Tommy Moana: Update

Background of Tommy Moana: convicted of 60 counts of fraud while serving on health board. He altered receipts in order to be paid claims; for example he changed a receipt which read $40, to $400, and attempted to claim the $400. What a jerk. He was soon made bankrupt after being found guilty of commiting the frauds.

Thanks to an insider from the Te Puni Kokiri department, we have confirmed that the chief executive of TPK is in fact the daughter of Tommy Moana –advisor of the Maori king– and this is widely known at the department. We hope that the defective genes of Tommy don’t affect her performance (might have to double check claim receipts!).

Another person has contacted us about Tommy’s days as the treasurer of the traffic officer’s club –where he stole all the money and ended up being sacked! The same source alleges that he tried the same trick when eh stole money from the Waahi Pa’s fundraising activities and he got the boot there too!

Yet another insider accuses Tommy Moana of Clint-Rickards-like sexual indiscretions during his time as a ‘trusted’ member of NZ’s traffic police!

What a colourful past has Maori king’s advisor Tommy Moana!


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  1. Panetuku Hoete
    Jul 02, 2014 @ 10:26:17

    He stole money from Te Arikinui during the 35th Koroneihana.


  2. Harry potter
    Aug 28, 2014 @ 17:11:59

    Hey great to see the king is on his last legs. After a lifetime of booze and fast foods, his could pop off at anytime.. It is going to be really entertaining to see his useless son step up to the throne. Oh God, we will all be laughing for weeks.


  3. Interested party.
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 08:59:07

    I think the Link below should be interesting for you guys. these two are a shambles.
    Moana was Bankrupted, Ruka was made to sell his property to pay some of the debt but they still have remaining debt.

    Anyone interested in the goings on of the Te Rau Aroha Mano Whenua Trust? you might not even know about this. They said they were operating on behalf of the King and I don’t think that is right or fair for the people. Good website Eraka.


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