Te Arataura are Serving their own Interests

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Te Arataura are Serving their own Interests

Said the high court judge and just like we’ve said all along, Te Arataura are only in it for themselves and they have sent the asiprations of the tribe down the drain.

At least Tania Martin gets awarded costs (again). However we have learned that Martin hasn’t been paid for the time she has spent on the governance review committee. We know that Te Arataura members got paid on time, and now we hear that Carmen Kirkwood has made a stand and refused to accept her own payments until fellow member Martin gets paid.

The amounts we are talking about here are trivial when compared to millions spent on Chapmann Tripp rip-offs, and Tuku Morgan’s five star lifestyle -they always get paid for first! There are no prizes for guessing who is behind these and many other deliberate refusals to cough up the cash -in spite of being told to by the judges and Te Kauhanganui -the tribal CEO Parekawhia Patsy Mclean -thats who!

Update: We have since learned that Patsy Mclean won’t pay Martin for her time spent on committees because Martin hasn’t filled her details on the right word template, apparently. It’s taken an entire year for Mclean to come up with such a rubbish excuse despite other members NOT having to use such a document. Remember, Parekawhia Mclean is on record as saying that she “Won’t muck around with the organization”. Whatever Patsy!

The CEO is doing this to restrict Martin’s income while at the same time Tuku Morgan and Chapmann Trip are forcing Martin into endless rounds of litigation with the stated aim of causing the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman to run into bankruptcy.

Te Arataura gets desperate for Christmas

The word is out, yet another act of utter desperation by Tuku Morgan, Parekawhia Mclean, and Te Arataura sees them attempting to have the Te Kauhanganui election process at Hiona Marae ruled invalid. Out of 65 Waikato marae committees they just happen to be targeting the Hiona Marae.

Why? The answer is obvious – this just happens to be the marae of the embattled Te Kauhanganui chairperson Tania Martin.

This latest attempt to get rid of Tania Martin is another glaring example of Tuku’s deviousness as Te Arataura attempt to cover up six million dollars worth of hyper spending Tainui rip offs.

Te Papaorotu’s very own Nek Minnit Moment!

The folks out at the Te Papaorotu marae appear to have been suckered into Tuku Morgans web of deceit and lies by putting forward the following resolution:

“Te Papa o Rotu Marae move that Tania Martin be disqualified from membership of this House for bringing Te Kauhanganui into disrepute. Okaarea Marae seconds the motion.”

Those simpletons on the Te PapaoRotu committee allege that Tania Martin has done the following bad things:

  • Tania Martin has caused disrepute!
  • They say that Tania Martin sent in an unknown mysterious scrutineer who commited fraud by altering a voting sheet!
  • Accusations that Tania Martin has divided Te Kauhanganui!
  • That Tania Martin has lost the confidence of the majority of Te Kauhanganui!
  • Tania Martin is confrontational and biased!
  • The tribe should be thankful that Te Papa o Rotu Marae has uncovered the fact that evil plotter Tania Martin is set on destroying Tuku Morgan, the Waikato tribe, Tainui Group Holdings, Te Kauhanganui AND the Kingitanga!
  • Tania Martin’s unrelenting attacks on Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura!
  • It’s Tania Martin’s fault that there have been too many meetings this year!

Oh puhleeze! Why are Te Papa o Rotu allowing themselves to be used like
this? Its painfully obvious that these are allegations that come directly from Tuku Morgans own catalog of lies, and edited and approved by the Chapmann Tripp law firm -wasting even more money on legal bills!

Te Papa o Rotu Marae, used and abused! What a total shame and embarrassment!

Another day and Tuku lies again…

Catherine Masters over at the NZ Herald writes:

“Morgan says Martin’s claims are “absolute nonsense”. Te Arataura has handed over the financial paperwork to KPMG for the financial review, he says.”

Here’s the real story, CEO Parekawhia Patsy Mclean continues to stonewall any attempts by KMPG to get the ALL the accounts audited properly in her pathetic attempt to present a DISTORTION to the shareholders, Te Kauhanganui.

No credibility. More deceit. The lies keep on flowing.

More hypocrisy from Te Arataura

Today we have learned that the chairperson of Te Kauhanganui has in fact received funding from the tribe to pursue some avenue of legal representation, as ‘Phat’ Patience Te Ao pointed out in a recent letter:

“Your legal advisers Stace Hammond (whose bills we will pay and agree to pay – please do not continue to suggest that you do not have access to legal advice you have continually been allowed access to independent legal advice for the neutral exercise of your role)” said Phat Patience.

Heh, the belittling ‘neutral role’ remark has duly been noted. We have often criticized Te Arataura as the holder of the tribal purse strings for their ability to recklessly spend vast amounts at the Chapmann Trip law firm, with the total spend for this year alone approaching a cool $1,000,000.

Remember that the Te Arataura committee hijacked two Te Kauhanganui meetings ($75,000 plus legal costs EACH!) and refused to follow directives laid down by Te Kauhanganui, which in turn led to skyrocketing legal costs!

So how much of the budget do you suppose the chair of Te Kauhanganui was allocated to fight a legal battle on behalf of the entire tribal parliament? She got a budget of $15,000. Thats right, a paltry fifteen grand. Miniscule amounts while Te Arataura continue to write out blank checks for themselves.

The hypocrisy continues as the criminals continue to stack the deck against the tribal parliament, Te Kauhanganui!

September 22, high court Update:

Approximately two dozen supporters gathered at the high court in Hamilton to support the embattled chair of the Waikato-Tainui tribal parliament.

There were NO supporters present for the instigator, Tuku Morgan.

The only people who showed up for Tuku Morgan were his lawyers because he paid them to be there.

The scum from Chapmann Tripp were there. They are a weird bunch, you see, they are actively working to unseat the chair of Te Kauhanganui, Tania Martin, and then they expect to be paid by Te Kauhanganui. Do the Chapmann Tripp lawyers tell their wives that they go to Hamilton to try and destroy one single person? Do they have families of their own? What do they tell their children what daddy did at work today?

There were no Te Arataura monkeys in attendance. That’s just as well because each one of them would have charged the tribe $600 dollars to sit around the courtroom for a couple of hours.

The most gutless one of all, Tuku Morgan, did not have the guts to show up. He initiates these proceedings but won’t show his face. He acts like a big bully, but when it comes down to it he’s just a gutless coward.

There’s no doubt that Tuku is using the passing of Whatumoana Paki as a pretext for not showing up but in reality he’s just a coward who had no intention of being there.

Ezekiel says:

Many thanks to Ezekiel for the following commentary,

Finally the review is underway yay, but wait a minute the auditors are having difficulty attaining certain peices of information i.e. overseas travel & non budgeted expenses, honorarium fees, purchasing processing, these of course are standard requirements of any business transacting entity, so why is Ms McLean having difficulty providing the info? Could it be that Tuku & co have instructed her to not comply, surely not, that would be unlawful, particularly of an organisation worth millions, unless of course you have something to hide. Hopefully, we the people will receive the long awaited financial report at Saturdays TKI meeting.

This Thursday, the Hamilton High Court will make clear any wrongful delusional thinking or confusion around the interpretation of the rules regarding Tukus disqualification as voted out by TKI members. Those of you who are concerned about this whole debacle should get along to the hearing and show your support for justice and accountability. Remember there is millions of $$$ at stake here, raupatu dollars claimed against YOUR LAND and if you want Tuku & co to continue speding up large YOUR RAUPATU money without any transparency or accountability vote him/them back in, if not, hold him/them to account.

As far as Im concerned they are a bunch of greedy, cowardly, callous despots who have continuously ignored the directions of TKI, the legal tribal parliament and have consistently placed themselves above any type of jurisdiction so as to prevent scrutiny of their spending and pilfering of your your/my money.

Their bullying, unjust and personal attacks on the chair of TKI is indicative of the fear they have in her ability to enact and apply the rules of the house and to empowering and educating TKI members in understanding those rules and applying them diligently and intelligently on behalf of their marae and subsequently the tribe of Waikato-Tainui. A new precedence has been set, no longer are dishonest, corrupt, disrespectful and greedy people welcome in the management of our resources and tribal funds, instead, we want people with integrity, honesty, sound business, governance and financial nous and more importantly able to show respect to the people they represent, is that too much to ask? or am I being delusional too.


It looks like Phat Patience Te Ao has learned a few ‘tricks’ (lying through her teeth, we would call it) over the years while schmoozing with her boss Tuku Morgan.

In her letter, Phat Patience accuses Tania Martin of putting out "…mixed messages and the half truths". Oh please don’t bother, we’ve already catalogued all the lies and deceptions perpetrated by Te Arataura all year long!

Phatty asserts that she’s ready to put her credibility on the line…. pull the other one Phat Gurl, you ran out of credibility years ago!

And then Phat Patience has the gall to complain about litigation being costly and unnecessary!

Wtf? It’s Te Arataura who goes running off crying to the QC’s and the law firms everytime they want to scratch their nose! How much has Te Arataura spent on the QC’s and Chapmann Trip so far this year, is the bill more than a million bucks yet? Well we know for sure that its at least over five hundred thousand! More

Te Kauhanganui Letter, September 2011

Letter to Te Kauhanganui outlining the deceptive practices of Tuku Morgan and the brown-nose committee, Te Arataura.

View this document on Scribd

Note: Just to let you know that this document was sent to us by a concerned person who wants the facts to be known by the wider tribal population. It’s been speculated that Mrs Martin herself feeds us with information, that however, is not true.

Tuku: Its time to stop lying!

Nothing new here, but more lies from Tuku Morgan,

The Waikato Times reported:

…but Mr Morgan has hit back, disputing the claim and voicing his disappointment at a breakdown in communication with Te Kauhanganui chairwoman Tania Martin….

Morgan, who has been going to extraordinary lengths all year to avoid the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman -including having ordered her to be locked out of the recent leader’s forum meetings.

Tuku lies so much that he seems to be unable to differentiate between the make-believe fantasy world of his fabrications and that of the real world.

Tuku Morgan, the disqualified committee member who goes blabbing to the media on tribal matters, therefore bringing himself into disrepute.

When will this fool finally realize that it’s game over?

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