Kingdom Come: The Great Debate

Some interesting conversations are being had from last Saturday’s Kingdom Come article published by the Waikato Times…

Tainui constituent #1 03:43 pm Jul 04 2011

Tuku says Bunny Tumai had no right to say anything to the media. Yes Tuku; this will allow you to ‘cover’ all your crap doings in the past 18 months or so. Makes you also wonder what people – namely, the bulk of Tainui tribe – do when they are not being listened to. Also that Bunny Tumai is not a kaumatua of consequence; come to Horahora Tuku; our Kingi re-union was run by Bunny Tumai as shown on TV. How dare you slander our kaumatua with your politicised PROPOGANDA! My kaumatua has put his mana, tribal standing, and reputation on the line for OUR TRIBE to go forward Tuku; you know it, as your tactic is to further entrench our kaumatuas voices in your Tribal Ostracision. I believe you are a coward and are running our tribe into ruin for your personal gain Tuku. Get out Tuku, get out.

Ngatai Huata #2 06:00 pm Jul 04 2011

i watched the debate between Tania Martin and Tuku Morgan. Honestly my initial response to both of them …. Tania Martin … Talked incessantly in a monotone voice ….she gave dates, times, More

King’s son in boyracer crash

Yet another example of a burnout gone all wrong...

Doing burnouts, apparrantley…

By Yvonne Tahana
5:30 AM Monday Jun 6, 2011

Witnesses say two teenagers, one of them a son of King Tuheitia, are lucky to be alive after this crash.

Police have laid charges after the Maori King’s younger son was involved in a boyracer crash from which witnesses say he was lucky to escape alive. More

Maori King’s son on boy racer charges

Maori King’s son on boy racer charges
Last updated 11:45 06/06/2011

A son of the Maori King has been charged by police after he crashed into a power pole in Huntly on Saturday night – and a witness says the boy is lucky to be alive.

Korotangi Paki, King Tuheitia’s 16-year-old middle child and youngest son, was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer that hit the pole on Riverview Rd about 9pm. More

Latest B.S. from the office…

Ladies, you have to leave the pants at home but you can get a great deal on a beautiful Tiara from Castles 'N Crowns. Price: Was $15.00 Sale! $6.99

Helen De La La Helen Koutoua says “Please make sure that you are wearing your plastic tiara when you are adressing his majesty and that consort woman.”

Want a chat with the Maori King? OK, but make it snappy
By Yvonne Tahana
Thursday May 19, 2011

Want to meet the Maori King at the grand ball? Women should wear tiaras and avoid trousers – and, please, speak to him politely for only a couple of minutes.

King Tuheitia’s chief of protocol, Helen Kotua, has issued detailed sartorial instructions and even specific questions guests should pose when they meet him at a Grand Ball at Turangawaewae Marae in August.

“The Dress code is Strict to all guests. For the Gentlemen, it is Evening Tails, Regalia, Decorations and Miniatures. For the Ladies, Gown’s [sic], decorations, miniatures & Tiara’s [sic], no Slacks or Trousers,” says the protocol guide.

“I do reiterate this dress code and beseech you to be respectful of this occasion.”

Guests are encouraged to lead conversation, although it should be kept to only two subjects, and people should ask only polite questions, keeping the whole encounter to one or two minutes maximum. More

the King’s wife causes outrage in the USA…


Attending the National Prayer Breakfast in the USA, the King’s wife was introduced to Vice President Joe Biden to which she immediately insulted her hosts by uttering in the most disrespectful tone to Mr Biden, “I’m not here to meet you!”

It’s obvious that this foolish woman is clearly not up to it and she should stick to her day job as a nobody receptionist instead of going to the other side of the world causing embarrassment to all Maori and New Zealanders with her dumb, arrogant performance.

She is a total waste of space and a waste of $64,000 of Tainui money.

King causes outrage to Ngai Tuhoe

Who's an egg!

The news circulating round the Maurea Poukai was that at the recent Matatini competition in Gisborne, the king’s spokesman Rahui Papa, spoke to Tuhoe elders and suggested that the maori king would be glad to appear at the upcoming Tuhoe Ahurei celebrations on the following conditions: that an appearance fee be paid to the king and his entourage and that the kings banner be the sole flag flying over the Tuhoe venue.

Its needless to say that the Tuhoe people are outraged by this ridiculous proposition!

Yet another embarrassing faux-pas moment that he would rather forget, egg all over your face Rahui Papa.

Sweet Jesus! The king demands 20 Mill from the people of Tainui?

Is it true that the maori king wants the people of Tainui to stump up $20 million for his pet projects?

The funds are needed to ‘renovate’ historical buildings at Ngaruawahia, apparently.

Its the job of his cronie Rahui Papa to sell this lie to the people of the Tainui tribe over the coming weeks.

The ordinary people of Tainui keep getting less and less, and some body else keeps demanding more and more!

the Hukanui Poukai

Will the maori king boycott today’s poukai at Hukanui Marae as punishment for those marae which supported Tania Martin at the recent Kauhanganui vote?

Did Tainui management hand over the results of the ‘secret’ voting ballot to Te Arataura and the maori king’s cronies? So is there a list of the 32 marae, and are there going to be recriminations from the highrarchy?

Update coming soon!

[Update: The maori king did not attend the Poukai at Hukanui. Ngati Haua people also boycotted the Poukai. Reports from eye witnesses who attended say that it was a great day out at Hukanui Marae on Saturday. The attempt to turn Hukanui into a pariah marae failed miserably. Kia ora!]

Introducing the “Chief of Staff”…

He’s short, fat, and ugly. He’s also a child basher.

Violent past of King’s adviser revealed

One of the Maori King’s closest advisers is a wife and child basher who once fronted an anti-violence advertising campaign with prominent New Zealanders without telling them of his violent past…

Whakaruru’s brother, Noka Whakaruru, said at the time that they tried to talk him out of the campaign and were glad his violent past had been revealed. “He was pig-headed . We tried to persuade him [not to go ahead] . . . because he’s got a big mouth.”

Read more here

The NZ Herald has an article, read more King’s staff selection alarms Tainui faction.

Gimme the Manolos & the Jimmy Choo’$

Tainui’s best-known shoe collector, Jenny P., looks stunning in her new $3,000 dollar designer jandals.

The double-dip recession and rising unemployment appears to have no effect on certain individuals within the tribe  who are living the ostentatious life of which Imelda Marcos would be proud.

A cool half-million dollar present from Santa at Christmas helped, no doubt!