What are you hiding Te Arataura?

TO: “Tuku Morgan” , “Parekawhia McLean”

CC: “Charles Joe” , “Patience Te Ao” , “Timi Maipi” , “Rahui Papa” , “Rukumoana Schaafhausen” , “Greg Miller” , “Sonny Wilson” , “Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai” , “Kingi Porima” , “John Spencer” , “Mike Pohio” , “Chris Joblin” , “Tama Potaka”

I am a tribal beneficiary and demand that Te Arataura adhere to the decisions of Waikato Tainui Te Kauhanganui.

General meeting of Waikato Tainui Te Kauhanganui inc held 27 November 2010, te kauhanganui appointed a standing committee to review our tribal governance, in particular, the activities & performance of Te Arataura.

General meeting of Waikato Tainui Te Kauhanganui inc held 27 February 2011, Te Kauhanganui approved the review budget, gave full authority to the review standing committee and reconfirmed a 7-member review committee with observers.

Special general meeting of Waikato Tainui Te Kauhanganui inc held 20 march 2011, Te Kauhanganui reinforced all prior decisions via full endorsement of the chair’s February 2011 report to Te Kauhanganui.

Tukoroirangi Morgan, Parekawhia McLean, and all Te Arataura members – what are you hiding? Stop blocking the review and do what the people have asked.

Let the review committee do their job and let this review happen – or – prepare for a revolt by the people and for statutory management. Adhere to the decisions of Te Kauhanganui and be accountable to the people – now. No more delays. No more excuses. No more bullying. No more insubordination. No more misleading the people. More

Te Arataura executives smash it up at Tainui meeting!

Frustrated Te Arataura board member Timi Maipi (so weak he couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag anyway LOL) tried to get physical and land a few gay haymakers on fellow board member Sonny Wilson after a heated Tainui board meeting back in December… it must have been soo funny… there were no reports of black eyes or broken noses after the incident.

Background info: Timi Maipi is Tuku’s best buddy and Sonny Wilson is the board member that Tuku Morgan falsely accused of leaking information to the media.