$3 mil down the drain

With exceptional timing, the Waikato Times finally publishes an article of some substance:

Secret report reveals $3m
Tainui lawyer bill

by Karla Akuhata

Tainui’s executive committee spent more than $3 million on lawyers during the last three years, according to a confidential auditors’ report.

The tribe’s parliament will meet tomorrow to elect a new executive committee, and the report put together by financial experts KPMG is likely to be on the minds of those voting. More

The Profile they tried to BAN!

Patsy Mclean doesn’t want you to see this. Tuku Morgan doesn’t want you to see this and the Chapmann Tripp flunkies are trying to block the publication of it.

It must be something very threatening and extremely dangerous.

Here it is…

View this document on Scribd

Thats all.

Regime Change: Its Time to Clean out the Lunatics!

What the? There must be a full moon or something as madness reigns at Tainui:

  • Tuku Morgan and Chapmann Trip attempting to have meetings cancelled despite court orders to proceed,
  • Tribal CEO Patsy Mclean locking out the owners from their own facilities,
  • The Maori king attempting to have marae boycott Te Kauhanganui meetings in his effort to overthrow the tribal parliament.

The Farce Continues…

Oh My God!

In the anticipation of the cancellation of yesterday’s Te Kauhanganui meeting by Chapmann Tripp, management CEO Parekawhia Patsy Mclean refused to order the usual tea, coffee, and meals for the tribal parliament meeting. When tribal members heard of this act of utter contempt towards the people, a group of old people (70 even 80 year olds) banded together and worked until the early hours of the morning to make sure refreshments were provided.

So much for the wealth of the $600 million dollar iwi which provides for the people eh? Where did it all go? Only a few days earlier tens of thousands were wasted on a futile visit to the Hamilton high court… madness.

Update: The grapevine is working extremely well for us today as Piko comments that the madness went even further as Patsy Mclean attempts to lockout the people from their own building!

You are partly right eraka. I happen to know that the chief executive manager locked up the whole house and the chairwoman had to bring in the police and the pakeha locksmiths to open up the Kauhanganui chambers. The kaumatua did all the morning tea and the Horanganui Marae in Melville made hangi for lunch and the meeting empowered the members. What was neat too was that the kuia did the karanga for lunch. Thats manaaki. Boy the chief manager is in big trouble and he might lose his job.

Cheers Piko!

Its business as usual…

Yesterday at the Hamilton’s high court Tuku Morgan and Chapmann Tripp attempted to get the judge to abandon today’s scheduled Te Kauhanganui meeting.

The good news is that they were left high and dry in another attempt to overthrow the authority of Te Kauhanganui and today’s meeting goes ahead as scheduled.

The end result is that Morgan has wasted at least $70,000 of tribal funds for one trip to the high court, and NZ’s largest law firm is left with egg on their faces as they lose in another appearance against the amateur Tania Martin.

Who would’ve thought that Chapmann Trip could lose in court so many times yet still be paid over a million dollars, maybe two million over the last 2 1/2 years?

A review of 2011

It only takes a few sentences to summarize 2011.

Last year Te Arataura achieved nothing and…

Tuku Morgan spent millions (of your money!) in his push for power, and to avoid all notions of transparency and accountability, while achieving absolutely nothing!

We had hoped that there would be a fresh start to 2012 with the tribal elections, but we’ve been informed that the Chapmann Tripp lawyers have been tutoring the Maori king on the role that he has to play in the attempted overthrow of our tribal parliament.

By the way, we had our 50,000th visitor to the blog yesterday and we can’t wait to get 50,000 more. Hooah!

Desperate moves to kill off Te Kauhanganui: Maori king + Morgan + Chappman Tripp

Since it was revealed that the Chappman Tripp lawyers are providing legal advice to the maori king as well as Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura, it must be assumed that they are working hand in hand to try and have the entire Tainui parliament sacked.

Behind the scenes Chappman Tripp are working furiously to have the next Te Kauhanganui meetings set for February 4, and the special meeting on Feb. 12 cancelled.

Tuku Morgan is trying desperately to stop the new Te Arataura committee from being elected.

Quote of the day:

Who do you think said this:

“We have helped iwi develop appropriate commercial structures to manage and develop their business opportunities, protect their taonga and meet the needs of their people.”

If you said Chapmann Trips very own Nick Wells, you’d be right. Protecting taonga? Meeting the needs of the people? Crap from Chapmann Trip is what that is!

Nick Wells and Chapmann Trip must be sick of taking a beating by the amateur Tania Martin at the high court in Hamilton. Nevertheless, Chapmann Tripp are well rewarded for their mediocre performances by taking home a multi million dollar Tainui paycheck.

Protecting the taonga? Having to kiss Tuku Morgans butt every day because the money is so good? Whatever!

Chapman Trip attempt to have meeting cancelled…

On Dec 2, the Friday before the latest Te Kauhanganui meeting, found the Chapman Trip lawyers in court arguing before a judge to have the Te Kauhanganui meeting adjourned, the one that was scheduled for the following Sunday (Dec 4).

You see, Chapmann Tripp are afraid of losing their Te Arataura cash cow and they will take Te Kauhanganui to court to attempt to have the new rule changes thrown out and keep our big bucks rolling into their pockets.

And then Tuku Mrgan tried to tell Te Kauhanganui that he didn’t send in those lawyer scum to try and have another Te Kauhanganui meeting scrapped. What a dork!

We Told You So!

We have constantly criticized Te Arataura’s refusal to release the financial information to Te Kauhanganui, and here’s the facts that they DON’T want known –there appears to be huge gap in the tribal finances, a gap thats the size of over $6 million!

And as we have rightly speculated all along, the crooked lawyers from Chappmann Tripp have stripped over $1.5 million from the tribe.

Six million of your dollars just got burned, and its all because of crooks like Tuku Morgan and Parekawhia Mclean.

They need to be stopped, and stopped soon.

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