Tommy Moana: Update

Background of Tommy Moana: convicted of 60 counts of fraud while serving on health board. He altered receipts in order to be paid claims; for example he changed a receipt which read $40, to $400, and attempted to claim the $400. What a jerk. He was soon made bankrupt after being found guilty of commiting the frauds.

Thanks to an insider from the Te Puni Kokiri department, we have confirmed that the chief executive of TPK is in fact the daughter of Tommy Moana –advisor of the Maori king– and this is widely known at the department. We hope that the defective genes of Tommy don’t affect her performance (might have to double check claim receipts!).

Another person has contacted us about Tommy’s days as the treasurer of the traffic officer’s club –where he stole all the money and ended up being sacked! The same source alleges that he tried the same trick when eh stole money from the Waahi Pa’s fundraising activities and he got the boot there too!

Yet another insider accuses Tommy Moana of Clint-Rickards-like sexual indiscretions during his time as a ‘trusted’ member of NZ’s traffic police!

What a colourful past has Maori king’s advisor Tommy Moana!

Reply to Shane

Recently a nice person called Shane asked if  Tommy Moana “has an official job with Tainui.”

We replied:

“Hi Shane, it would appear that Mr Moana would fit in that grey area of “officially unofficial”. Is he there in an official capacity, the answer is no because he is a convicted fraudster. But as a part of the machinery of the Maori king’s circle of sycophants, the answer is a big yes. Ex cop Tommy Moana is well known for beating up his wives over the years. Tommy is known for his manipulative character and dishonesty. He is a practising mormon. We think that the CEO of Te Puni Kokiri is his daughter, but we cannot confirm that tidbit.”

With people like Tommy, Rangi Whakaruru, and co surrounding the bumbling Maori king, its little wonder that Kate & Wills decided not to visit!

We are glad to help. The pleasure is ours!

Jesus said: by their fruits, we shall know them

Take note, scumbags, who are enriching themselves with money that belongs to the people.

A failure in the making

While his father suffers ill health from a lifetime of boozing, smoking, obesity, and round the clock gambling, Whatumoana Paki steps in to fill his father’s stinky shoes by taking care of the kingly duties… by doing king things while his father recovers. The big problem is that he is being ‘mentored’ by some of the most crooked individuals that the Tainui tribe has to offer. Think, Tuku Morgan, Rangi “KFC” Whakaruru, Tommy Moana etc. Think again of child abusers, wife-bashers, liars, fraudsters, & sexual deviants.

The kid is being set up to fail.

The Ururangi Trust is a Scam!

Scam warning! Fraudsters are operating out of the Ururangi Trust!

Scam warning! Fraudsters are operating out of the Ururangi Trust!

We have said it before and now we’re gonna say it again – the Maori king’s charity, the Ururangi Trust is nothing but a big fat scam purporting to be there for the needy people and dare we say it, for the children. Thats Bullshit with a big huge “B.”

Here is the Truth with a big fat “T!” In spite of receiving millions and millions of dollars in tribal funding for the trust, the payback to the so-called ‘beneficiaries’ has been a big fat Zero. While the Skycity casino has benefited to the tune of millions. Millions!

The scammers are well known – the Maori king, Rangi Whakaruru, Tom Moana, Rukumoana Scahffhausen, Rahui Papa, and Tuku More-Again. The same old ssaholes pulling the same old scams!

Truth is on the rise, scumbags!

The major beneficiary - Skycity Casino - seems to be missing from this list!

The major beneficiary – Skycity Casino – appears to be missing from this list!

The Known Versus the Unknown…

The hot topic at the moment is that a new Te Kauhanganui chairperson is to be elected at the next meeting. This is after a kangaroo court booted out the previous chairperson, Tania Martin, on unfounded allegations (lies!) that she had brought the tribe into ‘disrepute’.

After Tuku Morgan was prohibited from standing because he is an unelected member we have three prospects for the position, two of which are known puppets as Tuku and the Maori king seek to stack the ballot (with Awa and Tuwhangai Moana). But we also have a largely unknown quantity when it comes to the remaining candidate, Bill Takarei, the previous deputy chairman who as we have been told is quite popular.

For the king’s croanies Awa and Tuwhangai’s agenda is clear. Like a pair of Judas’s they been planted in order to bring about eventual elimination of Te Kauhanganui and, the theft and transfer of the tribal assets and power to the Maori king and his band of croanies. Let us remind you that Maxine Tuwhangai-Moana was the former Te Arataura member who conspired against Te Kauhanganui in order to keep them in the dark about payments to herself, and the payments that Te Kauhanganui are entitled to.

Follow the money trail and it will directly lead you to the crooks we say. You can do much better than to have either of these pair of crooks as your chairperson.

Fat Gerry gets fooled by Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai

Would the real Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai please stand up?

Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai the accountant who advised her convicted fraudster wife-basher ex-cop husband Tommy Moana (what a list of achievements!) to declare bankruptcy so he wouldn’t have to pay back $130,000 that he and his brother scammed from the government.

Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai, elected to a single term on Te Arataura whose sole claim to fame was when she colluded with the crook Robert Tukiri to hike the meeting fees paid to themselves. That’s right she lined her own pockets very sweetly and “forgot” to notify the tribal parliament about the pay rise. She also “forgot” to tell the members of the tribal parliament that they are entitled to the same rate of pay as the Te Arataura members. What a secretive woman, lying by omission we would say!

Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai board member of Maritime NZ! Another pig is feasting at the trough.

Feeding off the people

Ironically, the biggest loser is the thousands of ordinary members of the tribe!

Ironically, the biggest loser turns out to be the thousands of ordinary members of the tribe!

The effects of feeding off millions of dollars provided by the downtrodden are showing by the ample size of the pork bellies being flaunted by the king and his massive entourage:

  • The Maori king: huffing and puffing, suffering from gout at 140 kg and very unhealthy.
  • The wife of the Maori king: big aint beautiful, a real whale of a woman that weighs in at 150 kg. The other day they shot a whale that got stuck on the beach. The poor thing.
  • Rangi Whakaruru: wider than he is tall, humongous and a stunning 170+ kg breaks the scales.
  • Rahui Papa: Papa’s countless days of boozing are the reason for his solid 130 kg. Noted for slipping out back for a quick fix when he gets the “shakes”.
  • Tom Moana: Tainui’s very own convicted fraudster does the fat guy shuffle with his 140 kg.
  • Tuku Morgan: the runt of the pack weighing in at 100 kg is the “skinny” guy but the flatulence is unbearable!

Living off the fat of the land, literally. A fellow named Ronald McDonald is not to blame for this debacle, although the apologists for the fatties would have you believe otherwise!

The good times won’t last forever and obesity is the biggest killer so the coronaries are bound to strike when least expected.

The phone number for Jenny Craig is 0800 502 302 or would the number of the undertaker be more appropriate?

Uncle Tom

Jimmie Bo' bumps noses with Tommy Mo' on the left

Jimmie Bo’ bumps noses with fraudster Tommy Mo’ on the right

Exposé of the seedy underbelly operating within the Cult of the Maori king:

Today it was pointed out to us that a fellow named Wayne McLean was the person responsible for uncovering the fraudulent activity of Maori king’s henchman Tommy Moana, when Tommy ripped off the health department to the tune of thousands. Eventually, Tommy was convicted of 50 counts of fraud and on the advice of his current wife, former Te Arataura member Maxine Tuwhangai, Tommy declared himself bankrupt so he wouldn’t have to pay back any of the money that he stole.

The disgraced former cop and Morman elder Tommy Moana had a reputation for bashing his wives (Clint’s satanic cop culture!) as if they were punching bags. Could someone please report back to us if they have seen Maxine looking battered, bruised and down in the dumps lately?

Dec. 5 update: We have been informed that Tom was convicted of over 60 counts of fraud and the bankruptcy was designed so that he wouldn’t have to forfeit payments of $130,000 that he received from the Dept. of Corrections in another scandalous move. The plot thickens!

Even more delicious is the fact that Wayne McLean is the older brother of our very own Patsy Mclean! At least someone in that family has some notion of integrity! Wayne McLean you bloody legend!