngati Apakura was an Iwi in its own right. It is not a sub tribe of Maniapoto or Tainui. They lost more then 176,000 acres and a fast growing
      food business destroyed when they refused to sell their land holdings to the settler government of the day. That was their crime?

      Apologists like Tom Roa see it differently because the “Crown” today do not like to be reminded of some of the less then flattering battles the poms won against the savages. Especially ones who had the audacity to hide in a church where they thought they were safe. Being christians did not save them.

      It subsequently got burnt down with people inside it. The fact that these people had become peaceful farmers growing food and succesful traders worked against them not for them. Punishment was swift and forthcoming when the government troops ransacked and burnt down Rangiaowhia 150yrs ago and it simply ceased to exist.

      In a hundred and fifty years what has really changed, we are all economic slaves dumbed down to accept the rules of the ruling elite which is why people do not fight
      back? We have become good little “edumacated consumer junkies” buying shit we do not need, with money we do not have, to impress people we do not like. Oh whoopy doo, are we clever, look how far we have advanced. The gods must be crazy they have given us so much. Wow lets all become gods! Yeah right.

      You need look no further then the Tainui Elite who hang on for dear life because they have no skills to do anything else. The fact that Tainui “tried to part settle” on behalf of Apakura in the mid 1990s is a load of shit and typical of how the Tainui settlement was conducted by vested interests with hidden agendas.

      There was no mandate from anyone to talk on behalf of Apakura and obviously as we have seen again and again Maori kupapa ( collaborators) selling out their own people. Funny how these same people are no where to be seen in the current round of land claims and they know who they are and what they have done?

      To this day you have the same reptile shit happening within Tainui except it is under the control of a corporation who one day may push their luck too far. The banksters will tolerate them only to a point. Morally speaking the assets belong to the tribe but that means nothing because banks as we all know will take everything not nailed down if it all turns to shite. Lets hope Mike Pohio knows what he is doing and I am sure Eraka won’t agree with that aye bro.


  2. mu
    May 06, 2014 @ 10:22:45

    Ngati Apakura has mixed geneaology and fragmented whanau groups due to the Raupatu which saw them relocated throughout Maniapoto at different Marae and papakainga. Main cheiftain lines of Apakura from Tamatea and Tumarouru married into Maniapoto and consider themselves to be Maniapoto. The other branches consider themselves to be Waikato, but all come from Whatihua=Apakura marriage so therefore are Waikato descent.


  3. Apakura
    Jun 25, 2014 @ 21:04:31

    Charlie B – you hardly answered the original question and went off on a tangent that is your own personal belief and ‘digs’ for no real purpose other than to express (ignorant) personal perspective.


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