Busting more lies: #3 The fault is with the structure

Chris Webster reports from her blog:

“…the current structure is not delivering social and economic prosperity in line with the expectations and aspirations of tribal members.”

A half-assed attempt to lay the blame on Te Kauhanganui – a big huge lie most probably written by that crook Rangi “Steak, Eggs & Chips” Whakaruru – its totally not the fault of the structure! The fault lies with crooked individuals – you know who – Tuku Morgan and his flunkies (Patsy Mclean etc) who are ripping off the tribe big-time with the ridiculous games that they play, games that always have the same result – with the people missing out on millions!

We all know that the elitists consider the ordinary people of tribe their enemies, hence their desire and haste to demolish the voice of the people – the Tainui People’s Parliament. In this way they blame the ordinary people of the tribe for their own crimes.

What the elitists are really saying is that the people are holding them back from the money and resources that they drool after. Year after year of deceptive practises have made the people wise. The people are no longer the sheep that Morgan and Whakaruru assume them to be.

The structure is not at fault. The fault lies with the scumbags and criminals who continually attempt to manipulate and dictate to the people.

The carrot or the stick?

carrot-stick The cartel of elitists who are currently plotting the downfall of the Tainui People’s Parliament face a huge hurdle: how will they persuade almost 70 marae to throw away their mana and surrender to the rule of the tribal self-serving elitists?

Well, the age old carrot and stick methods spring to mind in this matter.

The Stick Method: Give away your mana or else! The aim is to convince the great-unwashed that the Bogey-man, the Apocalypse and all manner of evil awaits them if they don’t restructure themselves out of the picture! It is expected that each marae must hand over their power immediately to those who would ‘save them’ – Tuku Morgan, Whakaruru, Vander Heyden etc. Quick! Do it before the sky falls down on your heads.

Dangling the Carrot:
Knowing that there are plenty of corrupt fools out there who would agree to selling out, each Marae would be offered the cash sweeteners upon agreeing to give themselves the chop. We know that Horahora Marae sold out to Morgan and Whakaruru back in 2009. It cost a cool million with the crooks attempting to cover up the scandal but to no avail. The truth always gets out.

Te Kauhanganui under review – another sham!

rubber-stampThe governance review committee’s deliberations are geared in a particular direction – towards finding grounds for rejecting the current structure where even the smallest back-country marae wields the power of a vote in Te Kauhanganui – the kind that Henry Van Der Hayden says is “in the way.”

Their plan is a simple one. Change the structure of the tribal representation. Fill it with patsies. Take all the money.

Expect Nanaia Mahuta and co. to find grounds for a smaller governance structure. Where its rigged at the final hurdle so that less marae will participate – what they have wanted all along, a rubber-stamp parliament under the complete control of a few elitists.

Busting more lies #2: Mahuta, Pohio, Mclean and Clown der Heyden are the right people to dictate the structure for the tribe!

We begin with a quote where Albert Einstein once said:

“You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.”

Too right, the old professor spoke a lot of common sense.

Now why do they think that crooks like Mahuta and co. should lead the charge to get rid of the Tainui People’s Parliament.

  • Nanaia Mahuta: In spite of decades spent in Wellington she hasn’t done much at all besides qualify for a cushy government pension package. Obeying her racist overlords she was a major player in the push for the controversial foreshore and seabed confiscation laws, which robbed all Maori of their ancient rights. We have uncovered quite a few traitors lately. Gee she must have thought we forgot about that one!
  • Mad Mike Pohio: Threw away eighty-millions (and rising) dollars due to his incompetence in the Ryman share sell off. He reckons that he made up for it by giving away free tickets and popcorn to the Billy T. James flop movie. He continues to sell big lies about building a truck-stop and creating thousands of make-believe jobs
  • Parekawhia Mclean: Among this group of patsies she is the biggest Patsy of all. Besides making up false allegations against Te Arataura and Kauhanganui members she is here to do whatever Tuku Morgan tells her to do. And that means getting rid of the Tainui People’s Parliament.
  • Henry van der Hayden: Clown Der Heyden has already expressed his desire to see Te Kauhanganui thrown out. Impartial? Objective? Duh.
  • Tuku Morgan, Rangi “Ice-Cream-Sundae” Whakaruru, and the idiot king of Skycity who are pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

These are the scumbags who have been ‘entrusted’ with finding a new structure for the destruction of the Tainui People’s Parliament. We kid you not.

They will tell you that there is an overwhelming desire for change, which is another lie. We’ll tell you that there is not. Not until the people themselves have decided by postal ballot, that the Tainui People’s Parliament, Te Kauhanganui, should be changed if at all.

The people will not be dictated to by a bunch of Judas and Patsies. Thats what.

Updates from the weekend

  1. As we have predicted from the start, the Tainui People’s Parliament is not the forum for staff members to air their personal matters. These weak-minded individuals were only being manipulated by Tuku Morgan anyway. The cockroaches making false accusations like Patsy Parekawhia Mclean and Rick Maipi (Tuku’s bro) have been sent scurrying back to the sewers where they belong.
  2. The candidates for the Chairperson’s position were too unpopular and nobody was selected. It is obvious that they are waiting for a real leader to step forward rather than one that has been handpicked by Rangi Whakaruru.
  3. Te Whakahawea Rapana rode in a one-horse race on donkey number #13 and he wins the race for the deputy chairmanship.
  4. Has Tuku Morgan been asked to front the Tauranga people’s land claims for millions of dollars? Oh we guarantee that they will live to regret that decision!
  5. Has Tuku Morgan offered Tania Martin a huge sum of money on the condition that she makes all his problems disappear or…
  6. Is Tania Martin demanding a huge Pay-ola from Tuku Morgan, and if he doesn’t pay up she threatens to keep dragging his ass into court for years to come…

Oh it could only happen at Tainui!

Patsy tries harder…

Cast your memory back perhaps a year or so ago, remember when Parekawhia Patsy Mclean accused Tania Martin of viciously assaulting her. Made her cry even. The ‘horrendous attack’ was so damn vicious that Patsy didn’t even bother calling the police about it. Thats how vicious it was – if it happened at all.

Fast forward and we hear that Patsy has been subjected to another vicious attack. This time the accused is Hemi Rua. What did he do? Did he make funny faces at her? Did he make a big eye at her? Did he poke his tongue out at her? Did somebody else fart and she took it upon herself to blame it on Rua again? Did she cry again? Did her feelings get hurt?

Why has it taken so long for the issue to be brought up? We’ll tell you why. Its because Patsy is being used as a proxy for the real accuser. And thats Tuku Morgan. He is the scoundrel behind these ‘vicious attack’ blamings and poor little Patsy Mclean is happy to play the role of the ‘battered’ victim.

Book your seats for the upcoming kangaroo court it’ll be a sell out.

Welcome back Dick Der Heyden

911-twin-towers-fireRemember that Sir Henry Dick Van Dyke Der Hayden stood at Turangawaewae and told you all that you’re holding him back. Soon he will stand up in front of the Tainui People’s Parliament. Whether he will be as upfront as he was at Turangawaewae or perhaps he might be a bit more subtle this time round, however his message will be the same. He wants you all gone. He wants to take all that you have. You lot are standing in the way. Because his kind is better than your kind. And you should get out!

He feels like he has to bow down in front of people that he despises. Dick Der Hayden’s agenda is clear. So is Tuku’s. So is Fat Boy Whakaruru’s. In their opinion the ordinary people of the Tainui tribe are nothing but slaves with a ‘beneficiary mentality’.

We will be up front when we say that Dick is nothing but an ssahole and he is standing in the good company of crooks, liars and thieves…

Their attempt to get rid of Roa and Rau is just the first shot in their war against the Tainui People’s Parliament.

Busting the big lies: #1 Te Kauhanganui costs too much

Those traitors from within the tribe who are working to disembowel the Tainui people’s parliament Te Kauhanganui, —read Tuheitia Paki, Rangi Whakaruru, Tuku Morgan, Rukumoana Shaffhousen etc— will put forward a number of arguments and lies in an effort to convince the Marae representatives to put themselves out of the business of running the tribe.

Lie number #1: The Tainui people’s tribal parliament costs too much. The people’s parliament is a waste of money. The people don’t deserve to be there because of the high cost to run meetings and they should be gotten rid of.

We bust the lie by saying: The figure put out to run the Te Kauhanganui meetings is stated as $75,000 per meeting. Four meetings per year equals $300,000 per year. For a people’s parliament to get together and make decisions for a tribe worth nearly $800 million and minus $250 million worth of debt that should seem reasonable shouldn’t it? Given that serious matters should arise from time to time that require extra meetings to occur it shouldn’t be a problem to hold a few more meetings every now and then. So don’t complain about those.

Lets put this all in perspective. Tuku Morgan with the full support of Charles Joe, Patience Te Ao, Maxine Tuwhangai Moana, Shaffhousen etc… smashed through $3 million dollars of the tribal funds while launching a vicious and sustained legal assault against the then chairperson of the people’s parliament because she called for transparency and accountability within the tribal structure. These traitors tried to cover up their crimes by sabotaging the Te Kauhanganui meetings and attempting to bury the financial reports for a whole two years.

The $3 million that Tuku Morgan and his flunkies wasted on his gigantic ego would have been enough to run the Tainui people’s parliament for 10 years! Instead it went straight into the pockets of the Chappmann Tripp instead of being used for Marae development projects.

You should not listen to the scum who would try to deprive the democratically elected people’s parliament from making decisions for the betterment of the tribe.

You should not listen to the crooks and liars who would destroy the democratically elected people’s parliament for their own greed and personal gain.

He wants you all to roll over

The monarch requires you to lie down so that he may profit. Stand tall and revolt.


The Known Versus the Unknown…

The hot topic at the moment is that a new Te Kauhanganui chairperson is to be elected at the next meeting. This is after a kangaroo court booted out the previous chairperson, Tania Martin, on unfounded allegations (lies!) that she had brought the tribe into ‘disrepute’.

After Tuku Morgan was prohibited from standing because he is an unelected member we have three prospects for the position, two of which are known puppets as Tuku and the Maori king seek to stack the ballot (with Awa and Tuwhangai Moana). But we also have a largely unknown quantity when it comes to the remaining candidate, Bill Takarei, the previous deputy chairman who as we have been told is quite popular.

For the king’s croanies Awa and Tuwhangai’s agenda is clear. Like a pair of Judas’s they been planted in order to bring about eventual elimination of Te Kauhanganui and, the theft and transfer of the tribal assets and power to the Maori king and his band of croanies. Let us remind you that Maxine Tuwhangai-Moana was the former Te Arataura member who conspired against Te Kauhanganui in order to keep them in the dark about payments to herself, and the payments that Te Kauhanganui are entitled to.

Follow the money trail and it will directly lead you to the crooks we say. You can do much better than to have either of these pair of crooks as your chairperson.

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