Resurrection of the Royal Rubbish

Two whole months until the next Te Kauhanganui meeting.

We know that for sure hat the Maori king and his minions will be extremely busy using the 2 month gap to bring back the scam that they attempted to perpetrate upon a not-so-gullible tribe back in 2008.

The “new” structure that they want to force onto the tribe. The grand rip-off, in other words.

Back then they proposed the creation of some Tumu Whakarae clown granted with absolute power over the tribal finances & big money jobs for the Cult Members… Shafhaussen wasted $1 million of your money on the process …the Maori king is desperate to bring his dictatorial dreams of $80 million through to 2013…

Click here to get more information. (Archive zip file)

If anyone has the PWC report mentioned by Chris, we would absolutely LOVE a copy!

Get your Christmas baked beans!

watties-baked-beansThis important message goes out to all the Maori peasantry throughout Aotearoa.

Maori kai!

Maori kai!

The Countdown supermarkets are running a special on cans of Watties Baked Beans and Spaghetti. You can get five cans for five dollars!

porridgeThe greedy Maori ‘elite’ are stealing your resources and leaving f*k all for the peasants. As always, the greedy Maori ‘elite’ will have a very merry Christmas while you peasants struggle with rising prices, worst unemployment, and ever dwindling opportunities for you and your whanau. You guys are at the bottom rung, at the pathetic end of the food chain and destined to stay there if you don’t take action.

The Indomie ones are my fav. Yummie!

The Indomie ones are my fav. Yummie!

Make your ‘beggar’s banquet’ complete with a pack of Ramen noodles, and a pot of porridge will go down well for the whanau’s pudding on Christmas day!

Get in quick cos the Countdown five for five Watties special ends soon!

* A depressing fact: 2 or 3 years ago, Te Arataura led by Tuku Morgan and Rahui Papa spent nearly $20,000 of your money on the Te Arataura christmas dinner, treating themselves out at an exclusive Mangatawhiri luxury estate for lavish food, wine & booze, and gifts that they chose for themselves. To make matters worse they claimed payments for attending this luxury dinner, Patience Te Ao. Yet another one of the many reasons that Tuku wanted to stop the tribal financials from being reported to the people.



It seems that the wanton destruction of the tribal finances caused by the outgoing executive committee (Morgan, Maipi, Te Ao, Moana Tuwhangai etc.) has caused the new batch of Te Arataura executives to seek cutbacks to their own meeting fees. That’s good news, and lets see them go even further by capping executive fees and slashing spending by stopping the troughing that has become a routine feature of the executives.

It shouldn’t be hard to do after all the millions that got burned on all sorts of trash over the last few years when those fools (Morgan, Maipi, Te Ao, Moana Tuwhangai etc.) acted like they had an open check book and they weren’t too shy about it either.

Finally, some common sense is beginning to show through. We like that.

Some things need to be said…

True leadership must be for the benefit of the whole tribe, not for the enrichment of a few.

  • Maori king, $2 million per year for his ‘charity’…
  • Tuku Morgan 2011, $400k plus five star perks and travel…
  • Te Arataura 2011, millions over budget and excessive troughing of the tribal funds.
  • Chapmann Tripp, $3 million over the last three years.

We ask ‘Has the situation changed for the ordinary people of this tribe?’ As you all know, the answer is NO. Things are bad, and they’re about to get WORSE!

There’s Hope

Hope that the hypocrisy will stop.

For instance its come to our attention that Tuku Morgan, Charles Joe, and Parekawhia Mclean placed an ad in the Waikato Times which advertised the cancellation of last Sunday’s Feb 12 Triennial Meeting. Then they attended the meeting which they supposedly abandoned.

The Maori king told marae representatives to boycott the meeting but his own representative Greg Miller was there too.

With the so-called tribal leadership suffering from a total absence of integrity, we’re glad that some of the crooked execs got wiped out.

There were high fives all round when it was announced that Charles Joe, Patience Te Ao, Robert Tukiri, Maxine Moana, Timi Maipi (thankyou Jazz) and Tuku had been given the boot.

Tuku's Te Arataura committee leaves behind ruined finances, a bit like this wrecked locomotive

In their wake, with millions blown, they leave behind a train wreck of the tribal finances. What a pity that Rahui Papa and Rukumoana Schaafhousen didn’t get the sack too. They’re just as responsible as Tuku and co. for the mess that was left behind for the tribe to clean up.

Sonny Wilson was the only one who worked for the benefit of the people. He was the only good guy among a bunch of rotten crooks and we’re glad that he’s back in. It’s been reported that Tuku would taunt Sonny Wilson about his heart problem, by saying to Sonny that he would be glad when he’s finished off for good and that it would happen soon… look who’s gone now!

$3 mil down the drain

With exceptional timing, the Waikato Times finally publishes an article of some substance:

Secret report reveals $3m
Tainui lawyer bill

by Karla Akuhata

Tainui’s executive committee spent more than $3 million on lawyers during the last three years, according to a confidential auditors’ report.

The tribe’s parliament will meet tomorrow to elect a new executive committee, and the report put together by financial experts KPMG is likely to be on the minds of those voting. More

We Told You So!

We have constantly criticized Te Arataura’s refusal to release the financial information to Te Kauhanganui, and here’s the facts that they DON’T want known –there appears to be huge gap in the tribal finances, a gap thats the size of over $6 million!

And as we have rightly speculated all along, the crooked lawyers from Chappmann Tripp have stripped over $1.5 million from the tribe.

Six million of your dollars just got burned, and its all because of crooks like Tuku Morgan and Parekawhia Mclean.

They need to be stopped, and stopped soon.

Te Arataura: Wake up and smell the coffee

The message seems to be completely lost on Tuku Morgan and Phat Patience Te Ao.

On October 29 Te Kauhanganui voted to clear up the mess by agreeing to fix up the rules.

The foolish Te Arataura committee don’t seem to get the message and want to drag Te Kauhanganui back into the high court because a few stubborn individuals don’t agree with the majority.

Wanting to entrench their style of undemocratic minority rule, Te Arataura don’t want the rules to be changed in a final desperate attempt to cling to power.

As usual, the interests of the Te Ataraura committee have absolutely nothing to do with the well being of Te Kauhanganui, and the wider tribal good.

Simple solution: get rid of them!

Bye Bye Leech

Nick Wells, what a nasty leech you are

Chapmann Tripp gets the Boot: We have just heard that Te Kauhanganui have served it up to those Chapman Tripp leeches and told the chief leech Nick Wells to take a hike.

Now the Te Arataura snakes will have to fork out of their own pockets instead of stealing from the tribal funds to continue their wasteful practices, and lets see how eager they are to call in the mega-buck QC’s this time round.

Te Arataura should be able to afford it should’t they? They did give themselves a pay increase which they didn’t inform Te Kauhanganui about didn’t they? This is the same increase that should have been given to the Te Kauhanganui reps shouldn’t it? Isn’t that what the consultants told dopey Maxine Moana anyway? (Married-to-fraudster-Maxine Moana and Slackass-Bludger Tukiri should know all about that!)

Same Sh!t, Different Day

The silly season is upon us yet again as many Maori families struggle with high unemployment and huge rates of poverty, crime, incarceration (remember Tuku thinks that it’s a good idea to build a prison for Maori!), and all manner of bad things… how much do you think the Te Arataura committee will spend this year’s Christmas dinner? Will it be $15,000? $20,000? Over $20,000? Oh and we hope that Tuku is enjoying his overseas holiday paid for by the tribe -first class, five star style as Tuku goes, but only if the tribe are picking up the bill (of course!)

Tuku Morgan in a bad mood

Oh, lets not forget about Tuku’s fisrt class trip to New York a couple years back, entirely paid for by the tribe. So that Tuku could go on all the fabulous sight seeing attractions in the Big Apple, even including trips to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Wall St stockmarket. And on top of that Tuku charged the tribe hundreds of dollars per day because he was at WORK you know!

Whanau, enjoy your unemployment, your poverty, and your hungry kids, it’s gonna be around for a while!

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