Smoking the ‘P pipe’

mongerl-mobWe may be cynical here at the blog, and because of that we are looking suspiciously at the Mungle Mob and Black Power gang’s announcement that together they have smoked the ‘peace P pipe’ and are longing to become buddies and friends on Facebook.

Why merger talks after decades of fighting, raping, and killing?

Are they consolidating their resources and manpower in order to corner the market for criminal enterprises?

Or have they suddenly turned and really seen the light?

We think that those gangs falling rates of membership due to the rise of the LA copycat gangs – the Bloodz and Krippz – mean that the significance of the former has fallen into insignificance, they are threatened with extinction.

Lets hope that their words of having broke for the good of the community turn into real actions.

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  1. Tukotahi
    Jul 24, 2014 @ 21:03:48

    Your cynicism in this instance seems misplaced and seems to show that you are out-of-touch with what is going on in our society. It is similar to the very cynical ‘beneficiary mentality” claims made by the king that you have previously criticized in this forum.
    Gangs were forged from rural-urban drift by groups of alienated street-kids bought up by confused and alienated parents who were now struggling with life as labourers for Pakeha businesses in the big cities. This was Maoridom picking itself up off of its feet from the Pakeha invasions and getting on with the life that our colonizers had in store for us.
    Maori-street gangs, Maori-crime, Maori-mental health epidemic etc are all symptoms of the poverty, subjugation and oppression that is a part of the colonisation process as practiced by the Pakeha.
    Surely you do not buy in to the media/law demonization of gangs, That pohara broke-ass street gangs are criminal organizations that exist for the purpose of committing crime.
    Gangs may include members who develop drug addictions and some are lured into the drug scene at different levels. But so are all people in society. That’s because drugs are addictive. Persecution and incarceration of addicts is pathetic and much of the violence related to drugs is more to do with the punishment rather than treatment approach.
    Drugs are prolific here in New Zealand but not because of Maori gang-members. I suspect that the NZ, like the US has a government assisted drug problem (that is they flooded the streets with cheap crack to control the black-panther movement).
    Gangs contain many good hearted/minded Maori leaders who are just as Maori as you are and are entitled to be judged as individuals just like everyone else.
    Gangs contain membership from every single haapu from throughout the rohe. Gangs are the closest thing to a true Maori iwi there is today having representation now through four generations. Gangs represent Maoridom at a ‘grass-roots’ level.
    Iwi now are corporations squabbling and finger-pointing.
    While you immerse yourself in this mission of yours to expose the kingitanga for what it is and to cry about that fifteen million that these kupapsters have stolen and other shit we know is going on, you are offering no solutions.
    I have known many gang members from many different factions who do more for the betterment of Maori people in a single day, everyday, than you will ever do in your whole life-time.
    Judge not lest ye be judged ow



  2. Wikitoria Smith
    Aug 20, 2014 @ 18:40:31

    Corporate Maori at one end, Gangs at the other, makes me and my whanau in betweeners.Neither here nor there. Contented fringe dwellers.


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