Say NO to another fake restructuring!



Back in 2008 the Tainui tribal parliament was lied to and deviously tricked into giving this woman, Rukumoana Shafhousen, a blank cheque in order to carry out a false review of the tribal structure. This was done in order to carry out the dismantling of Te Kauhanganui by getting rid of the Marae representatives and replacing them with an individual with crazy power over tribal affairs, in other words a dictator. They were after the money. This dictator was meant to be Tuku Morgan. Morgan’s supporters were promised high salaried positions within the new structure (Robert Tukiri, Patience Te Ao, Shane Solomon, Charles Joe, Hori Awa, Maxine etc…) We could say more about Shafhousen’s other ‘personal’ involvement with Morgan but that’s another story which is well known within tribal circles.

Abusing the blank cheque extracted from the people Shaffhousen spent close to a million dollars of tribal dollars on this exercise which was a total waste of months of time and uh… a million bucks. Their greed was their undoing and the tribal parliament saw right through the thinly veiled power grab and rejected the incredibly ridiculous proposal by a massive margin.

Roll on 2013. You can bet that she’s lining up to try this rubbish again… in order to get rid of the tribal democratic process and strip the people of their rights and hand everything over to Morgan and the Emperor with no clothes.

The plan is the same as before. Here to destroy you they are after the money again.

Reject the deception! Say NO to Shaffhousen!

ConFlict of interest

Karla Akuhata’s latest post at the Tu Mai Te Toki blog highlights the important issue of insiders secretly lining their own pockets – in this case to the tune of $3.8 million! Boo to the crooked Wira Gardiner and the theiving Graham Pryor. As you can imagine the Gardiner/Parata household isn’t a nice place to be with Hekia’s current incompetence causing the implosion over the nation’s education portfolio, but that’s another story.

Tainui is no stranger to this line as seen with hundred$ of thousand$ tribal dollar$ wasted on the bastard Tuku’s overpriced rubbish TV productions and the awarding of legal contracts to the Arataura wench Rukumoana Shaafhousen’s law company. Big money contracts to line the pockets of the insiders as a way of paying them off. Yep been there done that. Who puts who first? Con-flict of interest – old news.

Constitutional change

Guess who is working thru the holiday break to put you-know-who at the top as Tainui’s chief dicktator.

To change the constitution and place themselves and their fake king at the top of the food chain.

They’re doing this because you lot are all distracted by Xmas, New Years and holidays. And this is when the crooks are at their busiest. Busy with their plans to strip you of what belongs to you, the distracted ones.

They ain’t waiting till February 2013. They are nearly broke. They are desperate animals. They are doing all this right now.

Theory of Relativity: Tainui Style

Loan-SharkThe multi-million dollar relativity top-up is due to hit the Tainui bank account by today or tomorrow.

The Maori king is reportedly anxious that his Christmas payday is just out of reach. Skycity casino are also anxious for more profits!

The thieves Tuku and Rangi will no doubt be using the puppets Rahui Papa & Schaafhaussen to attempt the money grab on behalf of the Maori king.

The sharks can smell the money and they are circling round in a frenzy!

We say keep your dirty Hands Off!

Stop Theif!

stop-thiefIts not that lots of people are conspiring, just that the Maori king expects everyone to do what he and Whakaruru tells them to do – with a small bunch of people (Rangi, Morgan, Macgibbon, Shaaffhousen, etc) telling fibs that all together add up to something far greater – the theft of $80 million in fact.

Now that the crook is back…

The great thing about crooks like Morgan is that you get certainty.

Now that Morgan has been brought back into the fold, albeit by nefarious means – it must be incredibly soul destroying for the king to betray his friend – we’re absolutely certain of the following certainties now that Morgan has returned:

  • Watch out for meeting fees and legal costs to blow out – remember Morgan’s unfettered spending was responsible for the $3 million blow out last time!
  • Watch out as Morgan triggers discord and huge dysfunction between the executives
  • Watch out as Morgan goes about bringing the tribe into disrepute by blabbing to the media, and watch as he goes unpunished by the gutless Te Kauhanganui tribal parliament
  • Will meetings be deliberately aborted like the last time Morgan was on board? (a la Charles Joe)
  • Watch as Morgan creates artificial ‘catastrophes’ and ‘calamities’ in order to justify ‘restructuring’ – enabling the power grab by the Hypocrite king and the pilfering of $80 million.
  • And Morgan will aided and abetted by fellow conspirators and cult members Rahui Papa and Tukumoana Shaafhoussen
  • And we will be there to report on every scandal, every step of the way.

    Oh, it didn’t take them long to erase Greg Miller’s name from the Te Arataura website. Its like he’s a non-person and he never existed. Miller was on the Hypocrite king’s team but at least he had some moral’s, unlike Tuku. Very efficient though. Gotta keep the trains running on time!

    Resurrection of the Royal Rubbish

    Two whole months until the next Te Kauhanganui meeting.

    We know that for sure hat the Maori king and his minions will be extremely busy using the 2 month gap to bring back the scam that they attempted to perpetrate upon a not-so-gullible tribe back in 2008.

    The “new” structure that they want to force onto the tribe. The grand rip-off, in other words.

    Back then they proposed the creation of some Tumu Whakarae clown granted with absolute power over the tribal finances & big money jobs for the Cult Members… Shafhaussen wasted $1 million of your money on the process …the Maori king is desperate to bring his dictatorial dreams of $80 million through to 2013…

    Click here to get more information. (Archive zip file)

    If anyone has the PWC report mentioned by Chris, we would absolutely LOVE a copy!

    Get your Christmas baked beans!

    watties-baked-beansThis important message goes out to all the Maori peasantry throughout Aotearoa.

    Maori kai!

    Maori kai!

    The Countdown supermarkets are running a special on cans of Watties Baked Beans and Spaghetti. You can get five cans for five dollars!

    porridgeThe greedy Maori ‘elite’ are stealing your resources and leaving f*k all for the peasants. As always, the greedy Maori ‘elite’ will have a very merry Christmas while you peasants struggle with rising prices, worst unemployment, and ever dwindling opportunities for you and your whanau. You guys are at the bottom rung, at the pathetic end of the food chain and destined to stay there if you don’t take action.

    The Indomie ones are my fav. Yummie!

    The Indomie ones are my fav. Yummie!

    Make your ‘beggar’s banquet’ complete with a pack of Ramen noodles, and a pot of porridge will go down well for the whanau’s pudding on Christmas day!

    Get in quick cos the Countdown five for five Watties special ends soon!

    * A depressing fact: 2 or 3 years ago, Te Arataura led by Tuku Morgan and Rahui Papa spent nearly $20,000 of your money on the Te Arataura christmas dinner, treating themselves out at an exclusive Mangatawhiri luxury estate for lavish food, wine & booze, and gifts that they chose for themselves. To make matters worse they claimed payments for attending this luxury dinner, Patience Te Ao. Yet another one of the many reasons that Tuku wanted to stop the tribal financials from being reported to the people.


    Making Moves for the Executive Chair

    It appears that Tom Roa has the inside running to retain the chairmanship for Te Arataura. Lets hope that he doesn’t get scared off by the maori king this time round.

    Rukumoana Schhafhousen seems to think that she should take the chair this time, and she thinks that she has the numbers to force a takeover. Schhafhousen is personally responsible for blowing millions of Tainui dollars on executive trash, but she needs Tuku’s vote and she’s trying to get that guy back onto the executive as well.

    There is an old Maori curse which says, ‘may you live in interesting times!’ We certainly do, and lets see how it all plays out this coming Saturday.


    It seems that the wanton destruction of the tribal finances caused by the outgoing executive committee (Morgan, Maipi, Te Ao, Moana Tuwhangai etc.) has caused the new batch of Te Arataura executives to seek cutbacks to their own meeting fees. That’s good news, and lets see them go even further by capping executive fees and slashing spending by stopping the troughing that has become a routine feature of the executives.

    It shouldn’t be hard to do after all the millions that got burned on all sorts of trash over the last few years when those fools (Morgan, Maipi, Te Ao, Moana Tuwhangai etc.) acted like they had an open check book and they weren’t too shy about it either.

    Finally, some common sense is beginning to show through. We like that.

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