Odessa 2014: Rangiaowhia 1864

People wait to be rescued on upper storeys at the trade union building in OdessaAs we learned with dismay about the calamities taking place in far-away Ukraine, at the port city of Odessa where dozens of pro-Russian activists sought refuge in the local trade union building after being attacked by a mob of armed Ukrainian Nazis. The union building was surrounded by the Nazis and their supporters, whereupon the ugly mob proceeded to firebomb the building. Dozens of activists were burned alive while others jumped to their deaths in an effort to escape the flames. More

This year the Maori vote is more valuable than ever

Election will be close: English

National’s supporters are too complacent about the September election and need to be aware of the opposition’s chances of grasping victory, the Deputy Prime Minister says.

While National’s support remains well ahead of that of Labour its almost total lack of significant support partners could allow a wide ranging coalition to govern with only small changes in support, opinion polls suggest. More