the Tainui Kaumaatua Grant

Kia ora. There is Tainui money available for Kaumātua. You have to be over 60 to be eligible for a $500 top up every year. Too bad it’s not a $500K top up just in time for Christmas. Too bad.

Use the $500 to buy a new heater for winter, or to get glasses, or some new teeth, or your bills or something like that. Be creative.

Click here for the link to the application form or give the Tainui office a call. They are in the phone book.

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Money for Tainui students

Don't miss out! Get your applications in before Feb. 28th

There is grant money available for students, so you had better get your applications in quick before the executives spend all the money.
There is less money available this time round cos the greedy Tainui executives are spending up large. Did you know that there isn’t as much money as there was before? Did you know that?
Click the links below for the application forms, you might get enough money to buy yourself an iphone or something nice, wouldn’t you?