Susan Cullen says adios to Maori king

After a ‘lengthy’ 3-month stint, Susan Cullen waves goodbye as a director of the Maori king’s fake charity, the Ururangi Trust.

We can only surmise that after the shocking state of affairs of the company financials were revealed to Cullen she went “Eek!” and fainted with horror. After regaining her composure she decided to withdraw her support and ditch the company – which is going under, before creditors start chasing her for Mr Paki’s and Whakaruru’s huge stinking pile of unpaid bills.

Susan Cullen made her own fortune under suspicious circumstances while at the Wananga o Aotearoa (where her own father paid her $30 $74 million minus kickbacks, no bias there eh!) and she knows full well that the lawyers will be chasing the deepest pockets – they will come after her first won’t they!

Lets see who the next fool is that will step up as a director for the Maori king’s shonky company. It is surely a risky proposition!

Maori king demands kickbacks from NAH-TEE HOE-AHH

sopranosThe Kingitanga Mafia’s gluttonous appetite for a free lunch continues.

There should be no prizes for guessing who had his big fat hand out after the NAH-TEE HOE-AHH tribe signed off on their compensation package with government representatives the other day.

In exactly the same manner with which they extracted $100,000 from the Ngati Koroki tribe, the Maori king and Rangi Whakaruru are demanding a ‘loyalty’ fees payment of $100,000 from the NAH-TEE HOE-AHH people.

One must wonder if he is declaring these ‘royalties’ to the tax department?

Questions for Rangi Whakaruru:

Where did all the money go Rangi? What did you do with millions of dollars Rangi? Why are you guys broke Rangi? You got millions and millions of dollars from the people of this tribe – what do you have to show for it Rangi? Why are you getting your king to demand more money from the people, is it because you are broke Rangi? When will you have an audit done and become accountable to the people Rangi? It’s their money after all.

Count so far: $15 million!

We would absolutely hate to be in Rangi’s shoes right now or at any time!

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Morgan to attempt another swindle!

The scumbag Morgan who was thrown out onto the trash heap by Te Kauhanganui only to be revived by a desperate Maori king and Whakaruru, is up to his old tricks!

The broke Morgan is desperate to break the Roa/Rau/Tukere/Wilson/Porima deadlock by attempting to have Rau thrown out by way of technicalities (shades of Tania Martin eh!). Morgan lusts after Rau’s seat on the TGH board, but more importantly the paycheck that comes with it!

And we must say that those Te Arataura members who buy into Morgans temptations for their own selfishness will only end up getting swindled by him, with Morgan the payback is rotten – he always rips you off, always! Patience Te Ao, Charles Joe, Robert Tukire, and Maxine Moana can attest to that!

Need we say again, that the scum named Tuku Morgan is offering the sweeties to any and all who will listen in his crusade to get rid of Roa and Rau.

Let us also remind you that his ulterior motive is the ultimate destruction of Te Kauhanganui and the theft of the tribal resources for himself and the Maori king’s band of traitors. Shame shame shame!

The Maori king extorts tax from hapu

The word is out. The loudmouth Rahui papa was overheard during one of his latest drunken episodes – while he was explaining to some google eyed persons about how his brother-in-law Willy Teaho approved a $100,000 payment to the Maori king in return for the king’s ‘endorsement’ of Ngati Koroki’s river claims. The money was paid in cash and given to the king in person so as to avoid the banks and therefore avoid the gaze of the authorities. We are not surprised that this has happened.

Ngati Koroki people should rightfully be asking questions about the extortion money robbed from them and handed over to the elitists.

The Madmen Who Need To Be Stopped

What happens when an idiot and a crook get together?

So it turns out that Turd-boy Whakaruru is the Maori king’s trusted ‘financial advisor’. And the money’s been ripped off and all gone.

Now it appears that in spite of receiving $15 million of the people’s money over a short period of time the king is broke yet again.

Are they crying out for more to stop the king from suffering even more self inflicted ’embarrassment’?

How many more millions will go down the drain before anything gets done about it??

He wants you all to roll over

The monarch requires you to lie down so that he may profit. Stand tall and revolt.


The Maori king’s Charter

As we promised a few weeks back, the Maori king’s charter is posted online for your viewing and evaluation.

A word of warning, the fake-rhetoric document reeks and stinks of hypocrisy and may be hazardous to your moral well-being.

Many thanks to “the Barbarian” for loaning us the original copy.

Click here to view the document.

Smoking the weed again before making comments?

Yesterday a commenter made this totally weird and incredibly laughable statement:

“And given your position on Te Arataura you must be fully aware that the Office of the King receives $1.4m – the King himself receives only a small portion of that. Stop the bullshit and stop encouraging people who do nothing except bitch and moan that they are entitled to anything. You get nothing for doing nothing.”

The king only receives a small portion eh? We might ask which part of the small portion pays for his numerous luxury homes, range rovers, jet skis and the multi-million dollar gambling splurges that he is renowned for?

That “small portion” amounts to $15 million dollars of the peoples money that the people will never get back. The Maori king does bugger all, lives it up on easy street and rakes in millions. Small portion indeed! We suggest that you lay off the dope before making any more comments to the blog.

But anyway thanks for the laugh.

Beneficiary mentality…?

The Maori king shows his hand… what the fcuk the Maori king’s flunkies are accusing the ordinary members of the tribe of having a quote unquote beneficiary mentality. They are totally out of touch. What a fcuking condescending attitude shown by the ‘elitists’ towards the peasants.

What on earth would ever lead them to that conclusion? The reason we say this is because the 63,999 other members of the tribe have received very little or nothing back from the tribe, as certain tribal executives boast about this very tribe having nigh on a billion dollars worth of assets.

The very people who are meant to benefit from the tribal income have gotten nothing more than microscopic payback but plenty of lip service over the last almost 20 years. Pitiful.

Something must to be mentioned about the person who really has a beneficiary mentality… that’s right… you know who…

The vast amount of Tainui’s profits go to a single beneficiary. This beneficiary has just received another million dollar top-up from the tribe. This brings the cumulative value of his benefits to a staggering $15 million dollars over a handful of years. In a mockery of charitable institutions in New Zealand the $15 mill has been deposited into this beneficiary’s very own charitable organization. From there the money is diverted to spending on land rovers, luxury homes, race cars, first-class travel, five-star hotels and countless other baubles of luxury and haute couture.

Worst of all though, this individual beneficiary deems it as his right to gamble and lose millions of dollars in gambling dens here and overseas. What a mug. And that’s not even mentioning that he has a huge appetite for strong alcohol… he’d better keep a good eye on his liver…

And this fool does it all in our name.

We have no doubt though… you can guarantee he’ll burn through the cash real quick like he usually does. He is a dummie who has no sense of responsibility. This beneficiary will have his hand out for more tribal cash and benefits in a few months time. You can bet on it. More

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