Te Arataura: Wake up and smell the coffee

The message seems to be completely lost on Tuku Morgan and Phat Patience Te Ao.

On October 29 Te Kauhanganui voted to clear up the mess by agreeing to fix up the rules.

The foolish Te Arataura committee don’t seem to get the message and want to drag Te Kauhanganui back into the high court because a few stubborn individuals don’t agree with the majority.

Wanting to entrench their style of undemocratic minority rule, Te Arataura don’t want the rules to be changed in a final desperate attempt to cling to power.

As usual, the interests of the Te Ataraura committee have absolutely nothing to do with the well being of Te Kauhanganui, and the wider tribal good.

Simple solution: get rid of them!

Bye Bye Leech

Nick Wells, what a nasty leech you are

Chapmann Tripp gets the Boot: We have just heard that Te Kauhanganui have served it up to those Chapman Tripp leeches and told the chief leech Nick Wells to take a hike.

Now the Te Arataura snakes will have to fork out of their own pockets instead of stealing from the tribal funds to continue their wasteful practices, and lets see how eager they are to call in the mega-buck QC’s this time round.

Te Arataura should be able to afford it should’t they? They did give themselves a pay increase which they didn’t inform Te Kauhanganui about didn’t they? This is the same increase that should have been given to the Te Kauhanganui reps shouldn’t it? Isn’t that what the consultants told dopey Maxine Moana anyway? (Married-to-fraudster-Maxine Moana and Slackass-Bludger Tukiri should know all about that!)

Same Sh!t, Different Day

The silly season is upon us yet again as many Maori families struggle with high unemployment and huge rates of poverty, crime, incarceration (remember Tuku thinks that it’s a good idea to build a prison for Maori!), and all manner of bad things… how much do you think the Te Arataura committee will spend this year’s Christmas dinner? Will it be $15,000? $20,000? Over $20,000? Oh and we hope that Tuku is enjoying his overseas holiday paid for by the tribe -first class, five star style as Tuku goes, but only if the tribe are picking up the bill (of course!)

Tuku Morgan in a bad mood

Oh, lets not forget about Tuku’s fisrt class trip to New York a couple years back, entirely paid for by the tribe. So that Tuku could go on all the fabulous sight seeing attractions in the Big Apple, even including trips to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Wall St stockmarket. And on top of that Tuku charged the tribe hundreds of dollars per day because he was at WORK you know!

Whanau, enjoy your unemployment, your poverty, and your hungry kids, it’s gonna be around for a while!

Te Papaorotu’s very own Nek Minnit Moment!

The folks out at the Te Papaorotu marae appear to have been suckered into Tuku Morgans web of deceit and lies by putting forward the following resolution:

“Te Papa o Rotu Marae move that Tania Martin be disqualified from membership of this House for bringing Te Kauhanganui into disrepute. Okaarea Marae seconds the motion.”

Those simpletons on the Te PapaoRotu committee allege that Tania Martin has done the following bad things:

  • Tania Martin has caused disrepute!
  • They say that Tania Martin sent in an unknown mysterious scrutineer who commited fraud by altering a voting sheet!
  • Accusations that Tania Martin has divided Te Kauhanganui!
  • That Tania Martin has lost the confidence of the majority of Te Kauhanganui!
  • Tania Martin is confrontational and biased!
  • The tribe should be thankful that Te Papa o Rotu Marae has uncovered the fact that evil plotter Tania Martin is set on destroying Tuku Morgan, the Waikato tribe, Tainui Group Holdings, Te Kauhanganui AND the Kingitanga!
  • Tania Martin’s unrelenting attacks on Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura!
  • It’s Tania Martin’s fault that there have been too many meetings this year!

Oh puhleeze! Why are Te Papa o Rotu allowing themselves to be used like
this? Its painfully obvious that these are allegations that come directly from Tuku Morgans own catalog of lies, and edited and approved by the Chapmann Tripp law firm -wasting even more money on legal bills!

Te Papa o Rotu Marae, used and abused! What a total shame and embarrassment!

No Surprise!

The KPMG auditors continue to express disdain that their access to tribal financial information continues to be impeded by tribal management.

CEO Parekawhia Patsy Mclean continues to ignore requests from KPMG for information to complete the financial audit.

There is definitley some skull-duggery happening and however long it takes the truth will be known.

It was almost a year ago that Te Kauhanganui requested the financial review. The completion of the financial review has suffered continual interference and delays from Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura. However, the buck stops squarely at Parekawhia Mclean on this one.

We have often wondered aloud “What are they trying to hide?”

Another day and Tuku lies again…

Catherine Masters over at the NZ Herald writes:

“Morgan says Martin’s claims are “absolute nonsense”. Te Arataura has handed over the financial paperwork to KPMG for the financial review, he says.”

Here’s the real story, CEO Parekawhia Patsy Mclean continues to stonewall any attempts by KMPG to get the ALL the accounts audited properly in her pathetic attempt to present a DISTORTION to the shareholders, Te Kauhanganui.

No credibility. More deceit. The lies keep on flowing.

Tainui Scandal in Plain Sight

The scandal at Tainui continues and the nefarious practices of Te Arataura remains in plain sight for all to see.

You see, the main reason that they are stalling the publication of the financial and annual reports is because as soon as those figures are released it all hits the fan. It’s obvious that they are doing all that they can to prevent the figures from being released in case their chances of reelection to the executive are harmed.

This is why Tuku Morgan wants the half-yearly meeting to remain unfinished. Scum. One of the main requirements for the half-yearly meeting is the release of financial documents to the shareholders, Te Kauhanganui.

Yet even more disrespect shown by Te Arataura towards Te Kauhanganui.

Tuku Morgan and the Te Arataura committee wants the reports to remain buried, and they want YOU to vote them back in for another three years.


More hypocrisy from Te Arataura

Today we have learned that the chairperson of Te Kauhanganui has in fact received funding from the tribe to pursue some avenue of legal representation, as ‘Phat’ Patience Te Ao pointed out in a recent letter:

“Your legal advisers Stace Hammond (whose bills we will pay and agree to pay – please do not continue to suggest that you do not have access to legal advice you have continually been allowed access to independent legal advice for the neutral exercise of your role)” said Phat Patience.

Heh, the belittling ‘neutral role’ remark has duly been noted. We have often criticized Te Arataura as the holder of the tribal purse strings for their ability to recklessly spend vast amounts at the Chapmann Trip law firm, with the total spend for this year alone approaching a cool $1,000,000.

Remember that the Te Arataura committee hijacked two Te Kauhanganui meetings ($75,000 plus legal costs EACH!) and refused to follow directives laid down by Te Kauhanganui, which in turn led to skyrocketing legal costs!

So how much of the budget do you suppose the chair of Te Kauhanganui was allocated to fight a legal battle on behalf of the entire tribal parliament? She got a budget of $15,000. Thats right, a paltry fifteen grand. Miniscule amounts while Te Arataura continue to write out blank checks for themselves.

The hypocrisy continues as the criminals continue to stack the deck against the tribal parliament, Te Kauhanganui!

Tainui’s Shame: Hiding Away from Reality

The Te Arataura committee continues to scatter at the mere mention of any type of Financial Accountability.

Nearly a year ago a simple question was put to tuku Morgan and Te Arataura which was: “What have you done with our money?”

Ever since that day Tuku and his band of Te Arataura crooks have taken the most extraordinary steps to avoid the questions from the tribal parliament and they have seemingly buried their heads in the sand every time the issue comes up.

So many people from within the tribe are asking these things:

  • “Where are the annual reports?”
  • “Where are the budgets?”
  • “Where are the accounts?”
  • “Why have you overspent what doesn’t belong to you?”

We found out in February that Te Arataura had mismanaged and blown it’s allocated budget for the year, in February!

We’ve been screaming incompetence ever since while watching Morgan and Te Arataura lie and deceive from one blunder to the next, and from one disaster to another.

We have been calling out for Transparency and Accountability all year long. And it’s obvious that certain individuals have been doing all they can to avoid those principles.

We’ll say again that if you follow the money trail it will lead you straight to the criminals, isn’t that so?

A True Tainui Story…

Greed! Fraud! Deception! Manipulation!


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