Now that the crook is back…

The great thing about crooks like Morgan is that you get certainty.

Now that Morgan has been brought back into the fold, albeit by nefarious means – it must be incredibly soul destroying for the king to betray his friend – we’re absolutely certain of the following certainties now that Morgan has returned:

  • Watch out for meeting fees and legal costs to blow out – remember Morgan’s unfettered spending was responsible for the $3 million blow out last time!
  • Watch out as Morgan triggers discord and huge dysfunction between the executives
  • Watch out as Morgan goes about bringing the tribe into disrepute by blabbing to the media, and watch as he goes unpunished by the gutless Te Kauhanganui tribal parliament
  • Will meetings be deliberately aborted like the last time Morgan was on board? (a la Charles Joe)
  • Watch as Morgan creates artificial ‘catastrophes’ and ‘calamities’ in order to justify ‘restructuring’ – enabling the power grab by the Hypocrite king and the pilfering of $80 million.
  • And Morgan will aided and abetted by fellow conspirators and cult members Rahui Papa and Tukumoana Shaafhoussen
  • And we will be there to report on every scandal, every step of the way.

    Oh, it didn’t take them long to erase Greg Miller’s name from the Te Arataura website. Its like he’s a non-person and he never existed. Miller was on the Hypocrite king’s team but at least he had some moral’s, unlike Tuku. Very efficient though. Gotta keep the trains running on time!

    Thats what friends are for…

    Destiny calls for Mr. Miller

    Destiny for Mr. Miller

    We agree with Chris Webster on this one… Tuku will be back… as the Hypocrite king’s Arataura representative… Greg Miller’s ‘destiny’ to receive a royal ‘stabbing’ in the back for Christmas (no guns allowed Rangi!)… thats what friends are for, aye?

    After all, it’s strictly business as usual cos Tuku has promised the king an $80 million payday – hasn’t he?

    Bye bye Greg!