Tainui Exec Committee is Filled With Lying Scumbags

Waikato-Tainui is guided by the leadership of Te Arataura, who play an active role in developing tribal policy, negotiating outstanding treaty claims and overseeing operations.

Can you spot Morgan’s mouthpieces? Waikato-Tainui is guided by the leadership of Te Arataura, who play an active role in developing tribal policy, negotiating outstanding treaty claims and overseeing operations!


August 11, Te Kauhanganui Update

Enter Hokimai Chong (Reretewhioi) to take up the Te Arataura seat that has been vacant since January 2012. No doubt Tuku Morgan will be working overtime on the new guy. Morgan will try his darnedest to get Mr Chong to sell out his vote to him and will promise Chong just about everything under the sun, but will he take the bait? Tuku Moragn is looking for another sucker to help him get rid of Tom Roa and Hemi Rua from the executive committee.

Maxine Moana Tuwhangai gets the nod to take over as the chair of Te Kauhanganui. As the chairperson she ought to fight to defend the Tainui people’s parliament but will she? As a croanie from the Maori king’s camp, Moana Tuwhangai is well known to be entrenched within the elitist group seeking the overthrow of Te Kauhanganui! Since Moana Tuwhangai is no longer on the Te Arataura committee will she campaign for Te Kauhanganui members to receive the same level of pay for attending meetings as their Te Arataura counterparts? Surely it should be so as each individual Te Kauhanganui member is in fact a director of the company. Before she was booted from Te Arataura, she fought for and got hefty pay rises with that mob. This was when she also “forgot” to tell Te Kauhanganui that she gave herself those aforementioned pay rises as the boss of the remuneration committee (just another excuse to take money) when she knew that the TK members are entitled to the same pay but she kept it hidden from them. Its called lying by omission. Crikey!

Known faker Parekawhia Patsy Mclean’s false allegations of brutal verbal, physical, and molestation assaults against Rau were also thrown out. How this bullsh!t even made it to this TK meeting is astounding.

Tom Roa takes over as the treaty negotiator for the tribe. Tuku Morgan will absolutely hate Tom’s guts for taking away his nice ride on the tribal gravy train!

Te Kauhanganui under review – another sham!

rubber-stampThe governance review committee’s deliberations are geared in a particular direction – towards finding grounds for rejecting the current structure where even the smallest back-country marae wields the power of a vote in Te Kauhanganui – the kind that Henry Van Der Hayden says is “in the way.”

Their plan is a simple one. Change the structure of the tribal representation. Fill it with patsies. Take all the money.

Expect Nanaia Mahuta and co. to find grounds for a smaller governance structure. Where its rigged at the final hurdle so that less marae will participate – what they have wanted all along, a rubber-stamp parliament under the complete control of a few elitists.

Down with Democracy… the money grab continues…

Like we have always said… and it didn’t take a genius to figure it all out… a few elitist Maori along with their hired help are attempting to grab control of the tribal assets for themselves – they are giving you lot the finger and saying “stuff you” to the people that they supposedly represent – and actually misrepresent.

The Maori king has delivered the deceitful script to his gang of lackeys – Tuku, Whakaruru, Rahui Papa, Van der Hayden etc. And they are singing at the top of their voices with glee as they advocate the dumping of the grassroots marae representatives and the stripping of the tribal assets for themselves. You can add the one legged forked tongue lizard Tawera Nikau to that list. He has to suck up to Tuku and the king because his mother was responsible for the Hora Hora Marae million dollar blowout in 2008.

The next step for the king and Tuku – to strip Roa, Rau, Wilson, and Tukere from Tearataura and replace them with lackeys Hori, the Maipis etc to bring about the planned downfall of Tainui’s tribal parliament. We call it tyranny and treason. Do we have any patriots left in this tribe who would actually fight for the people? Or are they just gonna play dead and roll over?

Nga Poukai mo te tau 2013

smileyfaceWe get loads of Google’s for this list (click on the MORE arrow to see the full list):


Marae Where? When? Who?
HORAHORA RANGIRIRI Tue, Jan 1 Shirley Wilson – 0272061251
369 Waikokowai Road, HUNTLY
KOKOHINAU TE TEKO Sat, Jan 19 Wiremu Hunia – 07-3228012
PO Box 49 TE TEKO 3167
TANIWHA OHINEWAI Sat, Feb 2 H Kenny – 07 8287156
Great South Road, OHINEWAI
HUKANUI GORDONTON Sat, Feb 9 Jake Puke – 07 8242149
PO Box 12261 Chartwell, HAMILTON

Rangi feels the heat


It didn’t take long for Rangi from the ‘Orifice of the king’ to fire back at Chris Webster over at WaikatoPolitx.

Rangi invites Chris to air her grievances at the next poukai gathering – we all know that those poukai meetings are nothing more than glorified kangaroo court sessions attended by dozens of the kings sycophants with a huge feast at the end put on by the locals!

Rangi puts out a few insults but one thing stands out more than any other. He doesn’t threaten her with defamation. That’s cos everything is true, aye Rangi? Ha! Sunlight is definitely the best disinfectant of all! Keep em rolling Chris!

Date: Fri Nov 23 2012 at 6:18 PM
Subject: Your email response
To: chris.webster
Cc: Greg.Miller@tollgroup.com; Morgantc@ihug.co.nz More

Tania Martin loses vote

Its been reported that Tania Martin is no longer the Te Kauhanganui chairperson. Why were they able to vote her out in the first place? She was the elected chair wasn’t she. Earlier this year Parekawhia Mclean tried to use illegal means to remove Martin and the other Hiona representatives from Te Kauhanganui.

So does this open the way for the king’s man, the crooked Tuku Morgan to take the chair? Fool me twice all over again, so the saying goes.

The word is out that disgraced former policeman Clint Rickards is making moves for the chairmanship. Remember that Rickard’s police officer best friends kidnapped a girl and pack raped her for hours, and that technicalities prevented Rickards from being thrown into jail for his own sexual perversions (disgraceful abuse of authority, satanic sexual abuse, abuse of women with objects, etc, you know the story).

So are we to replace a woman who called for transparency and accountability with crooks, abusers, and deviants?

OMG it would only happen at Tainui!

Fire at Huntly marae

Fire service investigates marae fire

A fire investigator will this morning attempt to uncover the cause of a blaze which has seriously damaged a large marae in the Waikato.

Several people including two families escaped unharmed from the Waahi Marae which caught alight at around midnight.

The building has been seriously damaged by the blaze. More

Mclean gets owned in court again!

Tania Martin’s place in Te Kauhanganui is validated by the high court…

Tainui’s dudd CEO Patsy Mclean is found to have acted illegally and gets told to butt-out of marae affairs…

Another $100,000 plus goes down the drain for legal fees…

Not a lot has changed over the last six months eh? When are these guys ever gonna learn!

Is this saga over yet or are they gonna tell their lawyers to look for other avenues with which to attack Tania Martin?

Continuing the Harassment

The persecution of Hiona Marae continues. Patsy Mclean (idiot) and Tama Potaka (fool) are still attempting to have the delegates from Hiona Marae ejected from Te Kauhanganui. It has become apparent that the hand of TGH is behind the financial mess at Tainui. Same old, same old…

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