Rahui Papa: Tainui financial reports

In Rahui Papa’s capacity as the chairman of the executive committee, it is his duty to see that the financial reports are released on time. Now, it is well known that he is tight with scumbags Tuku Morgan and co. who were notorious for delaying the reports in order to cover up massive spending of tribal funds.

We are wondering if the financial reports will be delivered on time eh Rahui papa?

Time will tell.

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  1. Charlie B
    May 28, 2014 @ 16:19:53

    Off topic why is Tainui not bothering to do something constructive about forcing authorities to clean up Lake Waikare? It is now worse then it has ever been. You have Tuku on the WRA so what about some action or is it all too hard for the yesperts.

    If the Kiwis cannot fix the problem they need to get people in who can. As per normal another tikifu. (typical kiwi fuck up). If the lake has no oxygen then inject huge amounts into it and use bacteria to help clean it up. Its not rocket science.
    I have seen projects in Australia that are far worse then Lake Waikare.

    Your never going to stop people putting shit into the lake so make them pay for what ever process required to clean it up. Tuku has the answers and he has the money so come on bro get into it. I am sure you never got a grant of 1 million dollars because you are such a hansome devil.


  2. mu
    May 30, 2014 @ 14:38:53

    The Waikato Regional Council and Kingitanga have been in each others pockets for years. There has been special seats in the Council for Kingitanga family members. There is no incentive to clean any water due to water value increasing with scarcity. The water metering projects on Auckland and the Waikato means that they will have huge profits from metered water they sell to you.


  3. Curious-O-
    Jul 16, 2014 @ 06:48:18

    You’ve been a bit quiet, did something happen? Did you get busted…


  4. Ngawai Robinson
    Aug 21, 2014 @ 08:12:52

    A response to information published by WaikatopolitX Blog 12/08/2014
    ….TGH: Where will it get its dosh!

    In my opinion, the only winner from TGHs performance at the last TKI business meeting belongs to the numerical whanau namely; Mr Percentage and Mrs Fractions.

    A) The story begins optimistically enough with the fraction whanau leading the way, 1/3rd = (33.33) ownership tagged for TGH. The major 2/3rds ownership going to Ngai Tahu = (66.66). Altogether the fractions whanau collect 3/3 or =100 percent.

    B) Here’s the real deal, but this time the percentage whanau steps up, 2 individual negotiators will collect 20% of the Go-Bus investment with the remainder or 80% going to TGH and Ngai Tahu collectively!

    The moral of the story concludes with the brokers gaining the best deal of all.

    $170m being the purchase price for Go-Bus. Of that figure, 10 percent of $170 million equates to 17 million (singular) or 34 million (double) being paid to a couple of triple-dipping negotiators (current employees- future directorships- deal brokers).

    Looks like the Go-Bus fares are going up again whanau! So why does TGH need $110 million?

    It’s all in the maths folks.

    By the way who signed off the loans TKI, according the blogger you said No! Oops its question time again….


    • Rastus
      Sep 02, 2014 @ 16:11:01

      First time on this site. Just curious who are you talking about and who are the negotiators collecting the commisions?


  5. Tamati Ihaka
    Aug 28, 2014 @ 09:28:24

    You got busted aye


  6. Ngawai Robinson
    Oct 11, 2014 @ 06:02:10

    Well done to the TKI marae representatives who voted to suspend further financial agreement and investment with TGH. It’s such a pity Mr Van der Haden, does not get the message. This leads to the conclusion that they don’t understand us as much as they could- as much as they should. Well if I was in their shoes I would not be so quick to dismiss the sea of feelings surrounding the NO deal saga.

    The directors of TGH overlooked and underestimated the power of sentiment. They were being drawn into a greater more honest face to face engagement with TKI so TGH could view and understand the concerns from the landowners of Waikato Tainui i.e. shareholders of the tribal asset base. If they had of met the owners with a better business arrangement the day might have played out differently.

    It’s plainly seen by informed members that Mr Pohio and his team failed to rectify the financial shortfall of around $200m to TKI. It’s a sticking point that won’t disappear anytime soon since they’re the 1st mortgage holders. Instead, TGH charge TKI for the privilege of creating annual reports and once again when we need to decipher their work (double dipping is rife in TGH).

    Only this time, the layers of added information, the insights and experiences that tribal representatives garner along the way to becoming better informed, remains your wake up call to tackle those issues that need addressing urgently Mr Van der Haden. Not dismissed lightly as the ranting of a few tribal members. Let’s face it you had an opportunity to fix important matters facing you on the day and instead you blew it (Tainui in power struggle Waikato Times 4/10/2014).


  7. tuwhera
    Nov 30, 2014 @ 16:38:47

    Being maata waka and first time on this site,Im thinking SHiT!!..what an enlightenment to tainui politics..


  8. Hatupatu
    May 27, 2015 @ 18:39:51

    On a brighter note (cause all we seem to hear is the negative) Despite all the corruptness that does happen ,Tainui has still managed to increase it’s assets into almost a billion dollars of worth. If we look at what was available for the Tainui people when i was growing up to now, the number of programmes available through Tainui has gone from nothing to hundreds. What people fail to understand is that If Tainui split the settlement money between all Tainui beneficiaries then every person would have received less than 1000 dollars each, however because it has been invested into infrastructure like the Base, Novatel, and the many other assets i have been able to receive thousands in tertiary scholarships which saw me complete my degree. I was able to attend many workshops to help manage my finances, i was able to attend the Tira Hoe which connected me to the river and it’s history, i have been inspired to pursue iwi development. As much as i hate the politics and people ripping off their own people i have to say we are doing far better than we were and much better than most iwi. What some people tend to forget is that there are far more white collar crimes going on in major businesses in New Zealand and yet we want to focus on Tainui. Look at all the debating and protesting and commotion going on with other iwi whom havent settled, can’t agree on who is in charge or on expenditure of funds. What i am ultimately trying to say is Tainui are no less likely to have corruptness then Parliament, schools, health, or the local supermarket exploiting workers with minimum wages and long hours. But as long as we are progressing forward no matter what happens in the background then we can’t say we are doing worse. There are highs and lows, wins and loses but thats the nature of life and if we can say we have lived a spotless life with no failures then you may throw the first stone. I just wanted to put a little positive into the mix because Tainui is a collective not just a group of individuals at the top. And Tainui and Kingitanga are two separate entities with two different purposes one is a collective of iwi and hapū the other a voice for the people and a hand to those in need. Tainui only have guardianship of the Kingitanga it will only ever go to someone who has the support of their iwi leaders and the resources to maintain it’s essence. Kia ora


  9. Ngawai Robinson
    Oct 25, 2015 @ 09:15:57

    It’s only natural that some would prefer to see the big picture, rather than dally in the details. But there are times when it pays to show some flexibility and completely reverse that strategy. Because a failure to read the fine print, or tidy up necessary loose ends, can and does continue to have negative consequences for a majority of our Waikato whanau. So, TGH took a look around over the past year to work out what to keep and nurture, and what to jettison if it didn’t work. On the books is an asset base of some $875 million cultivated over a 20 year period. Selling a stake in the Base will release a significant amount of capital according to TGH’s “CEO Mr Joblin, they will use the money to reduce debt??? And re-invest in a balanced range of investment classes to grow jobs, and increase cash returns to its social arm and to purchase more real estate.”

    Just wondering, whether TGH will look at reviewing the peppercorn rental strategy levied on TKI over the same period. No matter how things turn out, the best lessons are learnt after you emerge, wiser, stronger and more aware of what is needed for the road ahead.


  10. RangiMarie
    Oct 31, 2015 @ 16:43:04

    RESEARCH INVESTIGATIVE FUNDING WANTED TO complete a Report Review Inquiry into Maori Trustboards, outdated Maori Affairs introduced by Fentons Native Land Court. Time evolve in a transitional change out of trust instructed by overpaid lawyers and accountants. As the votes prove whanau want to know where the money is going. Text (021) 135 3097.


  11. RangiMarie
    Oct 31, 2015 @ 16:46:10


    Friday 23 October 2015


  12. RangiMarie
    Oct 31, 2015 @ 16:56:51

    Whakamaramatanga o Irakas Blog, thank you for your view points to challenge for change Rangatira! Kia kaha kia manawa nui! Too many closet chiefs & chieftians, age dominates! No reira our Ancestors see all….and justice will be served because of this. Friday 23 October 2015.


  13. RangiMarie - mokopuna o Tawhiao
    Feb 21, 2016 @ 03:51:01

    Note to opposing replies of Erakas Blog 2016 wero:
    As the rejected directed line, Kingitanga mokopuna of Koro Kingi Tawhiao and Princess Te Puea, I rise to the challenge of selfish greedy adult behaviour. This current Kingitanga regime is called to question, especially after attending our Poukai at Ngaatira, Nov 2015 – Tikanga o Tawhiao marae where I witnessed mass bucket cash collection counting, by Tuheitia’s supporters in Ahuru while whanau had a Kai lunch. This plus 4 boards with 4 ceos managing tribal affairs. This is corrupt kaumatua led lying. And You will be Judged for a step down after welcoming false crown royals last year! I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN THIS MAORI KING, NO CONFIDENCE IN KAUMATUA SUPPORTERS, NO CONFIDENCE IN Papa RAHUI or its speakers! Pukana Wero!! You can contact my Office at Whakarewarewa on (021)135 3097, (07) 562-4605, or email: rangimarieakaladyjustice@gmail.com. Tohunga korowwi o RangiMarie is a sign & symbol of the End of Colonising the Maori people!


  14. Tom
    May 15, 2016 @ 17:49:25

    Why didnt you announce the TGH head honcho Mike Pohio was sacked because he was having an affair with Pare Mclean!!!!!


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