Tainui Exec Committee is Filled With Lying Scumbags

Waikato-Tainui is guided by the leadership of Te Arataura, who play an active role in developing tribal policy, negotiating outstanding treaty claims and overseeing operations.

Can you spot Morgan’s mouthpieces? Waikato-Tainui is guided by the leadership of Te Arataura, who play an active role in developing tribal policy, negotiating outstanding treaty claims and overseeing operations!


The 2014 Popularity Contest!

Better than the upcoming general election we present the inaugural Waikato-Tainui popularity contest! You have have 3 votes in the poll. Your vote matters – please choose wisely:

Maxine spending large on lawyers

Funny that, as Maxine Moana racks up the lawyers bills during her stint as the latest chair of Te Kauhanganui.

Not so long ago as a member of the executive committee where she – along with Tuku Morgan’s gang – did everything in her power to block similar assistance to the former chairwoman of Te Kauhanganui, Tania Martin. They even went so far as to deliberately issue defective meeting notices to prevent meetings from taking place.

A year or so later as Moana spends huge sums of tribal funds on lawyers from Auckland the hypocrisy reeks and stinks, neither is the irony lost on any of those who haven’t been asleep for the last 3 years!

Waikato Education Scholarships & Mad Mike Pohio

Trickle-down in action – crumbs for the masses:

Waikato Tainui education grants for 2014

Waikato Tainui education grants for 2014

Hundreds of students will receive an education grant. Last year the total for education grants came to $900,000. In addition, one individual will receive between $1 and $2 million. Tribal members numbering tens of thousands will receive nothing. The elderly who apply for a grant will be subject to strict conditions before they receive assistance. The ‘one individual’ is not constrained by such conditions and is free to drink booze at luxury casinos with millions of dollars worth of tribal donations to his shonky Ururangi Trust.

In the meantime Mike Pohio of Tainui Group Holdings has been talking big about his multi-billion dollar inland container depot. What a load of rubbish. It just doesn’t add up. People talk about taking billion dollar risks while the vast majority of tribal members have not received a single dollar from the tribe!

Mad Mike Pohio knows all about dodgy investments. Flashback to 2011 and Tainui Group Holdings owes loads of cash to the banks and are about to crash. Mike went and sold off Tainui’s stake in the Ryman company for $58 million. They called it a windfall at the time. We called it madness as the market was in a massive slump. We called it right because the market has hit highs since the selloff – those shares would be valued at $176.6 million today!

Mad Mike Pohio and Tainui Group Holdings sell Ryman shares and loose $118 million

Tainui Group Holdings sell Ryman shares and loose $118 million

Although to be fair to Mad Mike you will not be surprised to learn of Tuku Morgan, Maxine Moana, & Shcaffhausen’s involvement in the crazy decision which led to the tribe missing out on $118,625,000.

Happy Holidays!

Tainui’s top House Niggas for 2013

Dear Friends, 2014 is almost upon us, and we could not reach the end of 2013 without recognizing Tainui’s top House Niggas for the year. They appear in order of importance.

  1. Rangi Wallace Whakaruru – this obeese house-nigga would be at the top of the list every year since he burst into prominence around ’08. Having tremendous influence over that buffoon of a king, and more importantly – the king’s purse – millions of dollars worth of donations have simply vanished into thin air. This fool also acts as the king’s mouthpiece, and judging by the volumes of ‘royal proclamations’, rubbish pretending to be written by the king himself – Rangi has fooled nobody – apart from the royal buffoon.
  2. Tukuroirangi Morgan – needing little if any introduction, this nigga was booted from the executive committee after it was revealed he lined his pockets with huge amounts of tribal money, and racked up millions of dollars worth of lawyers bills while blocking Te Kauhanganui actions and attempting to stop the release of the tribal financial reports from his time as chairman. Despite getting the nigga-boot from Te Kauhanganui for spending all the money, Morgan conned his way back in when he convinced the buffoon of a king to betray Greg Miller. Tuku will never make it to the top of the list while Rangi is around as Whakaruru has threatened to expose details of this nigga’s homosexual activities in case he gets too uppity.
  3. Rahui Papa – the hard boozing, smoking, and gambling nigga makes the list simply because he’s a loudmouth who hoodwinked the Raukawa tribe into paying a $100,000 bribe to the king, the nigga did not pay back $10,000 he took from the tribe a couple years back, and he took money from Morgan’s million-dollar river cleanup scam. What a true house-nigga!
  4. Waikato River Authority – these niggas weren’t even on the radar until they revealed their true agenda – which is to hand over truckloads of cash to Tuku Morgan and his mates. It becomes plain to see that the WRA niggas were hand picked by Tuku Morgan for the job and they performed as expected when their master pulled the strings and they coughed up a million dollars!
  5. Movers & Shakers – this bunch of niggas rises on occasion for various reasons: Mike Pohio pushing his billion dollar con project, Hokimai Chong who bumbled into his very first executive meeting when Tuku Morgan ordered him to get rid of Tom Roa, Parekawhia Mclean still demonstrating her propensity for being Tuku’s patsy, nigga P. Rawiri down on his knees every time he gets a call from Morgan, vice chairwoman T. Mahuta simply for being such a dopey nigga!

Lets see what the new year brings? Can we expect it be any different? God help us!

Happy holidays!

August 11, Te Kauhanganui Update

Enter Hokimai Chong (Reretewhioi) to take up the Te Arataura seat that has been vacant since January 2012. No doubt Tuku Morgan will be working overtime on the new guy. Morgan will try his darnedest to get Mr Chong to sell out his vote to him and will promise Chong just about everything under the sun, but will he take the bait? Tuku Moragn is looking for another sucker to help him get rid of Tom Roa and Hemi Rua from the executive committee.

Maxine Moana Tuwhangai gets the nod to take over as the chair of Te Kauhanganui. As the chairperson she ought to fight to defend the Tainui people’s parliament but will she? As a croanie from the Maori king’s camp, Moana Tuwhangai is well known to be entrenched within the elitist group seeking the overthrow of Te Kauhanganui! Since Moana Tuwhangai is no longer on the Te Arataura committee will she campaign for Te Kauhanganui members to receive the same level of pay for attending meetings as their Te Arataura counterparts? Surely it should be so as each individual Te Kauhanganui member is in fact a director of the company. Before she was booted from Te Arataura, she fought for and got hefty pay rises with that mob. This was when she also “forgot” to tell Te Kauhanganui that she gave herself those aforementioned pay rises as the boss of the remuneration committee (just another excuse to take money) when she knew that the TK members are entitled to the same pay but she kept it hidden from them. Its called lying by omission. Crikey!

Known faker Parekawhia Patsy Mclean’s false allegations of brutal verbal, physical, and molestation assaults against Rau were also thrown out. How this bullsh!t even made it to this TK meeting is astounding.

Tom Roa takes over as the treaty negotiator for the tribe. Tuku Morgan will absolutely hate Tom’s guts for taking away his nice ride on the tribal gravy train!

The Known Versus the Unknown…

The hot topic at the moment is that a new Te Kauhanganui chairperson is to be elected at the next meeting. This is after a kangaroo court booted out the previous chairperson, Tania Martin, on unfounded allegations (lies!) that she had brought the tribe into ‘disrepute’.

After Tuku Morgan was prohibited from standing because he is an unelected member we have three prospects for the position, two of which are known puppets as Tuku and the Maori king seek to stack the ballot (with Awa and Tuwhangai Moana). But we also have a largely unknown quantity when it comes to the remaining candidate, Bill Takarei, the previous deputy chairman who as we have been told is quite popular.

For the king’s croanies Awa and Tuwhangai’s agenda is clear. Like a pair of Judas’s they been planted in order to bring about eventual elimination of Te Kauhanganui and, the theft and transfer of the tribal assets and power to the Maori king and his band of croanies. Let us remind you that Maxine Tuwhangai-Moana was the former Te Arataura member who conspired against Te Kauhanganui in order to keep them in the dark about payments to herself, and the payments that Te Kauhanganui are entitled to.

Follow the money trail and it will directly lead you to the crooks we say. You can do much better than to have either of these pair of crooks as your chairperson.

Fat Gerry gets fooled by Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai

Would the real Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai please stand up?

Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai the accountant who advised her convicted fraudster wife-basher ex-cop husband Tommy Moana (what a list of achievements!) to declare bankruptcy so he wouldn’t have to pay back $130,000 that he and his brother scammed from the government.

Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai, elected to a single term on Te Arataura whose sole claim to fame was when she colluded with the crook Robert Tukiri to hike the meeting fees paid to themselves. That’s right she lined her own pockets very sweetly and “forgot” to notify the tribal parliament about the pay rise. She also “forgot” to tell the members of the tribal parliament that they are entitled to the same rate of pay as the Te Arataura members. What a secretive woman, lying by omission we would say!

Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai board member of Maritime NZ! Another pig is feasting at the trough.

Uncle Tom

Jimmie Bo' bumps noses with Tommy Mo' on the left

Jimmie Bo’ bumps noses with fraudster Tommy Mo’ on the right

Exposé of the seedy underbelly operating within the Cult of the Maori king:

Today it was pointed out to us that a fellow named Wayne McLean was the person responsible for uncovering the fraudulent activity of Maori king’s henchman Tommy Moana, when Tommy ripped off the health department to the tune of thousands. Eventually, Tommy was convicted of 50 counts of fraud and on the advice of his current wife, former Te Arataura member Maxine Tuwhangai, Tommy declared himself bankrupt so he wouldn’t have to pay back any of the money that he stole.

The disgraced former cop and Morman elder Tommy Moana had a reputation for bashing his wives (Clint’s satanic cop culture!) as if they were punching bags. Could someone please report back to us if they have seen Maxine looking battered, bruised and down in the dumps lately?

Dec. 5 update: We have been informed that Tom was convicted of over 60 counts of fraud and the bankruptcy was designed so that he wouldn’t have to forfeit payments of $130,000 that he received from the Dept. of Corrections in another scandalous move. The plot thickens!

Even more delicious is the fact that Wayne McLean is the older brother of our very own Patsy Mclean! At least someone in that family has some notion of integrity! Wayne McLean you bloody legend!


Get your Christmas baked beans!

watties-baked-beansThis important message goes out to all the Maori peasantry throughout Aotearoa.

Maori kai!

Maori kai!

The Countdown supermarkets are running a special on cans of Watties Baked Beans and Spaghetti. You can get five cans for five dollars!

porridgeThe greedy Maori ‘elite’ are stealing your resources and leaving f*k all for the peasants. As always, the greedy Maori ‘elite’ will have a very merry Christmas while you peasants struggle with rising prices, worst unemployment, and ever dwindling opportunities for you and your whanau. You guys are at the bottom rung, at the pathetic end of the food chain and destined to stay there if you don’t take action.

The Indomie ones are my fav. Yummie!

The Indomie ones are my fav. Yummie!

Make your ‘beggar’s banquet’ complete with a pack of Ramen noodles, and a pot of porridge will go down well for the whanau’s pudding on Christmas day!

Get in quick cos the Countdown five for five Watties special ends soon!

* A depressing fact: 2 or 3 years ago, Te Arataura led by Tuku Morgan and Rahui Papa spent nearly $20,000 of your money on the Te Arataura christmas dinner, treating themselves out at an exclusive Mangatawhiri luxury estate for lavish food, wine & booze, and gifts that they chose for themselves. To make matters worse they claimed payments for attending this luxury dinner, Patience Te Ao. Yet another one of the many reasons that Tuku wanted to stop the tribal financials from being reported to the people.


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