Tainui Exec Committee is Filled With Lying Scumbags

Waikato-Tainui is guided by the leadership of Te Arataura, who play an active role in developing tribal policy, negotiating outstanding treaty claims and overseeing operations.

Can you spot Morgan’s mouthpieces? Waikato-Tainui is guided by the leadership of Te Arataura, who play an active role in developing tribal policy, negotiating outstanding treaty claims and overseeing operations!


Tainui’s top House Niggas for 2013

Dear Friends, 2014 is almost upon us, and we could not reach the end of 2013 without recognizing Tainui’s top House Niggas for the year. They appear in order of importance.

  1. Rangi Wallace Whakaruru – this obeese house-nigga would be at the top of the list every year since he burst into prominence around ’08. Having tremendous influence over that buffoon of a king, and more importantly – the king’s purse – millions of dollars worth of donations have simply vanished into thin air. This fool also acts as the king’s mouthpiece, and judging by the volumes of ‘royal proclamations’, rubbish pretending to be written by the king himself – Rangi has fooled nobody – apart from the royal buffoon.
  2. Tukuroirangi Morgan – needing little if any introduction, this nigga was booted from the executive committee after it was revealed he lined his pockets with huge amounts of tribal money, and racked up millions of dollars worth of lawyers bills while blocking Te Kauhanganui actions and attempting to stop the release of the tribal financial reports from his time as chairman. Despite getting the nigga-boot from Te Kauhanganui for spending all the money, Morgan conned his way back in when he convinced the buffoon of a king to betray Greg Miller. Tuku will never make it to the top of the list while Rangi is around as Whakaruru has threatened to expose details of this nigga’s homosexual activities in case he gets too uppity.
  3. Rahui Papa – the hard boozing, smoking, and gambling nigga makes the list simply because he’s a loudmouth who hoodwinked the Raukawa tribe into paying a $100,000 bribe to the king, the nigga did not pay back $10,000 he took from the tribe a couple years back, and he took money from Morgan’s million-dollar river cleanup scam. What a true house-nigga!
  4. Waikato River Authority – these niggas weren’t even on the radar until they revealed their true agenda – which is to hand over truckloads of cash to Tuku Morgan and his mates. It becomes plain to see that the WRA niggas were hand picked by Tuku Morgan for the job and they performed as expected when their master pulled the strings and they coughed up a million dollars!
  5. Movers & Shakers – this bunch of niggas rises on occasion for various reasons: Mike Pohio pushing his billion dollar con project, Hokimai Chong who bumbled into his very first executive meeting when Tuku Morgan ordered him to get rid of Tom Roa, Parekawhia Mclean still demonstrating her propensity for being Tuku’s patsy, nigga P. Rawiri down on his knees every time he gets a call from Morgan, vice chairwoman T. Mahuta simply for being such a dopey nigga!

Lets see what the new year brings? Can we expect it be any different? God help us!

Happy holidays!

Jesus said: by their fruits, we shall know them

Take note, scumbags, who are enriching themselves with money that belongs to the people.

Introducing Tainui’s very own “House Niggers”

…House Niggers would even take up the beating of other slaves to show Massah that they were indeed “good Niggers.”

Typically, House Niggers would do anything and everything to gain the favor of the slavemaster, while Field Niggers did all of the hard work and were generally the only ones to stand against slavery.

Indeed, Tainui’s own House Niggers (Tuku Morgan, Rangi Whakaruru, Schaafhousen, Rahui Papa, Patsy Mclean etc…) have taken to beating up on the other slaves (Roa, Rau, everybody else etc…) to appease the Massah (the Maori king).

The analogy fits like a glove. How very, very appropriate.

August 11, Te Kauhanganui Update

Enter Hokimai Chong (Reretewhioi) to take up the Te Arataura seat that has been vacant since January 2012. No doubt Tuku Morgan will be working overtime on the new guy. Morgan will try his darnedest to get Mr Chong to sell out his vote to him and will promise Chong just about everything under the sun, but will he take the bait? Tuku Moragn is looking for another sucker to help him get rid of Tom Roa and Hemi Rua from the executive committee.

Maxine Moana Tuwhangai gets the nod to take over as the chair of Te Kauhanganui. As the chairperson she ought to fight to defend the Tainui people’s parliament but will she? As a croanie from the Maori king’s camp, Moana Tuwhangai is well known to be entrenched within the elitist group seeking the overthrow of Te Kauhanganui! Since Moana Tuwhangai is no longer on the Te Arataura committee will she campaign for Te Kauhanganui members to receive the same level of pay for attending meetings as their Te Arataura counterparts? Surely it should be so as each individual Te Kauhanganui member is in fact a director of the company. Before she was booted from Te Arataura, she fought for and got hefty pay rises with that mob. This was when she also “forgot” to tell Te Kauhanganui that she gave herself those aforementioned pay rises as the boss of the remuneration committee (just another excuse to take money) when she knew that the TK members are entitled to the same pay but she kept it hidden from them. Its called lying by omission. Crikey!

Known faker Parekawhia Patsy Mclean’s false allegations of brutal verbal, physical, and molestation assaults against Rau were also thrown out. How this bullsh!t even made it to this TK meeting is astounding.

Tom Roa takes over as the treaty negotiator for the tribe. Tuku Morgan will absolutely hate Tom’s guts for taking away his nice ride on the tribal gravy train!

…the cornerstone of our long-term strategy Whakatupuranga 2050

There is lots of wonderful stuff going on – if you believe the spin spewing out of serial-liar Parekawhia Patsy Mclean’s office that is.

Here’s what an extract from the ACTUAL Whakatupuranga 2050 document that reads about the stuff that they wanted completed by 2012:

To establish Hopuhopu as the administrative, social, recreational and tribal knowledge ‘hub’ of Tainui, by building:
§ A tribal administration building;
§ A tribal knowledge centre;
§ A sports & recreation centre;
§ An events and conference centre;
§ A retirement village for kaumaatua;
§ A super clinic / mini hospital.

What a pleasant dream! That’s marvellous but what ACTUALLY happened was tribal CEO Patsy Mclean dumped Hopuhopu (it is significant as the first confiscation property returned back to the tribe). As Hopuhopu was abandoned for big city Hamilton in preparation for the eventual merger and takeover by Clown Derheyden and Mad Mike Pohio at Tainui Group Holdings.

They have certainly ignored their “cornerstone strategy” and no doubt there will be plenty more to follow by the hypocrite Parekawhia Mclean.

Click here for the 2013 annual report. Click here to read the wonderful Wkakatupuranga 2050 “cornerstone strategy” document.

Busting more lies #2: Mahuta, Pohio, Mclean and Clown der Heyden are the right people to dictate the structure for the tribe!

We begin with a quote where Albert Einstein once said:

“You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.”

Too right, the old professor spoke a lot of common sense.

Now why do they think that crooks like Mahuta and co. should lead the charge to get rid of the Tainui People’s Parliament.

  • Nanaia Mahuta: In spite of decades spent in Wellington she hasn’t done much at all besides qualify for a cushy government pension package. Obeying her racist overlords she was a major player in the push for the controversial foreshore and seabed confiscation laws, which robbed all Maori of their ancient rights. We have uncovered quite a few traitors lately. Gee she must have thought we forgot about that one!
  • Mad Mike Pohio: Threw away eighty-millions (and rising) dollars due to his incompetence in the Ryman share sell off. He reckons that he made up for it by giving away free tickets and popcorn to the Billy T. James flop movie. He continues to sell big lies about building a truck-stop and creating thousands of make-believe jobs
  • Parekawhia Mclean: Among this group of patsies she is the biggest Patsy of all. Besides making up false allegations against Te Arataura and Kauhanganui members she is here to do whatever Tuku Morgan tells her to do. And that means getting rid of the Tainui People’s Parliament.
  • Henry van der Hayden: Clown Der Heyden has already expressed his desire to see Te Kauhanganui thrown out. Impartial? Objective? Duh.
  • Tuku Morgan, Rangi “Ice-Cream-Sundae” Whakaruru, and the idiot king of Skycity who are pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

These are the scumbags who have been ‘entrusted’ with finding a new structure for the destruction of the Tainui People’s Parliament. We kid you not.

They will tell you that there is an overwhelming desire for change, which is another lie. We’ll tell you that there is not. Not until the people themselves have decided by postal ballot, that the Tainui People’s Parliament, Te Kauhanganui, should be changed if at all.

The people will not be dictated to by a bunch of Judas and Patsies. Thats what.

Which sewer rat is gonna step up next?

Tuku Morgan is seeking applications for more dirty rats to lay false allegations against Tom Roa, Hemi Rau, and Marae Tukere after his last gang of accusers fell flat on their faces… Patsy Mclean, Rick Maipi etc…

We know that Tiko-roirangi (Shit Morgan) is eager to offer some sweet inducements to any Judas-wannabees who are ready to get up and point the finger at Roa and co.

Not long ago Potaka Maipi had his fun in the sun, the wicked Maipis are prominent in this subterfuge. Maipi got up and told the fairy tales against Rau, and succeeded in getting Rau sacked. The plot backfired though when months later the lies were uncovered and the tribe was forced to pay a massive compensation package to Rau. And an embarrassed Morgan had to make a public apology to Rau and his family. Prior to this blowing up in Morgan’s face, Morgan had rewarded his little Judas with the CEO position of the Koiora company.

Created secretively behind the scenes, Koiora is another scam company set up by Morgan and co to suck out more tribal funds. Another deception. See the pattern emerging?

So who will be the next to get up and make the accusations? Well they had better hurry up because there are only a few CEO jobs to go around. The coming weeks and months will reveal all!

He flew at them in a rage of fury…

He is massive. His fists are clenched. His eyes are blood red with pure anger. Saliva dripps from the corner of his mouth. A monster. A devil. Pure evil. The women have nowhere to run or hide. Gripped with fear they huddle together in the corner of the room. They cannot bear to look at him, even to plead for their lives. They bury their faces into the palms of their hands. One of them screamed a horrendous death scream. Memories of their lives flashed before their eyes, the women wondered if they would ever see their children again. The big woman cowered in shock and she pooped herself. The poop stains would eventually wash out, but the stains on her psyche would last forever… it would not have come to this if only the photocopies had been done on time.

Yeah, Nah, Whatever! Here’s what an eye witness recounted to us about the Rau incident: Rau is frustrated at certain individuals efforts to stifle progress at a meeting. Administrative help should have been available but it was being deliberately blocked by CEO Patsy Mclean. Aware that such administrative help had been available 24/7 to Tuku More-Again until he was ousted, those same services are being witheld from Tom Roa and Hemi Rau. Frustrations rose and voices were raised. There were no standover tactics of any sort. That was it. Sorry it couldn’t be more dramatic. What a let-down.

Certain personnel have become so used to the threats and abuse meted out to them by Tuku Morgan, that eventually the victims began to identify with their abuser. Totally conned by Morgan they have suffered what is known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. This continues today as they are being used by Morgan to level their accusations against Roa, Tukere and Rau. This incident should have been dealt with months ago in a different setting. The women making the complaints have been used and abused by Morgan.

These executive types ought to know better. Patsy Mclean should swallow a whole handful of anti-depressants to help her get past this one.

Patsy tries harder…

Cast your memory back perhaps a year or so ago, remember when Parekawhia Patsy Mclean accused Tania Martin of viciously assaulting her. Made her cry even. The ‘horrendous attack’ was so damn vicious that Patsy didn’t even bother calling the police about it. Thats how vicious it was – if it happened at all.

Fast forward and we hear that Patsy has been subjected to another vicious attack. This time the accused is Hemi Rua. What did he do? Did he make funny faces at her? Did he make a big eye at her? Did he poke his tongue out at her? Did somebody else fart and she took it upon herself to blame it on Rua again? Did she cry again? Did her feelings get hurt?

Why has it taken so long for the issue to be brought up? We’ll tell you why. Its because Patsy is being used as a proxy for the real accuser. And thats Tuku Morgan. He is the scoundrel behind these ‘vicious attack’ blamings and poor little Patsy Mclean is happy to play the role of the ‘battered’ victim.

Book your seats for the upcoming kangaroo court it’ll be a sell out.

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