Rahui Papa: Tainui financial reports

In Rahui Papa’s capacity as the chairman of the executive committee, it is his duty to see that the financial reports are released on time. Now, it is well known that he is tight with scumbags Tuku Morgan and co. who were notorious for delaying the reports in order to cover up massive spending of tribal funds.

We are wondering if the financial reports will be delivered on time eh Rahui papa?

Time will tell.

Tommy Moana: Update

Background of Tommy Moana: convicted of 60 counts of fraud while serving on health board. He altered receipts in order to be paid claims; for example he changed a receipt which read $40, to $400, and attempted to claim the $400. What a jerk. He was soon made bankrupt after being found guilty of commiting the frauds.

Thanks to an insider from the Te Puni Kokiri department, we have confirmed that the chief executive of TPK is in fact the daughter of Tommy Moana –advisor of the Maori king– and this is widely known at the department. We hope that the defective genes of Tommy don’t affect her performance (might have to double check claim receipts!).

Another person has contacted us about Tommy’s days as the treasurer of the traffic officer’s club –where he stole all the money and ended up being sacked! The same source alleges that he tried the same trick when eh stole money from the Waahi Pa’s fundraising activities and he got the boot there too!

Yet another insider accuses Tommy Moana of Clint-Rickards-like sexual indiscretions during his time as a ‘trusted’ member of NZ’s traffic police!

What a colourful past has Maori king’s advisor Tommy Moana!

Ryman in the news again…

Mad Mike Pohio and TGH must be thoroughly sick of us harping on about Pohio’s premature sell-off of the 22.5 million Ryman shares that resulted in the tribe missing out on a huge fortune. The ineptitude of TGH –the loss which is measurable in hundreds of thousands $$ per week– goes on and on as Ryman announces record profits and future growth expansion.

RYMAN HEALTHCARE: Ryman celebrate record profit.

The people are speaking…

The voting in our popularity contest for Tom Roa speaks volumes… 89 votes, or a huge 29 percent of the total if you prefer.

At this stage committee chairman Rahui Papa has a meager 3 votes, a tiny 1 percent.

The message couldn’t be clearer. Rahui Papa is just a stooge who stole the chairmanship by colluding with like-minded scumbags… and Tom Roa is seen as a giant in comparison.


Smoking the ‘P pipe’

mongerl-mobWe may be cynical here at the blog, and because of that we are looking suspiciously at the Mungle Mob and Black Power gang’s announcement that together they have smoked the ‘peace P pipe’ and are longing to become buddies and friends on Facebook.

Why merger talks after decades of fighting, raping, and killing?

Are they consolidating their resources and manpower in order to corner the market for criminal enterprises?

Or have they suddenly turned and really seen the light?

We think that those gangs falling rates of membership due to the rise of the LA copycat gangs – the Bloodz and Krippz – mean that the significance of the former has fallen into insignificance, they are threatened with extinction.

Lets hope that their words of having broke for the good of the community turn into real actions.

Friends in low places… Whaleoil

WTF? Whaleoil wins the best blog award at the Canon media awards. Well its no surprise when the main judge for the award is National party tea-bagger Debora Hill Cone.

And to top it off, Canon’s reputation has been damaged by being associated with Whaleoil.

It just goes to show the power of the blog. The mainstream media outlets must be sh1tting themselves as they are about to be ejected into irrelevance. Eraka’s blog must have come close to winning the award though ;-D

Maybe next year! More

Saying it like it really is…

Mana Movement’s Hone Harawira tells it straight:

He dribbled on about a whole bunch of dead-shit programs they’re running, but the fact remains that Maori youth unemployment has been running higher than 20% every year for the last 5 years. Every year National comes up with some new program, and every year nothing changes. They talk big and deliver nothing!

He was describing a minister from the National Party. He might as well have been talking about that great big Tainui bullsh1tter Tuku Morgan. Esp the “deliver nothing” part, to the people that is —but for Tuku himself its another story isn’t it?

Odessa 2014: Rangiaowhia 1864

People wait to be rescued on upper storeys at the trade union building in OdessaAs we learned with dismay about the calamities taking place in far-away Ukraine, at the port city of Odessa where dozens of pro-Russian activists sought refuge in the local trade union building after being attacked by a mob of armed Ukrainian Nazis. The union building was surrounded by the Nazis and their supporters, whereupon the ugly mob proceeded to firebomb the building. Dozens of activists were burned alive while others jumped to their deaths in an effort to escape the flames. More

This year the Maori vote is more valuable than ever

Election will be close: English

National’s supporters are too complacent about the September election and need to be aware of the opposition’s chances of grasping victory, the Deputy Prime Minister says.

While National’s support remains well ahead of that of Labour its almost total lack of significant support partners could allow a wide ranging coalition to govern with only small changes in support, opinion polls suggest. More

Susan Cullen vs Nanaia Mahuta

Susan Cullen drawing a line across her own neck. An omen foretelling her political future perhaps?

Susan Cullen drawing a line across her own neck. An omen foretelling her political future perhaps?

The election inches nearer, and Susan Cullen plans her attack on September 20 against the incumbent Nanaia Mahuta from Labour.

It is obvious that Cullen, despite her millions, hasn’t got a chance to unseat Mahuta from the peasant-ridden Hauraki-Waikato electorate. The best that the Maori Party can do is have a stab at the electorate votes. We’ll say that the move to bring in Cullen is really about making her feel important and she brings a ton of cash to the table.

Of course… these days more than ever politics is about friends with benefits.

Maori Party has a Mahuta strategy

The Maori Party’s newly-selected candidate for Hauraki-Waikato has fired the first shot in the battle for the seat.


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