Te Papa o Rotu, Part 2

The lovelies over at Tribal Goss are reporting that individuals from the Te Papa o Rotu Marae are responsible for parroting Tuku Morgan’s lies, and went completely over the heads of the proper Marae leadership:

two marae who put up resolutions -to remove the chair – are very unhappy – and pleased at the same time …

well those two marae are very PO at their kaupapa members – who arbitrarily put up these resolutions – the resolutions were NOT passed at a marae committee meeting – so there – it was the bitching underhanded sly and grossly disrespectful few – the filthy few – (good movie that) – who have screwed up their marae rep and have confirmed to all and sundry their duplicitous ways -.

we trust both marae kick out – expel and cancel the memberships of the signatories to these dumb resolutions -.

we apologise to te papa o rotu marae for any unncessary and public stress we caused you collectively.

We can’t wait to receive the names of these weak and misguided individuals who willingly allowed themselves to act as Tuku’s mouthpieces (that Tuku can lay the blame somewhere else, you see) so that we can name and shame the fools.

Update 11-11-11: The name of the fool who tried to do Tuku’s dirty work appears to be a no-nothing by the name of Mrs Mertel Timaru. What a shame. Soon to become a persona non grata if common sense prevails!.

Tuku lies: Morgan confirms himself as Tainui negotiator

It’s not surprising that Morgan’s mouth has lost control again and this time he’s mouthing off about being voted in as the claim negotiator. True to form however, it’s a complete fabrication of what actually happened. The blog’s over at Tribal Goss and UnattachedNZ have rightly pointed out that that at the Te Kauhanganui hui of 28 August, 54 marae voted to receive the half year report.

Where on earth could someone interpret that as meaning that Tuku gets a mandate to take out negotiations on behalf of the Waikato claims?

As far as we are aware of, the last mandate was given to Bob Mahuta back in 1990-something to do the Waikato Raupatu claim.

Tuku’s buddies over at the compliant mainstream media corporations are happy to parrot his lies but we here at Eraka’s blog can put the record straight.

Te Kauhanganui did not vote 54 to 4 to give Tuku a mandate for anything.

Morgan confirmed as Tainui negotiator

Wednesday 31st August, 2011

Tainui executive leader Tukuroirangi Morgan says its full steam ahead now the tribe’s parliament has endorsed him continuing as its claim negotiator.

A meeting of Te Kauhanganui on Saturday voted in his favour by 54 marae to four, and refused attempts by its chair Tania Martin to confirm her interpretation that the parliament’s meeting in August had expelled Mr Morgan.

He says members believe the chair has been trying to mislead them, and they want the arguing to stop and the tribe to move forward.

Mr Morgan says Waikato Tainui has an important stake in the Tamaki Makaurau settlement, both through it’s for mana whenua hapu and through its wider longstanding links to the region, so it’s important it has strong representation at the table.

Mr Morgan will also represent Waikato-Tainui today at the investiture of Brigadier general Jerry Mataparae of Ngati Tuwharetoa as governor general.

Waatea 603

Pants on Fire

An uncomfortable feeling for Mr Morgan

The lying liar’s pants burn brightly and as we have said all along, Tuku’s lies get exposed by the NZ Police…

Police drop Tainui investigation

Police have dropped an investigation against the head of the Waikato Tainui parliament, saying there’s little evidence to support allegations of financial mismanagement.

The complaint against Tania Martin was initiated by Hiona Marae member Robin Whanga and supported by the chairperson of Te Arataura or the tribal executive, Tukuroirangi Morgan.

Mrs Martin had been accused of being involved in payments that were wrongfully made for such items as fans and lights, and even for housie sessions at Hiona Marae in the 1990s.

But the police looked into the case and found nothing untoward happened.

A spokesperson for Mrs Martin, Chris Webster, says the allegations were made because Mrs Martin released a report late last year that criticised Te Arataura for overspending.

Mr Whanga says he complained because of Mrs Martin’s comment that Te Arataura should be transparent and accountable.

Mrs Martin plans to file a police complaint against Mr Whanga and Mr Morgan.

Radio New Zealand

Great job there Tribal Goss!

Dobson Js delicious decision…

…to award costs to Mrs Tania Martin…

Huge Epic Appreciation goes out to Tribal Goss! More