Patsy tries harder…

Cast your memory back perhaps a year or so ago, remember when Parekawhia Patsy Mclean accused Tania Martin of viciously assaulting her. Made her cry even. The ‘horrendous attack’ was so damn vicious that Patsy didn’t even bother calling the police about it. Thats how vicious it was – if it happened at all.

Fast forward and we hear that Patsy has been subjected to another vicious attack. This time the accused is Hemi Rua. What did he do? Did he make funny faces at her? Did he make a big eye at her? Did he poke his tongue out at her? Did somebody else fart and she took it upon herself to blame it on Rua again? Did she cry again? Did her feelings get hurt?

Why has it taken so long for the issue to be brought up? We’ll tell you why. Its because Patsy is being used as a proxy for the real accuser. And thats Tuku Morgan. He is the scoundrel behind these ‘vicious attack’ blamings and poor little Patsy Mclean is happy to play the role of the ‘battered’ victim.

Book your seats for the upcoming kangaroo court it’ll be a sell out.

The Known Versus the Unknown…

The hot topic at the moment is that a new Te Kauhanganui chairperson is to be elected at the next meeting. This is after a kangaroo court booted out the previous chairperson, Tania Martin, on unfounded allegations (lies!) that she had brought the tribe into ‘disrepute’.

After Tuku Morgan was prohibited from standing because he is an unelected member we have three prospects for the position, two of which are known puppets as Tuku and the Maori king seek to stack the ballot (with Awa and Tuwhangai Moana). But we also have a largely unknown quantity when it comes to the remaining candidate, Bill Takarei, the previous deputy chairman who as we have been told is quite popular.

For the king’s croanies Awa and Tuwhangai’s agenda is clear. Like a pair of Judas’s they been planted in order to bring about eventual elimination of Te Kauhanganui and, the theft and transfer of the tribal assets and power to the Maori king and his band of croanies. Let us remind you that Maxine Tuwhangai-Moana was the former Te Arataura member who conspired against Te Kauhanganui in order to keep them in the dark about payments to herself, and the payments that Te Kauhanganui are entitled to.

Follow the money trail and it will directly lead you to the crooks we say. You can do much better than to have either of these pair of crooks as your chairperson.

Tania Martin loses vote

Its been reported that Tania Martin is no longer the Te Kauhanganui chairperson. Why were they able to vote her out in the first place? She was the elected chair wasn’t she. Earlier this year Parekawhia Mclean tried to use illegal means to remove Martin and the other Hiona representatives from Te Kauhanganui.

So does this open the way for the king’s man, the crooked Tuku Morgan to take the chair? Fool me twice all over again, so the saying goes.

The word is out that disgraced former policeman Clint Rickards is making moves for the chairmanship. Remember that Rickard’s police officer best friends kidnapped a girl and pack raped her for hours, and that technicalities prevented Rickards from being thrown into jail for his own sexual perversions (disgraceful abuse of authority, satanic sexual abuse, abuse of women with objects, etc, you know the story).

So are we to replace a woman who called for transparency and accountability with crooks, abusers, and deviants?

OMG it would only happen at Tainui!

Maori king reveals tribal ‘conspiracy’

The Maori king continues to show what an easily manipulated fool he is. We’ll bring you a copy of his latest ramblings as soon as they come to hand.

View this document on Scribd

We can only speculate that the real author of the badly written ‘Kings Letter’ is none other than Tuku Morgan… (or the child basher & poofter Rangi Wallace Whakaruru, take your pick). It is well known that the king lacks the intellectual capacity to string more than two sentences together!

Mclean gets owned in court again!

Tania Martin’s place in Te Kauhanganui is validated by the high court…

Tainui’s dudd CEO Patsy Mclean is found to have acted illegally and gets told to butt-out of marae affairs…

Another $100,000 plus goes down the drain for legal fees…

Not a lot has changed over the last six months eh? When are these guys ever gonna learn!

Is this saga over yet or are they gonna tell their lawyers to look for other avenues with which to attack Tania Martin?

Hopuhopu Latest

Representatives from 62 marae were in attendance at today’s meeting. The results:

The Chairperson of Te Kauhanganui:

  • Tania Martin

New executive committee:

  • Hemi Rau
  • Marae Tukere
  • Tom Roa
  • Tipa Mahuta
  • Kingi Porima
  • Sonny Wilson
  • Rahui Papa
  • Paki Rawiri
  • Rukumoana Schaafhousen

There was a deadlock for the last executive place. Te Kauhanganui couldn’t decide between Tuku or Huhana Marshall. Despite Tuku’s multi-million dollar ripoff he still got votes and he missed every position until the very last (he misses out).

Who will the Maori king choose as his representative? Will Miller remain? There was a rumor going round that if Tuku didn’t make the cut, that Tuku would attempt to convince the king to give him Miller’s seat on the executive.


For immediate release

The re-elected Chair of Te Kauhanganui has this morning announced the results of yesterday’s elections as follows:

Chairperson – Mrs Tania Martin

Deputy – Mr Bill Takerei

Secretary – Mrs Ani Capper

Te Arataura, Executive Committee of Te Kauhanganui:

Mr Hemi Rau, Mr Kingi Porima, Ms Marae Tukere, Mr Paki Rawiri, Mr Rahui Papa, Mrs Rukumoana Schaafhausen, Mr Sonny Wilson, Ms Tipa Mahuta, and Mr Tom Roa.

Waikato Tainui is moving forward…”acknowledging our past, advancing our present, investing in our future…”

Feeling Vulnerable

Apparently Patsy Mclean couldn’t be more helpful in offering the staff and the resources needed to get the main Te Kauhanganui meeting underway on Sunday. Mclean has guaranteed that the owners of the building won’t be locked out, and that tea and coffee will be made available to all.

Why the sudden change of heart when only a couple of days ago Mclean was pursuing every avenue possible to obstruct the meetings. Gee it must have something to do with a high court ruling! The arrogant attitude shown towards Te Kauhanganui seems to have evaporated fairly quickly.

And to have the representatives of Hiona Marae banned from Te Kauhanganui while they were waiting for TGH’s Tama Potaka to give an opinion on the matter, which begs the question – what the hell has Tainui Group Holdings got to do with the governance matters of Te Kauhanganui? They need to realize that its the marae who choose their representatives and not outside entities. Tama Potaka should remove himself from the matter with haste, given the bias shown against Tania Martin so far.

Feb 8, 2012: Today is a Great Day for the Tribe!

The high court at Hamilton saw the following events unfold:

  • Cheers Tainui!

    The judge saw through Charles Joe’s lies and deceptions in regards to Joe issuing intentionally defective meeting notices.
  • Charles Joe’s reputation is torn to shreds as his ruse is revealed in public to a packed courtroom.
  • Commonsense prevails as the judge to cut right through the Chapman Tripp BS.
  • It’s a huge defeat for Chapman Tripp as NZs largest law firm takes a battering in Hamilton.
  • Jack Hodder, Chapman Tripp’s no. 1 lawyer saw the writing on the wall and left early, leaving his junior flunkie to take the heat in the afternoon session of the court.
  • Tuku Morgan sweats hard knowing that he is personally liable after todays visit to the high court.
  • Could it be that the lure of easy Tainui money no longer exists, and Chapman Tripp disappear back to their Auckland highrise apartments.
  • Tania Martin awarded costs in light of Te Arataura’s vendetta against her.
  • The people can get along with business without inteference as the new 2011 rules prevail.
  • Democracy is the winner and its a great day for the ordinary people of Tainui!

The Profile they tried to BAN!

Patsy Mclean doesn’t want you to see this. Tuku Morgan doesn’t want you to see this and the Chapmann Tripp flunkies are trying to block the publication of it.

It must be something very threatening and extremely dangerous.

Here it is…

View this document on Scribd

Thats all.

Its business as usual…

Yesterday at the Hamilton’s high court Tuku Morgan and Chapmann Tripp attempted to get the judge to abandon today’s scheduled Te Kauhanganui meeting.

The good news is that they were left high and dry in another attempt to overthrow the authority of Te Kauhanganui and today’s meeting goes ahead as scheduled.

The end result is that Morgan has wasted at least $70,000 of tribal funds for one trip to the high court, and NZ’s largest law firm is left with egg on their faces as they lose in another appearance against the amateur Tania Martin.

Who would’ve thought that Chapmann Trip could lose in court so many times yet still be paid over a million dollars, maybe two million over the last 2 1/2 years?

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