Down with Democracy… the money grab continues…

Like we have always said… and it didn’t take a genius to figure it all out… a few elitist Maori along with their hired help are attempting to grab control of the tribal assets for themselves – they are giving you lot the finger and saying “stuff you” to the people that they supposedly represent – and actually misrepresent.

The Maori king has delivered the deceitful script to his gang of lackeys – Tuku, Whakaruru, Rahui Papa, Van der Hayden etc. And they are singing at the top of their voices with glee as they advocate the dumping of the grassroots marae representatives and the stripping of the tribal assets for themselves. You can add the one legged forked tongue lizard Tawera Nikau to that list. He has to suck up to Tuku and the king because his mother was responsible for the Hora Hora Marae million dollar blowout in 2008.

The next step for the king and Tuku – to strip Roa, Rau, Wilson, and Tukere from Tearataura and replace them with lackeys Hori, the Maipis etc to bring about the planned downfall of Tainui’s tribal parliament. We call it tyranny and treason. Do we have any patriots left in this tribe who would actually fight for the people? Or are they just gonna play dead and roll over?

Oh My F’n God

Is Tom Roa getting ready to roll over too? Gracefully? Again? WTF?

Tribe’s executive board under pressure

Waikato-Tainui’s executive board could be next in the firing line following the departure of the chair of the tribal parliament.

Tania Martin, chair of Waikato-Tainui Te Kauhanganui, was stood down from her position after an all-day hui on Sunday, and the members of the executive board – known as Te Arataura – will come under the same pressure at a general meeting on December 8.

Both incidents follow a scathing letter from King Tuheitia criticising the tribe’s “infighting”, calling for Te Arataura members and Mrs Martin to stand down, and backing his own spokesman, Tuku Morgan, as her replacement. More

Mclean gets owned in court again!

Tania Martin’s place in Te Kauhanganui is validated by the high court…

Tainui’s dudd CEO Patsy Mclean is found to have acted illegally and gets told to butt-out of marae affairs…

Another $100,000 plus goes down the drain for legal fees…

Not a lot has changed over the last six months eh? When are these guys ever gonna learn!

Is this saga over yet or are they gonna tell their lawyers to look for other avenues with which to attack Tania Martin?

Making Moves for the Executive Chair

It appears that Tom Roa has the inside running to retain the chairmanship for Te Arataura. Lets hope that he doesn’t get scared off by the maori king this time round.

Rukumoana Schhafhousen seems to think that she should take the chair this time, and she thinks that she has the numbers to force a takeover. Schhafhousen is personally responsible for blowing millions of Tainui dollars on executive trash, but she needs Tuku’s vote and she’s trying to get that guy back onto the executive as well.

There is an old Maori curse which says, ‘may you live in interesting times!’ We certainly do, and lets see how it all plays out this coming Saturday.

New Chairman for Te Arataura

It seems that Tom Roa has been named as the new Te Arataura chairman. Lets see if he can restore some trust and honor to the executive committee, components that have been sadly lacking for years.

Tuku and Patsy won’t agree with that decision!

25 Feb. Update: We’ve since learned that Tom has been named as the INTERIM chairman for the time being.

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