Odessa 2014: Rangiaowhia 1864

People wait to be rescued on upper storeys at the trade union building in OdessaAs we learned with dismay about the calamities taking place in far-away Ukraine, at the port city of Odessa where dozens of pro-Russian activists sought refuge in the local trade union building after being attacked by a mob of armed Ukrainian Nazis. The union building was surrounded by the Nazis and their supporters, whereupon the ugly mob proceeded to firebomb the building. Dozens of activists were burned alive while others jumped to their deaths in an effort to escape the flames.

It is not surprising to note the lack of condemnation from the mainstream media outlets, including New Zealand’s Herald, TVNZ and Stuff, because of the Nazi’s connection to the US controlled puppet government in Kiev. They may as well be called “NATO’s Nazi’s” due to the huge support received from Obama’s government.

One cannot help but relate this incident to our own experience, 150 years ago during the New Zealand wars at Rangiaowhia, near Te Awamutu, where a similar massacre of innocents took place. Local Maori folk took refuge from the fighting in St Paul’s church. The church was surrounded by British soldiers. Some Maori who attempted to flee were either shot or bayoneted. The soldiers set the church ablaze, a horrific war crime took place, the non-combatants consisting of mostly women and children were burned alive.

The sounds of their screams as their souls left their bodies must have been horrendous.

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