Te Kauhanganui Letter, September 2011

Letter to Te Kauhanganui outlining the deceptive practices of Tuku Morgan and the brown-nose committee, Te Arataura.

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Note: Just to let you know that this document was sent to us by a concerned person who wants the facts to be known by the wider tribal population. It’s been speculated that Mrs Martin herself feeds us with information, that however, is not true.

Smear Job: Tania Martin

Here’s the report of the police investigation that ROBIN WHANGA initiated, with the full assistance of TUKU MORGAN, TE ARATAURA, and CHAPMANN TRIP -paid for in full by the people of the Waikato Iwi.

The whole aim of this outrageous exercise was to lay BASELESS allegations which were not supported by any facts, against Tania Martin because she dared question the excessive spending done by Tuku and his Te Arataura mob.

Yet another example of what is wrong at ‘Tainui’ when a few criminals abuse the resources of the entire tribe in an effort to destroy one person.

1 Harris St Huntly
Re: Police File No: 110707/9898
Re Complaint into Financial Mismanagement at Hiona Marae

Dear Sir

On 6 May 2011 you met with Detective Inspector PACE and discussed with him a complaint that you had in respect of alleged financial mismanagement by those involved with the affairs of the Hiona Marae. However, it is clear that the subject of this complaint is at Ms Tania Martin who I understand was the former chair of Te Kauhanganui (Waikato Tainui Parliament) and who has been somewhat outspoken in relation to some matters within the Kingitanga and in particular she has been critical of spending within Te Arataura the parliament’s executive board.

Ms Martin is the representative of the Hiona Marae.

In addition after that meeting you subsequently provided a box of documents to the Police which were relevant to this complaint. More

Hīona Marae responds to persecution done by Tuku and Rahui!

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Tuku Morgan and Rahui Papa drag Te Arataura further into the gutter with their unethical investigations and scum behaviour!

In an act of pure desperation, Morgan and Papa have approached relatives of Tania Martin at their homes in an effort to ‘dig up the dirt’ on the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman.

On more than one occasion they were told to “F&$k off!” (just like the king’s language).

Mr Morgan and Mr Papa have since ceased to continue these ‘home invasions’.

Chairperson’s Report to Te Kauhanganui, February 2011

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the Tainui Kaumaatua Grant

Kia ora. There is Tainui money available for Kaumātua. You have to be over 60 to be eligible for a $500 top up every year. Too bad it’s not a $500K top up just in time for Christmas. Too bad.

Use the $500 to buy a new heater for winter, or to get glasses, or some new teeth, or your bills or something like that. Be creative.

Click here for the link to the application form or give the Tainui office a call. They are in the phone book.

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Money for Tainui students

Don't miss out! Get your applications in before Feb. 28th

There is grant money available for students, so you had better get your applications in quick before the executives spend all the money.
There is less money available this time round cos the greedy Tainui executives are spending up large. Did you know that there isn’t as much money as there was before? Did you know that?
Click the links below for the application forms, you might get enough money to buy yourself an iphone or something nice, wouldn’t you?

Te Kauhanganui Report, December 2010

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